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March 12, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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March 12, 1924

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weekly at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California Avalon's official er, containing the local news of this wonderful Island World. Official on of the Light Tackle Club, an organization of sea-angling sportsmen. training field for the Chicago "Cubs" and Los Angeles "Angels." Avalon: Year-round mecca for tourists and travelers. Boating, bathing, golf, tennis, baseball, riding, walking, fishing, marine gardens. Unexcelled accommodation,. Price, Five Cents WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1924 VOL. XI No. 9 SANTA CATALINA ISLAND: IN ALL THE WORLD NO TRIP LIKE THIS! it is to become ,-~ reality, and the good iews will be warmly received from an Francisco to the placid waters of an Diego , to be known as the "This new club . s 1 (2atalina Island Yacht Club ha a- CATALINA YACHT CLUB CATALINA PASSENGER following the establishment of a Wrig- BASEBALL PLAYERS ARE NOW A REALITY STATION PLANNED ley ferminal at that port, Mr. Fleming CAREFULLY INSPECTED -------- trt~o it~m~ Bt~A~Ltl pointed to the fact that more than ..__...._ ,*ay Be Ready for Opening May lSth. w,,.n~. Lvx'~x..i r"t~t'niS00,000 persons made the trip to Ava- By Wayne K. Otto ~ W T Co Will'-~verate SteasmhipsI Ion via Wihnington last year. BaseballWriter Chicago Herald and . Jn Sunday's Los Angeles Examiner~. . .....v ,.. j._ t l He said that merchants in Long Examiner Ma,-...~l, o., ,, ,, . _ rrom tnat k.sty ~oon as tireugtng ox . . " b27,~,~,c~t otnes Jets tne cat out ot the Harbor Entrance Permits. Beach willbenefit by the enterprise, Although Catalina Island fans have ~s at~out the organization of the ___._. inasmuch as thousands of tourists and watched the Cubs do their spring stuff atalina Yacht Club and the fact that "" st as soon as the cit- dyed "es the others who make the trip to Catalina for three years they never have had ~t is t . . .~u y g , . o have a clubhouse built rl ht from Lon Beach will stop over there l g g the )leasure of seem Chica o s north aw~'.. . . ocean entrance to the desired depth! "~ ; I ' g ' g' ,l,t,~y, .Just north ot the Tuna Club. the Santa Catalina Island Company l at least two or three days. J siders shoot into action,perfectly -"~ site is wherethe local boatmen .... ] Mr Flemin re)orted that his Corn-I ,, s man shl )s g 1 groomed and polished off in aman had- ,, . , wdl begm operatmg a y I I '. . . I - a,,o ~ n-r construeteo some years from this port as business warrants, lPany zs now constructing a new gmss-lner becoming a major league outfit." ~,~-~ut there the matter slept.The Company will also start the con-!bottom boat, a flyingfish vessel, andI A major league team--as a team--- ,,,~nts article Stiles says: struetion of a bi~ substantial passen- more than 700 cottages on Catalina to rarely starts to "come" until two weeks . avery inch spread and no safe ...... ~ ~ . ..... r,~_t, care for the big influx of visitors this~or ten da,,s before the o,~enin,~ of the ~oarCd tOngOn no slOuntgheerrnWll~b~fo~.nbaY,~ lgnC~n~cti~tal?~vhaal/~l;t~srltgatsneooLIags ,~r;dgl~ colnmg season. I season 07April 15th. Ais an Instance YaO--- g ...... r ling operations get under way. ,~ ....... ~ 1consider the events of a year ago. ,,tsmen as mey pnot their eratt to- "We estimate that our ships will IL.I-III.I.JII~]P.,,IN I.$1~ILH~I~I Although perfectly conditioned the ~iards_ the beckoning shores of Cata-Itransi)ort more than 1000 tJersons daily TO GET EXCITEMENT I club, with a makeshift infield at the ~'hea,,~sland, for, w,thm three months t from Long Beach to Ava/on after our ---- !time, staggered along even up to, and ,,t ~vtagic Isle is to become the sltel,)ro,~osed lone, Beach 'short-cut' serv- By Science Service Ion opening day. After a walloping at ", a new and flourishing yacht club ~ ' - ~" ,, New York March 6 One reason/ D . . . ' ]ice has been inau~urated. , z .-- . ,the hands of Pittsburgh the team sud- ioen~lls of this new project, which hasI This announcement was made a few why childrcn disobey their parents is idenly changed overnight and, flashing ra~'L~,ueen awaited ,by the seagoing! days ago by David P. Fleming, secre- because they love the excitement dis-!a vicious attack drove through the nit~,ocrs or the ~ocai.yaentmg trater-[tary_treasurer of the Santa Catalina obedience causes, accordmg to a bul-iPirates and St. Louis Cardinals to rn~'~_ were announced ;Saturday, and'island Comnanv says the Long Beach letin on juvenile behavor just issued!eight straight victories before it was -'"-~ a new epoch in the Corinthian ..... " " -1 after he had con by the National Committee for Mental checked annals o" - ,. ,.. . i.Mornlng ~un, snort y - - . ; ,,ha _ I ~outnern " ferred with City Manager C. H. Wind- Hygiene here. If makmg a child mind I Grooming young fielders in machine- v;,~o b.e able to "travel on" to Avalon, ham tie said the Comoanv's vessels is made interesting by excitement, play necessitates something more than t~"tn mind at ease in the knowledge wouid be ready to dock at Lontz Beach many children will want to be diso-'top physical shape of the individual .