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March 23, 1939     The Catalina Islander
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March 23, 1939

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PAGE TWO THE CATALINA MANY FEMINII~E GUESTS " ' CATALINA GOLF "BAWLS" years since the original club faded out. GRACE ROTARY LUNCHEON Any player that has scored his ace .,-, .. ...... during that period, please get in touch (Continued from page 1. col. 2) ~,~uuunuea zrom page 1, cot. ~) with Harry or the writer, and plans --hence it was way up in the 70's will be made for the first meeting of Altogether, his remarks were calcu- Fire Chief Sullivan of Avalon shot the club. (~ luted to still further arouse the sym- a hole-in-one on th,~ |~qth hods, 1~Next week-end, the Los Angeles Ro- ? pathy of people for the persecuted Wednesda mornin''- "~"2~." ~.~":~d~" tary Club will hold its annual "Honey- y g, 11 11 ~... 11 11~.~ ULIItLLI-- ,, , , . Chinese, and to give them a desire to bered his trusty 3 ~nocm and hit ,~no moon outmg and golf championship ~l~ help in any way they could. , of the most--p~erfec-t~o~f"" +sp'oon"sho'is on Santa,~, , Island and the It-t# At the conclusion of his address Mr.high in the air, landed 10 feet from the t.ountry I.AUD wm De hOSt to: some Hsu was warmly complimented, and Din and trickled intn th,~ hcd~ far ~ very nne payers from the mamtana. thanked for his presence and the mes- t'hrilling finish-to a-nice-roun~t'of'golf~ 2e?r~ery2r~tewrithWi2uagainoh~agn h~s Here we are in the !a~t ~ep ~;#t, sage of hoI/efulness he had brought. Playing with the Chief was his son-in- . ..... g j . ter! The home stretcp',.zAdie~.'.~ law ,, ,, netp snoum nave a successml tourna-you say ? Okay! Well, ~'~ optt~_,at * * , JamesHole-m-one scorekeeper . Next Friday, March 24, Fred Shaf- Trimble. ment. ~. ......... "home stretch" is when * ~.7~ fer, attorney, member of the Rotary ..... , '' Oscar L/rlmth Js beginning; to landrealtor tries to divide a in itl~ Last week jimmy waspraying wtth out how to play the first hole. The into four apartments! /~t'~ tlae 5~d Club of Long Beach, Past District tire g.reat Bill Ryan wben B~!l put his other day he told friends to play to couple of more full rnon,~.!na at .~!~ Governor and Past Director Rotary pall m the Ottt cup m one snot. Jinl the right of the tree on their tee shot mer season will be kns~ists ~'' International, will talk about "Interna- sez: '~AII I do is make a wish on the and tl~en pitch over the stairs leading door. Of course, the pc seas0t~' tional Trends in Rotary" hole I want nay partner to make the down from the 15th tee. To prove he be knocking the summer * * hole-in-one, and Presto! there it is. was kerrect Big Oscar drove out a * * * ' On the last (lay of March, the 31st,Harry Diffin tells me he is going tobeauty to ti~e exact spot he had indi- DOPEY DATA a #Y Val Zimmer, of the Federal Burean reorganize the famous Catalina Hole-cated and then proceeded to pitch his1 An "optical delusion" Is ,at" of Investigation, (a G-man) will be the In-One Club that he started severalnext shot into the cup for a deuce, a hired dress suit .... f0r" speaker. If you know a boy under 16, who would like to hear Mr. Zim-years ago, and include all golfers that Guess Oscar knows whereof he speaks,2 There's ,only OneeCUX~ re~5 mer, bring him as a guest. And of scored an ace during the past seven huh ? ridge. That s marriag., to ~t 3 Memorial day is a daye what" courseyou can bring a gentleman ] FARN SWO RTH S ]beryushuldn'thavedO ..0f guest whenever you please. ~ did the night before. " -t coO#' * * 4 A gangster's breaktas lest According to an announcement by ham and yeggs. . ++~aails. " the publicity committee, the 107th 5 Don't file your lang_~.