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March 26, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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March 26, 1924

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PAGE TEN ' THE CATALINA FEW EXPERIENCES WITH SPORTIVE YELLOWTAIL By C. G. Corm The waters surrounding the Santa Barbara goup of islands have always supplied "satisfactory sport for many sea anglers, and if the almost count- less incidents concerning both the landing and losing of game fish could be published they would furnish more reading matter than could be printed in the Islander in the next ten years, fish. The yellowtail won out, and I am not sorry for it. He was a big one. The only time I was really proud of nay skill as an angler was at Clemente lsland at the old glory hole. That was the most famous place for yellowtail fishing to be found in Southern Cali- fornia waters, and to me Clemente Is- land is very attractive, especially early in the morning when the birds are warbling their carols in the can- yons and the goats are frisking in a DISCUSSES SIX-THREAD AND OTHER FISH LINES Los Angeles, Cal., 3-15-24. Editor Catalina Islander: I am a great believer in "the lightest tackle possible"--six.thread line for yellowtail, white sea bass and even small tuna; nine-thread line for red button tuna and medium marlin--if you want to go that far; eighteen-thread line if you feel like taking a sporting chance with a blue button tuna, and Now, ye old regulars, lay off keep the fish for visiting go after old broadbiU with all yoU got. 1 have no such ness for him, because he is scarce, because he is hard to land. Now, Mr. Editor, perhaps there! be a few who will want to their affections front Dr. Grey but ] can't just help feeling as I present to all of the above. THIq even were its fortunate owner to en- playful mood over the rocks on the thirty-nine-thread line if you are go- COUNTY LIBRARIANS large his paper to twenty-four pages shore of the island. I am now refer- ing up against the six and eight-hour GET BOOKS FOR - and mail it to his subscribers every ring to the northeast shore. But I am Xiphias scrap; but for an .~lbacore day. Strange as it may seem, the wandering away from my fishing give me a nice juicy sardine threadedThe California Library fish that are lost are always the big- story, on the sharp end of a good strong in co-operation with county gest and most gamey, according to the Captain Mathews and I were troll- gaff. throughout the state, will _ reports of the anglers. Therefore, if ing for a strike one morning just H~re I have given you, I think, all Book Week for sailors during ~hi~ we ever hear about them it may be above the glory hole when I hooked the degrees of thrills and pleasure pos- week of April 6 to 13. During _lille week the librarian of nearly e~e, understood that the yarn is as big a a fish, which ahnost immediately sible, from the greatest to the least, county in California will be pre~1 whopper as was the fish. It is not sought deeper water. When at the from the scientific to the brutal, from unusual to hear about the loss of a bottom it apparently laid still, and did the sportsman to the meat-getter--and to receive gifts of books to be PI~u tuna, or a swordfish, but as a mattel" not respond to my efforts to stir it up. by meat-getter I speak in terms of on board shipping vessels for USe~tS members of their crews. Read,~l of fact a yellowtail is a greater fighter After a little time I said, "Billie, let's poundage only. than either of the above named fish cut the line; we have a big black bass Since Dr. Grey's article appeared, books of general interest are de~if~ if he only had the size. The angler on the hook and I do not want to and reading the comments of others Fiction, adventure history, travel, ltd. who lands a thirty-pound yellowtail spoil my rod." "No, *It. Conn," Billie pro and con, I have considered it from ogral hy, popular science, etc., are~) subjects that seamen like best. ~][ht with light tackle always knows that he responded, "you have the biggest yel-all angles and have finally come to libraries, during leisure hours, .~ has been doing something, lowtail on that you have ever caught." this conclusion: If you want to get a It was always more sport for me to "All right, Billie," said I, and I again broadbill, go prepared. The proportion used generally by men of the merC~ catch yellowtail than it was to fight began~to ~arefuUy snub the fish, and of fish taken to those that get away is marine, and it is the aim of the t~l: fornia Library Association to #~s tuna or swordfish, for the reason that cause it to respond to my efforts to all in favor of the fish, therefore I such libraries available,'h fighting tuna or swotldfish is real work,~ stir it up. There was nothing doing would consider a thirty-nine-thread work that is fatigueing and frequently for what seemed to me an intermin- line none too strong for this work. sible, to sailors who visit Pacific t~ These men are responsible for ~h disappointing. Catcl~ing yellowtailwith able length of time. Occasionally I The element of sportsmanship, it lives of hundreds of thousandSl~v. light tackle not only keeps the anglerwould feel a slight movement on the strikes me, has nothing to do with travelers, and to them we entrust,~! on the move and active in both mind line. I kept the line taut and after this bird. Dr. Grey does not claim richest cargoes. They are deser~d and body, but the man runs the boat almost an hour I could feel the fish any, and the Tuna Club does not for-of the landsman's recognition, ~"t will not have much time to tell stories, moving, and in due time it began to bid an angler to try for one outside of Book Week for sailors provides at~ Following is an experience Captain rise to the surface. When it came its regulations for record. Dr. Greyportunitv for rendering this slight~]~. Billie Mathews and I had once in Ava- near to the boat the gaff ended its has not even suggested any revolution- vice to the men of the sea. Co0~T~ lon