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April 2, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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April 2, 1924

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A ISLb Nfi BOY Five Cents SANTA CATALINA ISLAND: By Ernest Windle ater ! More water ! Sweet water ?o the agriculturalist and the far- ~er of Southern California, "Rain- 8aker Hatfield" is a wonderful man. On)e say that his system of rain- 'paklng has a valuation of several mil- UOns of dollars to Southern California, ~Very time there is a drouth. That's What water ,neans to Southern Call- mrnla in general. nLast Thursday "Rainmaker Hatfiekl" t the sun shine. It shone so nice ~I. clear that William Wrigley, Jr., eclded to see if the pumps at the ew dam at Middle Ranch would do the Work. They (lid.. 1 And, it took more than 200000 gal- ~ns of Water to fill the pipe ironl the 7Ulnber Two l)am to the top at the bum.ndt. That pulnp pumped! Oh oy! It had to to lift the water al- most a thousand feet! WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1924 VOL. XI No. 12 (Continued on Page 6 Column 2) EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE (21The officials of the Mary Williams ~yb are rapidly getting their program ~,to shape for the usual observance of s2s!er Sunday in Avalon. The sunrise ~vrvme will take place in Buena Vista ~]ark, on the hi h womontorx just to t~ ' g 1 - ne ~ " , ~ast of Avalon. S'unrise will be S'gnalled by Boy Scout bnglers, John ~hl.elds Theodore Seirks; follow- an([ by a selection by the Avalon male ~rUartette, consisting of Messrs. Carv- "r' tlolmes, Heywood and Renfroe. A ayer will be offered by Rev. LaRue ~( Watson ,astor of tl~e Community Ch ' ' urch. The community singing will u.e led by Ralph Heywood, accompa- [~.ed by the Hotel St. Catherine or- ~"estra. l'assarelli will give a cornet solo " ' ne talk about Faster will be given by ' ' '" , Q. . Madame lAlhau lmrkhart e[ldsnlith of Los Angeles. The ben- cmctmn wilt be pronounced by Rex'. ~ather Corcoranof St. Catherine's atholic Church. ~ 2 s e As the sun will rise at " :2 l:a. ter riU.nday morning, April 20th, early blslng will be in order. The church ,..e..l)s Will be rung early enough to per- ~hit all to reach the park in time for ue Service. IN ALL THE WORLD NO TRIP LIKE THIS! THINKS TWENTY-FOUR- i entitled to a fair, fighting chance for THREAD LINE IS BEST his life. Zane Grey, by reason of his promi- California ~1nenee anti experience as an angler, Los Angeles, March 27, 1924 'lnmst be considered as the leader of Editor Catalina Islander' ]those advocating a 39-thread line for i broadbills Grey" undoubtedh knows a Being a member of the Tackle Con> " -" - mittee of the Tuna Club, I have burned[lt about these fish, and thmr eharac- ... .. ...... . .. t teristics and his theories shonld be w~m a patrlotm iervor to jump Into me ] " ' " " " heavy tackle-extra heavy tackle con- .awen respectful consideration,t I will troversv. Being a member of the statenow that 1 disagree with him. aforesaid committee I have hesitated, iBnt, by that, [ do not mean to imply fearing that what I may sav might be lthat 1 am going to tell hint what to do construed as being an official statement l r how to do it, nor have I any inten- from the Club. Accordingly, I wish to tion of belittling any of his accomp- premise whatever I may write in this[lishments" In a controversv of this article with the definite and unqualified statement that nothing contained here- in in any way emanates from the Tuna Club, and is merely my personal opin- ion. I had better start by making a con- fession: I have never been successful when in the water a very short time. Isn't it reasonable to expect quicker action when they are continually sub- merged ? I do relnember once looking over the side of a launch and seeing a big broadbill swimming along about twenty feet down, with a piece of line twice as long as he was stringing along behind him. He was placidly going about his business, and the line seemed to worry him not a bit. There is little doubt that 39-thread line gives the angler a great advant- age, and following are two of the helps : When a fish changes its course and passes across the stern of the launch, kind nothing is gained by indnlging in personalities. If, after years of fish- ing, Grey has come