~vI , District Conference of the Rotary clip 'era and throw 'era aw J ~d Clubs of Southern California will be I BIRTHDAY SALE ~22"~2D [ " ++" comened in Avalon on Thursday, Fri- an o" icu-~ We stumbled over. ,he eE la day and Saturday, April 27, 28 and 29. Tl~ere will be golf tournaments, aI Real Merchandise Marvelous Values 1 discovered Bilious Bilge.,.t" tte gfv Beachcomber .... wit ~t,~r'ied t!~'" grand ball on Friday evening, special ! VISIT US BEFORE BUYINO ELSEWHERE 1 searchingdiligentlyfrv-'~ft" entertainment for the ladies who may We asked him his oplr}.I~'~c0~" come--etc. More details later. I I certain European situat~.~taawi~g,~l~ iE Styhd to s 9s.i "Wa'al," he drawled' ~aoaa~" ~ tentedty on a succulent. ,, ot MARY WILLIAMSCLUB asterDresses,,o ,.., . . 3 ++.- "as the recognized San! ~/b~l~,lt 'C"t'nued'r'+age1'c'unI"+' | N yeW aster THE VERY LATEST ]ln' itmakesme ya-w~-'~it''~i~analystcan~ I~" of the "gay nineties" and the crudities Hats sir5 ~..5 3.95 ,+key case of CZECH AlSlV of hill-b~tt,es m previous productions, ~l Reduct'ons on beautiful new slack suits, jackets and 1 CZECH!" , ~! the players bring to their newest offer- I tailored suits. I " * * siag'le 1~#' ing a seasoned talent for satire, up- We just can't let. a:n Llttl? 1]+t' phcd this t,me to satire's richest sub- II Buy your Easter outfit at Farnsworth's and get real value, 1 elapse without {tragglng^'~ ~[a~" c0r07 ject--Hollywood. ~ and smartness. We promised you specials during our birth-1 ... and dragging out l]c+a+slae+ct 0 Into tins ~httering land of reckless just relax ! In this sp~i~'a tf~" adjectives, ~,here anything can hap- I day month, and here they are. Beginning March 22nd-- II parat:vely mild with o- :,o#er~t, d~' .' . cZZI~ ~P, pell--0.1I(l usually doos--Enles EIsi(' I FOR THREE DAYS. I lllatrlcldu,~lrsI1, Clrlb e0f .... Blake, beauty contest winner from hem, anda wee,wee tm~ owa, p,ayedby.' abel'"hompson ] i i"e "'++ Armed witn a few dollars and a deter- LITTLE LENA, Ma's b~ttg ~ ruination to become a great actress-- Waxed her mother's ,aa~ thee "even if it takes months", Elsie takes Ma bounued thrice where .,a~~" ut' res:dence at Mrs" Plp's Exclusive I ~~ ~ standi, ng .....A TIIP Refined Hollywood Boarding House, "SWELL!" c.'ied Pa. "- and becomes the center of an intrig- ~ POlAr LANDING2", ~ uing plot to trick producer Sam Stru- del into giving all of her fellow room- r --~ ~ MUM M 1 FI E D ME~?Il119~ ers part+ In h,s next produet+n I Th k [ re o a sentlulentallSt ' Involved in the screwball scheme e Catalina Islander Subscription Blan cncrA s'YU, romantic.... tno,twnts '++~,te' ,tt.f. ~. are: Dixie, the maid, who is convinced I t t++- W ' Does your heart bea,, fa#t .1~0~2 that she is "the world's fohmostest cullud dramatic actress", enacted by I Subscription Rates: V / sweet cadences of an o~t, s0~e ~#~ Jerre (Hepsy) Wyckoff in blackface; I Annually ......................... $2.00 ~ o .........] song? When you sn~tuer~ yt~t~ Gaylord G,ant, a penniless but pore- [ Three Months ............... 