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March 12, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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March 12, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN S g, ostL~ I ] olaf" yes. ~ STAFF. It was in the graveyard. The sun A most tempting breakfast awaited shone brightly, and the dew was still , _ ~?ge~ hot from the griddle, a coffee cut, sent "Oh, this weather makes things up a very inviting odor, and a slight spring up," said one. :ha zahetb Mac :o~Z~acI~e22Catherme MacKay whiff of grandmother's de]icious maple "Not so loud," said another. "My ..~.. Grammar School Editors syrup, that was concealed in the spot- wife is buried here." ~ets~r~n (2leman-"Ce;sto less silver pitcher, helped to fill the -------. air with an altogether appetizing aro- Our dear teacher, after a chronic th,r~i,. Faculty Advisor ma. Mr. Story was in best of spirits, laughing spell had been gaspi, ngly d,ed._. Miss Dorothy Hahn in fact, to be sitting down to such an subdued, spoke in this fashion: 'To- Wednesday, March 12, 1924 ~gr~l~~-f- inviting meal. morrow we will have better order inPauline Starke and Gypsy O Brien in this room."Which said,she tapped HIGH SCHOOL He had scarcely seated himself, how- "SALVATION NELL" t.l'~As )1._ ~ ever, when he was summoned to the her demerit book sternly. A Masterpiece of Mother Love, strong- !i~['~the result of a misunderstanding Senior Girl (in scathing sarcasm)-- all1~e~u, rcn_alist staff was incorrect last door. A minute passed peacfully by, er than life. Also i.jl~2"~,Catherine MacKay and Eliza- with hungry eyes and cautions step, "Fawney that, now." "THE BLACKSMITH" ~nai_elh!g ten-year-old James Story crept fro,,, First .]'union (in high soprano, and d h school report-his hiding place in the pantry, where with feigned indignation)--"Mercy " Thursday, March 13 otl~-' t,adies, accept our apologies, he had been anxiously awaiting his days." "BARB WIRE" e. ,,,,-Z7--, n li;~f" _DUnkle--"W-~ho made the first chance to get breakfast, for (as does Second Junor (sleepily)- "Hear, A ranch story, proving that a man can at I~t-ar re?" - ...... sometimes happen to boys), Jim had Hear !" fence in his own property and the iei4~ff' R'~"Paul Revere!" been ordered to stay in his room that The several other members were pos-girl too. Also "SNOOKY'S TREASURE ISLE" t';~d]~r-'ne~dlk!~l.~h[O2~ ~ day, with nothing but milk tO satisfy itively astounded that a mere teacher r his appetite, should take it upon herself to speak tb~tll t2tn th2feGat2dnnt]h~ Assuring himself that all was abso-thus. i .~rh . "g School team, piling up a lutely safe, Jim hastily floated the In order that a moral may be glean- Qu,.~i_-~ ot nineteen to nothing. Cole- cakes with syrvp and swallowed the ed from this episode, the teacher pre- ,,r~?.and Moricich starredfor the bits as fast as he possibly could. Then sented the class with a test on the ? "mers A hi~,t " return game wdl be played gulped a draught of coffee and poured following day. ..aok$-t~e High School grounds Monday the remainder over the table. I~J~r~ee o'clock. The Hi boys are out Slipping into the kitchen, he return- Of Course ~d[- Ood. ed in a few seconds with innocent Fond Mother--"What course willmy 5L' ~ Spot-Face, who purred happily, all un- son graduate in ?" ~Carl Calls one of ~ s ~ h aware of the dreadful part ofthe Prin.--"In the course of time." ltm..-h- h s goatSandw c 01.~ ~CaUse he's half-bred, morning's scene he was to take. As i~lle~l'5~rgttffO quickly as possible Jimmy placed the Demerits are many. Far and near wd a'-~tended thrilled, and kitten on the table and left the happy They pile up constantly, without fear. s'l~y, Grammar School Thurs- cat gratefully lapping syrup from lath- When one is given, two will come, '~i," When the Hi girls struggled nobly y~'st~_a effort to defeat their smaller aser's hePlatecould; then,backrushingto hisaS noiselesslYroom, he And still more follow e're day is done. pl~-~rs at the Grammar SchoolThe climbed into bed congratulating him- One demerit is better than two; ,u~ W ~t~. as a close one, a score of 79 to self greatly on his cleverness, but Jim- But when five are passed out, it can- ~- was turned in. not be true. .P~t~:~ nay has always wondered how cats tell Six are quite bad; but seven are worse ty sat up until twelve o'clock the stories. And when one gets fifteen it's time to o~h hight trying to remember what ~ reverse. ,i~aUted to do. After a while she Oil), to bed, oily to rise-- ~dl~'d n tbered that she wanted to go to Is the fate of a man when an autoW.C.