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March 31, 1938     The Catalina Islander
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March 31, 1938

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ISLAN JJRSDAy, MARCH 31, 1938 TIME . PAGE THREE i TRAFFIC WHYS SCOUT COURT OF HONOR ' . know he has been in a contest. And "THE ALLEN PROBLEM beset yott;j ~Y E. Raymo--~ad Cato, Chief _.. may the best Scout win! to fret Y~ Ualifornia Highway Patrol Celebrating the nineteenth anniver- Scribe. Enactment of legislation dealing with 0Ul~ saiysary of the founding of the Pasa- --------o--- the alien problem, requested by the , s' ~gW'long ca~. these big trucks dena-San Gabriel Valley Council, Boy GASOLINE SALES RISE Legislature in a joint resolution passed ! ,~lr loads be that one encounters Scouts of America, the Pasadena-Alta- -- during its special session just conclud- ....... u of tl e upward tre,,~ ,, saw- n' qsuently upon the highways. Isn't dena and La Canada Court of Honor A re| rn 1 ---~ : .... ed, has been urged by the California ~pine sort of limit ? will be held ,n the mare C].v~ Au~to- oline sales in California was indicated Crusaders, sponsors of the resolution e!a~'The load upon any vehicle oper- rlum on ~larcn 01st at /:60 Y.M. Yea- dnrin~ Februar" the State Board of l~One shall not extend more than tree of the evening will be the guest E-ua~zation ha~' re ort .... in telegrams to members of the Cali- ile .... . . q -- -s p en. ~aies ior fornia delegation in Congress. ..eet beyond the front wheels or appearance ot joe renner, ramp star, last month amounted to 118823,511 gal- This resolution, introduced by As- who will provide the entertainment.lens on which a tax totali'ing $3 564 ~:.ot such vehicle if it is equip- - - semblyman Garland of Tulare County, ~th a bumper, or the load upon ------------~ 705 33 ,,,,as assessed by the Board 'Th~s called upon Congress to provide for mor vehicle alone or an inde- SCOUT ACTIVITIES represented a gain of 2.48 per cent the registration of all aliens in the nt load shall not extend to the ------ over the $3,443,515.11 collected for the United States, the deportation of un- i Jeynd the last point of support Monday night there were so many sanle nlonth of the previous year. desirable aliens and those of illegal greater distance than that equal boys at the Scout Tent that the sides --o----~ entry, and the establishment of new ~'thirds of the lentzth of the ' ~ A .... " ibase of said vehicl~ carryinghterally bulged. Eleven Scouts were . new non-profit incorporation or-quotas. The proposal was approved present; twelve members of Mr. Han- ganized in SanFrancisco, is named by a vote of 43 to 11 in the Assembly t~' and in no event shall be and was passedunanimouslyby the sen's Boy Coast Guards; Air. Pollok, "Vacations Inc." It was organized for t nan a total length of 33 feet chairman of the troop committee; Air. the purpose ofsecuring a uniform Senate. r~t, hat is a chauffeur according to Hansen, member of the troop commit- three months summer school vacation -~-------o--~ 1 tee, and organizer of the Boy Coast by legislative enactment, thus stabiliz- .chauffeur is a person who is" ' i . . "For God hath not given us the spirit Guards, together w~th the Seoutmas-ng one of Cahfornla s greatest poten- of fear; but of power, and of love and ~ee~ by another for the principle ter and Assistant Scoutmaster. tim sources of wealth--the Tourist and of sound mind."--II Timothy 1:7. ,,ht driving a motor vehicle onMr Pollok spoke to the boys, ex \Tacation Industry. It is in no sense a s Ways and receives compensa- ,d~i.(. .......... ~,,;~t; .... A ~,.~..-permanent organization and will be lerefore, i ~;~"'',t'ho%~"ov~t')~"t',~"~,';'~'o,~,~,~'T"~'~'~'~- disbanded when its objective has been ~as.e define what s meant by ;7- -- ;":~ ~' ........ 7 "-" ";'~vT" 2"~Yv" attained A uniform three months va- . ~" me expmmeu a new troop ouoget p,an . . . ~ .