50 [ mfrguttenuur slctperfUmeand ? stcpW" ~-ot ~a a~.,~:~:#+ l Six .Months ...................... 1.00 Dale I Y ++P -o~"" _.t"O poUS,or, portrayedbrken-dWnby TommyShakespeareanWilkinson,aCt- I Three years, in advance 5.00 ---~ ..........................[ ~,Vhcn you miss the last art ,d~l ~'#~ resplendent in a brand-new crowningI Publisho of The (ata/ina /slander | cocktail?faster, doesn'tAh'''it ?YUr ,;'~',ts.,,_ fsg~'tare.0 P''~i glorYMrs. OfMuggles,raven hUea ; fondEmmaHollywoodPallas as [ .4re/on, San/a Catalina Island. California [ Who says we Avalm,~,'2t hSt~. moiher, and her brat, Kewpie, whose P/easeenter my subscri)dh'on/or 7he Catalina lrsAtnder/o~ ......... man ? Well, theu. - q~2s ' ' ~'- surly temper she has mistaken for [ [ these quaint reminiscc nC~ 5y~' , shed a tear for A uld l-'~i;tlS!l,ll0e~t; Shirley temperament--played by Eloise! .............. commotcing .................../or ze'/Hc/t ] agree to / his asthmatic brothe',. . ~;' Hawley ; blnde JY January, a frmerl l Frank (Mmastache) rla~e'czr# + +' vaudeville soubrette with wit as icy #ay yott ~ advance. forget the time I playeAla,~eJ;"~ as her surname, represented by Jean two charming burglars..f bri0,~ ~. Taylor; Erasmus Q. Dinsmore, a Her- had two dandy robbers _~,.,: Jtl~ yard professor on a Hollywood holi- ] Name ................................... [ .Le, (Fountain) l~ro,,~]rl w~ew, day, portrayed by Baine Carrington; yonth I once kissed "~ be " Ronnie Ward, who writes scenarios ! mnml;S. She turnedo,u, t t,,~; for "all the studios"--only they don't Address ..................................... know it !--played by Herbert Haugh- ject of nay Infections .... +: ton; Mary Swain, an aging actress Howard (Grocery)Bu;/~;;@deril I was a kid I always. ,~ .ol:~Y .. forgotten bv her public and producers, IF INTERESTED IN AVALON SUBSCRIBE TO THE ISLANDER corn ng a great basketOa" " , 0 ~iI but haunted by her former glories, de- 1 .... lineated by Ruth Gemilere. Sam Strudel, the super-shrewd showman with a cloak-and-suit accent, is realistically drawn by Sid Zeldin, and Elizabeth MacLean, apartment house proprietress, indulges in a bus- man's holiday and puts in her over- time collecting rents--as Mrs. Plop. Here, indeed, are the elements for an entertaining evening. Tbe author, James Reach, has deftly blended them into a hilarious script which moves forward swiftly to an entertaining and satisfying climax. Direction is capably handled by Mrs. Gus Wiseman. The performance is given under the auspices of the Mary Williams Club. Tickets at 35c, may be secured at the Card Cove in the Arcade. Corner of Crescent and Sumner Avenues LES BROWN. PROPRI E-r OR Phone Richmond 6171 Private Ambulance IVY H. OVERHOLTZt';R illC. F" U N E I~,,A I._ DIREOTOR 1719 South Flower Street, at 18th Lady Attendant Los Angeles, California still dreaming." "~eck: -t#'.a Eddie (Delivery) ~a~tedtVl d~ schooldays i always,w.~, a0d g0tb Now, I'm always trav eH" 1,f0 00. . ~' ' ', MARCH MARCH ~0~' re: Yep, It ,won't be lo~;gcl0S,~/~!~0~ April Fool s day! ~o -n y00 if "~ week's deficit let us w.a'+aace,~e~~' ' ' Or I fl~" $10 practmaljokes.F +he ~e. see apurse lying on ~ to w- ..... don't get excited. G~ve +"