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April 6, 2012     The Catalina Islander
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April 6, 2012

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I.IdLLJd]ll,,.IJ IJIrlI.LIIW_JIILdIJ_L_!JLIILU , ' r  - :" [] II:,H]I J[t i ........ ...... Oley Olsen First I would like to thank the Cata- lina Islander and it's staff for pub- lishing the election material from each of the Candidates. I also would like to thank my fellow Candidates for running top notch campaigns. As I have said in the past. The City of Avalon is a business and needs to be ran like one. We needmore transparency at City Hall. Financial information needs to be available to the Council and department heads as quickly as possible. You cannot - make the best decisions without all of the available information. We need a Council Member that will make the right decisions for the fu- ture of Avalon and I am that person. Being retired, I have the lime to devote to study the issues that our City faces. I will help guide the City of Avalon into the unsettled future that is just over the horizon. The following are some of my quali- fications for City Council: Community involvement Past Mem- ber of the City Council and Planning Commission Past President and Member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Past Chairman of the Avalon Hospi- tal Board of Directors Past President and Member of the Avalon Lions Club Help coordinate mission trips for the Avalon Community Church Avalon High Footbl Water Boy My family has been on Catalina Island for over 75 years I and my wife Kate, of 34 years, are property owners Over 40 years experience in the tourism business on Catalina A past business" owner, Catalina Vending and Abe's Liquor Store Two grown children, Holly Eroen and Tommy Olsen. Both graduates of Avalon High and Point Loma University Two Grandkids, Addie 2 years and Conor 5 months My roots are in Avalon and I plan on staying here for a long. long time. I would appreciate your support. Please Vote Oley Olsen for City Council April 10. 2012 Thank You THE CATALINA ISLANDER Ralph Morrow When I left the council in 2006 due to my wife's medical condi- tion, the council had a full plate of issues and projects pending. We had ACIA funds and opporttmities to use them. In 2010, my wife's condition stabilized, and I came back to the Council. I saw little had been done and little had been changed. Since then. I have seen a lack of leadership, a lack of direction, and a lack of urgency to get anything done. The last two years have been frustrating to say the least. We have missed too many opportu- nities. Those missed opportunities have cost us. Since the ACIA funds have been taken we now no longer have those funds to rely on to im- prove anything in Avalon. We will have to go elsewhere to find fund- ing to make up for that huge loss. Avalon needs to bounce back, and quickly. Our visitor counts over the past two decades have been declin- ing. This is not due exclusively to the poor state of our economy. It's easy to blame some faceless bureaucracy in Sacramento for our problems. The truth of the matter is the fault lies with us. Your City Council and City leadership have. failed you. Your Chamber of Com- merce leadership has failed you. There has been a serious lack of transparency and accountability in the City for some time. I intend to do SOlfiething about that and work tO restore credibility with the citizens of Avalon. We need the best qualified personnel possible to make Avalon work. If you are satisfied with the direc- tion the Council has gone in the past few years, by all means don't make any changes. But, If you have the courage to change the face of" the council. I will help change the direction of Avalon. Remember, it takes three votes to get anything done in Avalon. Vote Ralph Morrow for Mayor on April 10. Winslow From page 5 been cancelled due to lack of fund- ing. I secured enough donated money to buy our school.a new Ford Focus, and finally Ifound a wonderful sponsor who has donated the funds to keep the class running for the last three years and plans to-continue to do so. I also secured $140,000 from our county Supervisor Don Knabe, to fund a second deputy on duty at night for safety's sake. I thank you for voting for me in the past and I ask for your vote on April 10. Thank you very much! Tim Winslow. I!1 IT I? IPI[ IF it [?!il,f II!l lie ilff /i ll 1[ I1 I HIII I";lli , '!I I I|lIiilTl' 11 HIFIIiIt|!] lli i,rl [l'laT; ,'m Jl LI .... I Kennedy From page 4 Island owners giv Shatto a bad name. He - From page 3 soon joined the "Falcon" in trans- porting visitors to the Island. A small pier, more like a ramp, was built to allow easier access for the passengers to get from their boats to the town. "Ida" (1885) and "Linda" (18831 were among the few boats which made Catalina their home. Chris L. Ringsen (born March, 1860, Denmark) and D. Fenton had the first boat rental (1886), in front of the location where the "Metropole Hotel" was going to be built, covering the land between.Metropole and Whittley. Building Avalon Wood and other building mate- rial was transported to the Island to build the new "Metropole Hotel". boarded by Metropole and Whitttey streets. Edwin John Whitney (January,1852), was the brother of George Shatto's wife. ClaraRuth Alward Whitney Shatto (April 12, 1863-March 10, 1942). He became the superintendent of the town. Clara had insisted that the rooms of the new hotel be small. as they were only going to be used for "sleeping." Fifty rooms filled the two story building along with a porch and cooking facility in the rear. A windmill was erected about 300 yards up the Whittley Avenue Creek, west of the hotel, which pumped water to a tank on the hillside in the rear of the hotel. This water, as well as water from five other springs, provided an adequate amount of water, highly charge d with minerals, which were felt to provide therapeutic proper- ties. The hotel also proved to be the first "post office". When the mail was delivered, it was thrown on the pool table where the locals would rummage through it to find those all important let- ters from loved ones on the other side! Unfortunately, early