~ highway. . . cat on esnmated to be worth near whmh has been adopted by troops .~. ,. ...... ~' "through highway" is a h,gh-throughout the United States. This . ,. ,., 1,,:o uJu utrOtornm tounstsmre each year ,rom can- i 01d ~10~ i r portion thereof at the entrance t Inn is recommended by the National ;tli tell vehicular traffic from inter_ COUllCil of the Boy Scouts of America .... o-- I & " i (! highways is required by law and is prving very successful thr~gh- I~|'~ I[~v||~l'~l~'l~ja b.efore entering or crossing the ~ ~i ][,~l~ i l out the country The Scouts of Troop t,w,t,r= ~.,, ,t s.~Aa =~J.~A'L,=,..,.=,,.gt -- .no when stop signs are erected 1 Avalon, voted to adopt this plan, ef- SENTEN'E ~med by law. fective June 1st 1938. - v ~ | eeentlv I paid a $I0.00 traffic ' r~ w erneanor~er arrest by a traffic officer in ThemembersftheByCast|ByDR'dOHNWHOLLANDIl~ I Guards were all twelve years of age or ~ " | C s of Sacramento. Who gets the over, and eligible for membership in ! . ~ I t Please ? _ the Scouts. From the ranks of the | All men stumble sore f II "nl i [e_Ction 770 of the Vehicle Code Scouts the boys all selected coaches to I_ .. , e a . o .~ | "~ that all fines and forfeitures help them with their Tenderfoot Tests. "|me great ones try to get up. ~d from any person charged with On completion of these tests Mr. Han- ~ If yon do not like your world ~[i under this code follow-sen is releasing the boys o " - ! " ~ | frmhlsor make yourself a new one ~~ "Whn'~ ~,Vh, O i )[~ ~ arrest by an officer employed . ganization so they may become Scouts. ! A thought will do It. | r~ tty, shall be paid into the treas- We want to thank "Get" for the boost ~ l have never known a youth who SUch city and deposited in a ,~Und to be known as the "Street given our troop. We know the train- ! did not make the right con- | .~l.y_V "mentforFUnd" and shall be used ing he has given these boys will help I neetfons | 1~! them with their Scout work and that | ' n" | . . , Heaven h..s_ ,v ......... | ~! traffic signs, signals, and ii h~s loss ~s our gain. ! Book " It 1~ ealle-th t .atl-ic control devices the main- . , . , e, Announo1176 .*2. ~1I ~, thereof, and for tile mainte- Contest standings this week sho~.v | ,,1 nt,~h'.R~lr ~@ I" t@." | the Wild Boar Patrol to be in first No o "" """ ""Y" " | ~rnprovement or construction of ............. | man rmmon nas vet exmt | Opening of Our :!re ets,ueh city. bridges and culvertspointslP)l~Cnt's'lea~;ngthtetleFl~2gt Lgtlrl bYY2~This is the first time the Boars .i ' ' New St0re{' have made a good looking ra- " . . . | and lUXUF ur.nament but was told I could have been out m front since the start | Y. , ~t as all ornaments have beenof the contest. Jack Howard is still in- ! The child who la taught to | ~tn radiators, is that correct ~ dividually high, with 173 ; Mike Marin- iIkneel at a mother's knees ~ ~ i o . ' covich second, with 143; Buddy Smith | will nave help for most of | ;eh'that lslaw providesnt correct.that pallW-and and Lawrence Eber with 128 and 125 / his needSrespectlvely are coming rlght to tile | ( 1.118 We ter | April 2~ anuary 1, 1939, no person shall " ' " ' " | -- ' ' " " '; ' " l (~' . S n Newspaper Union.) e new vehicle nor, shall any per- trent. Let s au get m there and worK, ! .rate any vehicle sold as a new so the winner,whoever he is will I~ ........................ It ~ ,~.n this state after January 1, ~ .~leh is equipped with a radi- :: 9as ament which extends or pro- to the front of the face of the [tls! ~_grfll of such motor vehicle. ~ We have been appoint~l distdb. ~ ~ere can I secure a permit to ~ii~:: ) . "" u~ars in Avalon for .e~! light on mv car ? !~i:Y : . ~ " i i ~%i ~h lights are" permitted only ii~, .... I ~'~ ~ "l-~" l~it ergency vehicles and the per-~::~ii : : B ..~ ~ fine | [~fl ~ Same are issuedby the Chief: ':I~:: :*=~:.~i:::* ~ K ~afi frnia Highway Patrlu ~ Old Colonyi Itst police cars used for en-::~ [ti~c , raffic laws, be pa nted a dis- ~ ~ Paln[ e