to the conclusion that 39-thread line should be used, why, good luck to him ; but I am going to try, so far as I can, to prevent its use becoming common, for the simple reason that I think the very principle =of it is all wrong. in taking a broadbill swordfish, and it is quite possible that I never shall take thread line, when this maneouver takes In the first place I am firndy con- ' h one. I have fought them from fifteen .... , . .. place, I beheve that you can ttg ten vmced that when we go hshmg we " minutes up to eight hours, and have .......... up on your drags, thumb the line as nave somemmg rose m mind than !he much as the rod uill stand, sit tight been more or less soundly whipped mere kdl. We look forward to the joy land HOLD the fish lust sto') a mo each time. I have, in various capaci- . . -- -- . - i ties, participated in many battles, and, of combat, the lutttng of our strength linent and think what tt~at mea.~s. Mr. and skill against the fish' the wine of .......... in one instance, gaffed a fish for Harry ' ~ t, tsn wm not go tar unuer sucn mr- victory or the bitter-sweetness of de- . .... Atlanls. Last sulnnlel7 Adams anti I " I eunlstances, tnen, again wnen you feat and the long golden sunht davs l worked fifty-seven fish and hooked , , , , , . s are all tired out and can't lift another spent in the 'green meadows ' Added ....... four, one of which we fought for sex'- ' ounce, nOOK your harness to the ron en hours, and at no time had the fish to this if you have ever mixed with a ................ ' . . antilet me launch tow me nsn. ina[ broadbill is the. sub-conscious feehng .,,,.. . . .. .. .. under control. I have studied them , ' . _ wm nKew~se make mtn qtnt netore ot congratulatmnthat he got away ' n Th r r " ~- "' "" " and hunted them, anti I want to rise ,, ' log. c e a e tmuouoteuiy omer ao- "anti lived to fight another day. It' right here in meeting and testify that sed I have a powerful lot of resl'ect for wnld secnl t me that' instead f tak-xf2nt2geshP;?ne'~gu sbsYe t39a~deitt?tulI, i ing chances awav from him we ought ~ ,.. .. ,tC ,, old Xphias gladius, and I ant proud . - , oe very lnreresnng lr, t,rey woum see ' to hanthcap ourselves and then when ......... anti happy to meet him whenever 1 get I ' ' nt to enumerate some ot tneln. He we do beat him in a fair fight we will ........ s runner the chance. He has one great out-I . ' must nave tcarnetl a lot last .t . hate somethingworth whiletotalk standing quality, viz.: When he whips ' " "" In spite of all the arguments, and you he does it so well anti so easily]abut' good ones, too, in favor of the heavier that he makes you like it. I have no I can't agree with Grey that a broad- lines, I honestly believe that the pres- idea how many of these fish [ have lbill is crippled, or even seriously han- cnt tackle specifications are amply ad- worked during the last eight years, but II dicapped, by reason of having a piece equate, anti that it is a deal more sport- I do know that the sight of those tWO]of broken line attached to him. Of ing to take, or to try aud take, a fish crescent fins, idly cruising along the lcourse,~ in a matter like this, theories on the tackle that has been the stand- surface, never ceases to give me a are only guesswork on the part of both ard at Catalina for twenty-odd years. thrill that causes the blood to go putnt>Jof us, and Grey's logic is just as sound As one of the writers in these cohunns ing clear through to my finger tips. !as mine. I do think, however, that, said, every record fish has been taken He is a rugged, catch-as-catch-can war- unless the fish is hooked in a vital on 21 or 24-thread line, and so far as rior, clad in imperial purple, and as/place nature quickly repairs the dam- I can rcmeulber no larger fish have such he is entitled to tim respect of!ages and removes the impedintent. \Ve been taken on heavier tackle and dis- e{~cry angler, and, most of all, he iS lall know hooks and leaders rust, even (Continued on Page 2, Cohunn 1) I and you have to make a turn in order to follow hint, right there is the point where you lose out with 24-thread line. By the time your boat is turned, and you are on the trail of the fish again, hundreds of feet of hard-earned line is lost, and all your labor has to be done over again, and sometimes that is a very serious matter. But, with 39-