=t sate mooring and a warm home " 7 i ' a sore men fi ht for the " a- . .... ;ust as soon as they can get into the bed ent, just s e g athletlces. It reqmres hours of prac- wait their arrival tn the island city ~ ; love of tt I._ . harbor " ', tice and necessitates long days of in- ~as been but a wish and a dream. Now " . ^ Parents are blamed for most of the struction from the coaching staff Starts Next :~ummer disobedience of their children. Wrong methods are used to secure obedience, the report states. Commands are given ready been organized and is now in ~e process of soliciting memberships. lthough application blanks have not Yet been issued, $5000 have already been subscribed and work will be shtarted immediately on a $25 000 club- OUse t To be located just east of the una Club in Avalon. The official op- ening of this club is planned for about iVlay 15 and already there is talk of Staging a big racing regatta during the bummer, a which promises to regatta eeonte an annual classic. "We will be dispatching ships out of here next summer if we can get the lane through the ocean entrance op- ened by that time," Mr. Fleming de- clared. One of the reasons advanced by Mr. Fleming regarding the disposition of the Company to begin operations out of Long Beach just as soon as possible is that round-trip voyages to Catalina from that port will reduce the sailing time of the Company's ships 90 min- utes. This feature is said to present a big appeal to the commuting public. Four of the Company's steamers, in- cluding the "Catalina" now in course of construction, will be pressed into the Catalina tt'ade by July, Mr. Fleming averred. The other vessels alternating in this service are the "Avalon," "Ca- brillo" and "Hermosa." Two of the ships will be retained in the Wilming- ton-Avalon service. General Overhauling "Drawings for the clubhouse were completed by Harry J. Vaughn, archi- tect, and Claude G. Putnam, artist. Board of Dir~tors "The board of directors, elected Sat- Urday, follow : "t~resident, G. Benton Wilson, ad- miral of the Southern California aehting Association and commodore o! the Los Angeles Yacht Club; first viCe-president, Charles R. Ramsey, ~aatrman of the power boat regatta (Continued on Page 10, Column 1) when the children are inattentive, or there is too much indecision and in- sincerity, which the child quickly takes advantage of, or fear of punishment or hope of reward are too frequently em- ployed. Obedience to the right rather than mere submission to orders is held out as the ideal. While some parents obey their children and so give them the false idea that they are always going to get whatever they want, other chil- dren are taught submission so well that they are not allowed even to think for themselves, and so grow up These details usually are missed by i other than those who year in and year out, are in close touch with the inner workings of a major league ball club. Hours of conference in which Killefer and his chief assistants, 'Head Coach Dugey and Scout Bobby Wallace are the principal figures take up many of 'the evenings. In other words the train- ing of the Cubs isn't all accomplished on the beautiful Island greens. Changing of batting form, speeding of base-running, and a hundred other little things, all essential to success in the majors, are carefully watched by the men who make up the Board of Strategy. The weekly "check-backs" of the into helpless men and women who al-, virtues and weaknesses of the aspiring ways need someone to tell them what recruits are interesting events, could to do. Securing the child's faith that random but have an ear "tuned in" .on what he is told to do is best for him is'them. Yet these sessions are for the advocated as the first step, which i most part more secretive than the should be followed by a method ofI workings of the old German Wilhelm- training which will train themin lstrasse and some of the findings do I Mr. Fleming also stated that the knowledge of what is right, and in not reach even the large and spongent steamers "Cabrillo" and "Hermosa'will self-discipline, ears of the war correspondents until be "tugged" to the Craig Shipyards in -- many months have elapsed. Long Beach in two weeks, for a gen- i We heard a woman explaining the Getting back to the actual results at- eral overhauling, l"bump" on Sugar Loafas the largest tained by the Cubs to date there is By way of illustrating the benefits lsearchlight in the world. She said it little to be commented on. Vogel, that will be derived by Long Beach~couldl be seen from San Francisco.(Continued0n Page 21 Column 3)"