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March 28, 2014     The Catalina Islander
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March 28, 2014

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On the Water Gangs, Drugs, Water Pollution and Construction Noise There is a certain writer for an over-town paper who simply does not like Avalon. He has written many pieces, and all are coming from an overly-dramatized point of view. Don&apos;t get me wrong, I know what sells papers and I have been accused of going over the top every once in a while (did you see the title to this col- umn?), but, I do not con- sider myself a journalist. And there lies the rub. Journalism was once defined as 'The direct presentation of facts or occurrences with little attempt at analysis or interpretation'. There is plenty of wiggle room in this definition. Even the choice about whether, when or how a story gets presented will impact the John King Columnist With Capt. John reader's reception. Front page, big headline stories will get a different reaction than a below- the-fold story will get. These are editorial choices that are made to sell media. There are entire seminars debating the ethics of journalism, however, in the end, I believe that we expect a certain balance from our journalists. Give me both sides of the story. Let me have the facts and give me a chance to make an informed decision. In reality, this is no lon- ger the case, so I should not get steamed when I read a piece that casts a poor light on Catalina, but I still get mad when this writer 'reports' on our water quality, our gang problem, rampant drug abuse and our 'construction noise'. So, here is another side to the King stories...People on the mainland actually believe that we have some of the most polluted sea water on the planet. Really? C'mon. Have you looked at our water? We used to gauge our proximity to Catalina by the water color behind our boat. I remember leaving the brownish- green muck of the mainland coast and arriving at the purple-blue clarity of our Catalina waters and feeling clean just for the sight of it. Avalon Harbor may be the only harbor I would even consider swimming's a HARBOR. What about our gang problem? Have you ever crossed the street to avoid a possible interaction with bad guys while strolling in Avalon? I have made this maneu- ver in every city I have visited, from Las Vegas to New Orleans, but I have never even felt the need here. We had a little flare-up a couple seasons ago, but that was a combination of booze and bad seeds. We removed some bad apples from our community and with them our 'gang problem'. Drugs are here. Drugs are everywhere. As long as we have people looking to change their 'reality' we will have drugs, and in a resort community that bills itself as a 'world apart', it is a sad fact that we will have abuse of everything...drugs, alcohol, you name it. So is it news when someone dies of an overdose or when someone gets jailed for dis- tributing. You bet it is. It is news here, elsewhere it would not even get reported...And that should tell you something about our drug problem. Did you see the latest article regarding Avalon's attempt to "restore its luster as a tourist des- tination"? Ignore the fact that the picture was of Edison's utility repair job in front of Von's and NOT of any of the actual remod- eling going on. Did you know that we are "building 120 new homes that will sell for $1million each" and a new hotel that "will have 100 rooms"? Have you seen that "we've got workmen going 500 miles an hour tearing down old structures and building new ones"? I guess with that kind of effort, everything will be open in time for summer. Will all of this construction ruin Avalon? I do not think so. In fact, I was hoping some of those workmen might take a sledge to the old Catherine Hotel. I like seeing money being invested in Avalon. It gives me hope for our future, and it gives me confidence that my efforts in my own busi- ness are worth it. We will see successes and failures, but the strength of Avalon is in its entire- ty, not in its parts. If we continue to offer a destination where people can see, feel and experience things that help them to say "Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore"; we will be fine. Capt. John runs Afishinados Charters and can be reached at or 888- 613-7770. "Opinions expressed by colum- nists are those f the writer and not necessarily those of The Catalina Islander." Catalina Island Conservancy offers education and entertainment "Catalina's Coves: All Ashore, Let's Explore!" 19th Annual Catalina Island Conservancy Ball Saturday, April 5, 2014 The Catalina Casino in Avalon was the place to go for a Saturday night of dancing in the 1930s. And once a year, during the Catalina Island Conservancy black-tie Ball, it is once again the place to be. Complete with cocktail hour, silent auction, fine dining and dancing to a live band, it's a spec- tacular night that also makes a difference! Proceeds from the event fund the Catalina Island Conservancy work and programs. 4th Annual Catalina: The Wild Side Art Show & Sale Sunday, October 26, 2014, 2 - 5 p.m. Location: Newport Harbor Yacht Club A passion for Catalina Island and plein air fine art come togeth- er to create an extraordinary after- noon. The show features nine nation- ally acclaimed plein air artists, who display their interpretations of Catalina's rugged wildlands as well as Avalon and Two Harbors. Proceeds from the sale of these unique paintings support the growth of a permanent collection of plein air artwork that docu- ments the Island's "wild side" and the Catalina Island Conservancy restoration efforts. BOOK A PRIVATE CHARTER Leadership The City Council must lead. The future of Avalon will be in the hands of those candidates you elect. They need to work together as efficiently as pos- sible to provide for the health, welfare, and safety of the citizens of Avalon. Having a platform and a list of "for and against" statements is great. Having the experience and skills to get them done is another thing entirely. It takes three votes to get anything done in this town. It takes a candidate who is willing to put personal agendas aside and do what is necessary and what is best for Avalon. Don't vote for a "one issue" candidate. Water rights is not the only issue we will be confronted with. The jobs of Councilman and Mayor can't be done on a part time basis. It takes total commitment to do this job well, not just a "Tuesday night" Coun- cilmember. Each Councilmember is an ambassador for this community and they must be out promoting and showing Avalon off to our mainland neigh- bors. The City Manager is key to keeping this team together and focused. We have a very well qualified and motivated City Manager now, one of the best in recent memory, who is dedicated to getting things done. Experience My experience over the years has given me knowledge to know how proj- ects succeed and how they fail. This experience can be passed on to the newer members of the Council to help avoid wasting time and money in pursuing old failed solutions to new problems. Resources My 45 year plus history in the City of Avalon as a businessman and resi' dent has resulted in some wonderful relationships. My political history, here has resulted in the same. I have personal relationships with many of our elected officials that can help get things done here. Personal relationships mat- ter a great deal. The Future The work of the Council will continue after the election. The new City Council will be tasked almost immediately with finding new and creative ways of producing funding. Every possible avenue will be explored with complete transparency and community involvement; We are all in this together. Ralph Morrow, Candidate for Councilman I:irst Drink is FLUFF in April -Cruises & Tours ,,w00lixCi.<o,, SSS00I ]-111t) Keep your name out there, and support YOUR local paper! i Catalina's #1 Newspaper since 1914, The Catalina Islander + I Contact: Ion Remy @ 310-510-0500 j 41 Friday, March 28, 2014 THE CATAUNA ISLANDER