--"It seems that every time I S~ ~,~rly? he buys. speak of corns my voice gets husky." t~,'j A. l~e-:r~-assembly was called the third IN THE WILD AND WOLLY WEST Betty--"Fred, there are two things '~.~'~dT ~ which keep you from being a good i t~, hursday and Air. Dunkle gave s lk on courtesy. Strict attentionNear the small western town of Elk- dancer. "dl~thglve.n him. "Courtesy, as applied horn there was a large cattle ranch. . Fred--"What?" t~tt~k, SChool, was spoken of, and Mr. This ranch was named the Circle R. i Betty--"Both feet." ~ltrfi;,~e I~ointed out how the school The ranchmen employed about twenty- t~"q~t improve, five hard-riding cowboys. Every Sat- Miss Mason--"Name two poets of urday night when they were paid offthe Romantic period ?" J." Shields (to Malcolm)--"You're a they used to ride into town to have a Carl Eddy---"Chaucer and Homer." ~al''"'Aw o on "'u little sport, and sometimes a drink or rattor to your count.ry o 're not m so. There was one young fellow in ,'. Mary Elizabeth (explaining to Miss ~utRry'' g ' Y Y particular who was very wild. One Phelps why she has not been at kin- A Sch day he decided he would shoot-up the dergarten)--"I can't come to school It % .Ool library has been collected, town. now because the epidemic is running li~tesnSl;tls of books on many different He was certainly a picture as he around." ess,,~,, his library is new and Very came at full gallop through the town --ua| for M~ss Hahn--"Where dM the action ~'~aUch reference work. One was on his lathered pony. In each hand ' ~', T~eded for the school. A librar- he held a gun, which was spitting fire in Sohrab and Rustum take place. ~%t'nlfl Duly, was appointed, whohas and smoke. He wore several bando- Arthur G.--"On the bottom of page ~ter~, ete Charge of the library for the liers of cartridges, and his vest was 416." ,, "', of one month, flying in the wind. He wore a check- Miss Mason-- There is good in eTih ~ eyed shirt, and the quirt which he had everything." ve e final preparations for the school on his left wrist streamed in the wind. q. ate ba~ Art G.--"Did you ever open a super- 4~leelde~ ~e were discussed, and it was He sat on his horse as one born in annuated egg?" ~l~arty ~;o be held at the Isthmus. The the saddle, and blazed away at any- ~ot~ t'-- twenty-four are going down thing and everything that he saw. He Kay--"Isn't it funny how all hand- ~a~a wo boats, the Elmo and the Man- shot several of the peoples' hats off, some men are disagreeao~e. Itend t~e~ss Mason was not able to at- and made a small dog run howling upJ.S.--"Oh! I always try to be |SUda_ e Wienie bake on account of the the street with its tail between itslegs, pleasant." I ",eta illness of her father. Several of the women fainted at the Friday, March 14 "THE SANTA FE TERROR" From Remington's great story of the f'. x. ~ sight of him, and in a few moments triei;~i,'~t "Have yOU ever eaten elee- every sign of life had vanished from ib:~,' the street. Arriving in front of the ~, "~"~No, have you ?" saloon, he pulled his horse to a halt [rartts~~'~- Why, I've eaten many cur- in a cloud of dust, and vanished with- in. Miss Hahn--"Did you know the first man was found in India?" Grace--"Yes; but what puzzles me is, who found him?" Watch the world come to Catalina. Yellowstone--Featuring Francis Ford. Also "THE BUSHER" Saturday, March 15 Will Rogers and Lila Lee in a James Cruze production "ONE GLORIOUS DAY" The infinite cycle of souls awaiting the call to earth. Also "FIGHTING BLOOD" No. 3 Sunday, March 16 Rex Ingram's super-production ' URN TO THE RIGHT" With Alice Terry and Jack Mulhall. A hurricane of smiles---intensely dra, mane. Also "FAVOR ME" Also INTERNATIONAL NEWS Monday, March 17 J. Warren Kerrigan in "TitlE COAST OF OPPORTUNITY" A story of the mines of Mexico. Also "COLD CHILLS Tuesday, March 18 G/adys Hulette and Chas. Cruze in a powerful mystery melodrama "THE NIGHT MESSAGE" Also "THE CADDY" Also INTERNATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, March 19 Lionel Barrymore, in the famous stage play "JIM, THE PENMAN" A story of the intrigues of the money market. Also "THE BOAT" PRICES--28, :liD, and 50 Cents. Children under 12 in First Section 10c EDNA WALLACE HOPPER'S BEAUTY AIDS Youth Clay ...................................... $0c Youth Cream .................................. 60c Youth Powder .............................. $1.00 They are delightful. ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 417 Crescent Avenue