harbor : career, izing of Club standards, but has stated librarians will be able to give consulI tl The most astonishing feature of the a plain matter-of-fact proposition and information concerning instruction~,y One bright, sunny day we hooked a capture of that yellowtail was that the conclusions, that not only he but oth- gathering and shipping books for 0~th yellowtail just off the steamer wharf, fish was hooked through its dorsal fin. ers also have arrived at through expe- tribution aboard ships. It! and after a few circles the pesky fish Readers will understand what a slight rience. As for the sportsmanship in- r Cfll~ started northerly through a fleet of hold I had on a yellowtail that weigh- volved, if any, the thirty-nine line may The kitchen of the Atwate C-~t~ glassbottom and smaller boats, appar- ed forty and one-half pounds, and hadhold out a little better than the twen- teria, now leased by the Hoover ~t ently heading for the reef off Sugar it not been for the taut line and nayty-four line--otherwise there is slight ket, has been a busy place the ~t Loaf point. Just how busy we were careful method of handling the fish it difference, week. Modern dough and cake et!~li keeping the fish line from being caught never would have been landed. Pa- The one objection the Club might ers have been installed, and it is 11~! on the anchor chains anti other par- tiencc and care are synomyms of suc- have to recognizing this line is that nounced that fresh bakery prod~l~ aphernalia on the boats we passed tess in yellowtail or any other kind some kid might slip down to the rockwill be on sale at the Catalina avel~: would be impossible to describe, but of angling, bass banks and try to work off a 3-6store on Saturday. Solne time rtall"l both the yellowtail and Billie and I I was very nearly an hour landing record on the Club. week the new "Cash and Carry' s!~la reached the'deep hole on the inner "the above designated yellowtail. This line is suggested, and wisely so, will be opened in the Attester buildflll~el side of the reef safely. Then came for the taking of the broadbill only, in the room formerly occupied y t~tl b the time for my work, and I carefully (Editor's Note--Thank you Mr. Corm and 1 fail to see how it can injure the snubbed the fish, expecting that it for your interesting letter. As you reputation of the Club in any way, ortelephone office, on Sumner aventl~'ll" would soon come to the surface and say, we could not begin to print all of the anglers' standing either, for that Watch the world come to Cata~i;~i1D become our property. The fish did the fishing experiences of Catalina Is- matter. Would it not be better for give way to my efforts to bring it upland anglers. While we read your let-everyone to start all over again withHELP US GET ALL THE LO~t from the moss bed where it was hid- ter, the thought come to us, wouldn'this figuring? The broadbill fishing NEWS _~ den, bnt it decided to seek anotherthat have made a thrilling story ifwas a natural outgrowth from the mar- If you have an item of local rle.~.~ refuge on the ocean side of the reef. Mr. Corm had fought the same yellow- lin game, and neither fish was consid- personal about some visiting frieU.d,~ We followed in the boat and after tail on two occasions? It might have ered by the founders of the Club, have entertained at a card party, Dn~ a little more of my work the yellow- been, who knows ?.) Another point to consider is the nmn- "day party, or other socal funetio~,~h tail came to the surface and I grad- ber of anglers taking up this sort of hear of something of interest al~ any formm Avalom resident, call uP~l ually moved it up for Billie to gaff. MOVEME E sport, and some recognition should be and tell us about it--or send us a 1~, Just as he took hold of the steel lead- CHIGAGO BASEBALL TEAM gi~'en them. There are too many 24-card with the names carefully wlittS~ er on the line to bring it in a position lines breaking, and through no faulty If you have some printing 3"pet *~ to be gaffed the hook rolled out of The Chicago Cubs started Thursday handling whatever, The in-shore fish-diode w~l!l lc~ ~ UTl~ oJn ydu ?~ir r e P~I s 7]~ the yellowtail s mouth and the fishon their final exhibition trip, which ing gone, all there is left is tuna and I yo have an adver "seine , t"~1 rolled over and sank beneath the sur- face of the sea, showing his big, black will end with the opening of the 1924 swordfish. season at St. Louis on April 15th. Tuna are plentiful, and possibly may back, and the probability of his being On Friday, in Los Angeles, they de-run larger each year, and again they at least a forty-pounder, feated the Vernon team, 8 to 7. may suddenly disappear, as they did] PENJ i Captain Mathews dropped "back in On Saturday they repeated the per- once before. Marlin were scarce last I PAPEII '!~ his seat as if he had been shot, and [ formance with the Vernonites--but season, maybe getting wise; theywere felt like throwing myself on the bet- made the defeat of the Tigers stilltheir own worst enemy, anyway, out- ] PINO!LI I tom of the boat for a good cry. In stronger by scoring 11 to 3. side of some anglers who daily hound- fact, I would not deny that I did cry, Sunday it rained, so the game be- ed them. They are such a magnificent [ PADI , were / ever asked the question. It tween the Angels and the Cubs had to specimen of fish that it does seem a [ ENVELOPE" i'J was the greatest disappointment Cap- be called off. shame to have killed so many since rain Mathews and I had ever had in From Monday, the 24th, to Sunday the season on them started. all of our fishing experiences up to the 30th, the Cubs will play at Oak-] don't know, but perhaps I am get- that time. For months afterward both land. ting tender-hearted in my old age. I Billie and I, when together, talked have taken three myself, and I feel about nothing else but the loss of that Subscribe now--S2 per year. that number was more than nay share. "~ .................. ...................... -" ....... i iiIdllllmFi ....... "" ' ........... ~ ....