pro- motional materials concerning the new "Metropole Hotel" had inadvertanty excluded the 'T' so this new hotel, meant to allure people from around the world'to come to Shatto's new Island of Catalina, was being taunted as the "Metropoe", and this continued for a considerable period of time. A major concern for the nam- ing of his new town developed. The town was presently called "Timm's Landing", from 1880. It was named after Captain Augustus W. Timms. Originally it was called "Sachem Bay", 1826-1828, possibly named by the Boston trading ship by the same name; "Johnston's Landing", 1859-1880, named after James C. Johnston not be mistaken fo "Johnson's Landing" ("Emerald Bay"); and then "Timm's Landing". For some reason, many maps showed "Dankin's Cove", 1878-1935, but no such person was ever identi- fied. suggested changing the name to Vhitney Town". On hearing this, Clara Whitney Shatto, flared up at her] broker, George, and said, "If Sltatto is too good a name to be dragged down. 'Whitney' is, too!" Shatto then turned to his sister- in-law. Etta M. Whitney (born February, 1862) and asked her to name the town. Luckily for all concerned, she was a literary person and said, according to it's location, it should be called "Avondale". but the next evening she announced "Avalon", "Isle of the Blest." A kingly place She had been reading a poem written by Alfred Tennyson, emi- tied "Idyll's Of The King": "... to the island valley of Avalon: Where falls not hail. or rain. or any snow, Nor ever wind blows loudly...'" "Avalon" is a Celtic word mean- ing literally "Island of Apples"; apples being a symbol of enjoy- ment. Catalina and California do not contain the only "Av'alon". There are also "Avalons" in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. The next major decisions that were made regarded the naminig of the streets, as lots were being designated for sale: Naming the streets The original streets were: "Crescent," named because of the shape of the street; "Marilla', named after Shatto's sister-in-law, Etta Marilla Tichner Whitney; "Metropole', means "Center of Hospitality"; "Sumner" named after his real estate developer, Charles Sumner; "Clarissa", the nick name of Shatto's wife, Clara "Clarissa" Ruth Alward Whitney Shatto; "Whittley", named after rancher Frank P. Whittley (born, March, 1848); "Templeton", became 'Clemente"; "Beacon", named for Shatto's favorite street in Boston: and "Osceola", named for the County in Michigan where Sh tto lived. )n September 14, lots avail- abl  on Catalina were being heav- ily advertised. On October 13, approximately 200 excited buyers wele brought over off the "Los Aneles" (1869) to hopefully inw ;st in "Avalon." kfter a special greeting by the Sh ttos and Whitneys and a lunch of fish and .lamb, Sumner gave thei n a major pep talk and let them know that the next morning, he wol rid be in his Los Angeles office, wai :ing for them to be returned to the mainland, so that they would be able to purchase their choice prol)erties. The first business lot was sold for $2000 to J. N. Cope. Thi; was on the southeast corner of ('.rescent and Metropole. "he first resident lot was pur- cha;ed by Dr. S. F. Shoemaker for $150, near "Cricket Alhy" on Metropole (in 1887 bec tme "Shoemaker Drugs"). Unt ortunately, the major real estate boo  in Southern California, start- ing round June of that year, soon burt with real estate speculators left vith many parcels having to be almgst given away. "lhe winter Eastern and Midwest crowds, that Shatto had planned on to ejoy the mild winter weather of atalina, never materialized andlShatto was beginning to won- der[if his financial commitment to (atalina was a good decision. Tivc would tell! Friday, April 6, 2012 ', 5 operator We spent $5 million m repairing failing infrastructure We negotiated a resolution to open Pebbly Beach Road. We an- ticipate the approval of the coastal commission on  pebbly beach road in April We have been working on re-an- thoring our general plan Reduced government spending with a three million dollar pro- jected savings Developed a proactive approach to infrastructure repair and sewer system management Reorganized departments to bet- ter serve the public and increase efficiency We have improved recreational facilities and have been working on future plans for a community and aquatic center We have worked with effort to be financially, responsible and not raise rates on fees while balancing our budget We have been proactive in attracting and assisting in new events and -venues to the Island. Imagine the Island economy with 52 events each year! I have run and managed our council meeting in such a manner to receive the best of staff, council and public participation. I encour- age open dialogue and Avalon benefits from this approach. I have developed good strong relationships with county, state and federal representatives. This will become pivotal to the future financial success of Avalon. We must continue to bring new events and venues to the Island and pro- vide apositive experience for out visitors. We must continue in plans and projects to restore our bay water quality and continue better stew- ardship. We now enter a time of finan- cial challenges. You should-trust an administration that has cut government spending, avoided fee increases and allocated monies to secure the future of Avalon. We need to renegotiate our pass thru agreement with the County. We need to tap into the funding stream of the highway system and further subsidize fuel costs for cross channel travel. We must battle the for profit sale of our gas and water utility. Keep prosperity and common sense in the future of Avalon. Cast your vote - Kennedy for Mayor. Thank you. Shattoville? Talk of changing the name of the town to "Shattoville". "Shatto Harbor", "Town Of Shatto", and "Shatto City" disturbed George Shatto. He didn't approve of any of these names so one Sabbath evening in September, he called the family together to discuss. this problem. George Whitney, Shatto s brother-in-law, objected- to the name of "Shatto" concerned that if the town ever became a "drinking town", then that would fil i:(ll 'i|lli',iil:ii][flllllimlil .... - - ililltalLIIIla"rlilii