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March 11, 1937     The Catalina Islander
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March 11, 1937

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA FOUR-YEAR REGIONAL COLLEGES ARE OPPOSED Members of the California State Legislature are reviewing the report of the State Council on Educational Planning and Co-ordination, a new printing of which has been completed. The law-makers thus are considering officially the findings of an important advisory body appointed under author- ity voted by the Legislature itself. The purpose of the plan outlined in the report, developed with the unani- :nous approval of the Planning Coun- cil in 1935, is to preserve the most ef- fective and most economical relation- ship between the State University, the jumor colleges, and the teachers col- leges. The report strongly opposes expansion of teachers colleges into four-year regional colleges. It does not give approval of junior colleges assuming that status. The members of the Planning Coun- cil are Will C. Wood, chairman; Chas. Albert Adams, Allen T. Archer, Annie Florence Brown, Mrs. William J. Hayes, Vierling Kersey, Gurney E. Newlin, Chester H. Rowell and Robert Gordon Sproul. Opponents of the creation of a chain of four-year colleges in California are urging thorough consideration of the Planning Council report, because bills now before the State Legislature pro- pose establishment of new tax-sup- ported four-year colleges or univ'ersi- ties in several parts of the State, add- ed to present facilities in higher edu- cation. This would involve needless duplication, it is charged, and would saddle the State with excessive ex- pense. The Statewide Committee on Higher Education, of which John L. McNab is Chairman and Aubrey Dru- ry is Secretary, is 'among the organi- zations active against the creation of a chain of four-year regional colleges, urging that voters communicate with their State Legislators, requesting them to oppose such proposals and to uphold the report of the Planning Council. o- Civil Service Examinations Announced The United States Civil Service Commission has announced open com- petitive examinations as follows: Junior graduate nurse, $1,620 a year. Graduate nurse, $1,800 a year; op- tional branches: anesthesia, psychiatry, tuberculosis, trachoma, pediatrics, gen- eral staff nursing; Public Health Ser- vice, Veterans' Administration, and the Panama Canal Service. PuNic health nurse, $2,000 a year, graduate nurse (general staff duty), $1,800 a year, nurse technician (bae- teriology and roentgenology combined) $1,800 a year, Indian Field Service (in- eluding Alaska), Department of the Interior. Junior forester, and junior range ex- aminer, $2,000 a year, Department of Agriculture, Department of Interior. Mechanical engineer (Diesel design), various grades, $2,600 to $3,800 a year, Navy Department. Full information may be obtained from Louise Newberry, Secretary of the U. S. Civil Service Board of Ex- aminers, at the post office in this city. So far as can .be noted the light frosts of the unusually cold winter have had very little effect upon the flowers and delicate plants in and around Avalon. Our readers will find several inter- esling new advertiser~ents in this is- sue. Look them over. THE BIRDS OF SANTA CATA- LINA ISLAND The following list was compiled from A. H. Howell's paper "The Birds of the Islands off the Southern Coast of Cali- fornia," published b;, the Cooper Ornith- ological Club as Pacific Coast Avifauna .No. 12, to which are added six species observed on the Island by Harry Harris between March 1st and 17th, 1919, and two species frequently observed by Capt. Hugh McKay. (This list does not in- clude the birds at the Catalina Bird Park) : Colymbus nigricollis cali[ornicus (Heer- man). Eared Grebe. Gavia pacitlca (Lawrence). Pacific Loon. Lunda cirrhata (Pallas). Tufted Puffin. Cerorhinca monocerata (Pallas). Rhino- ceros Auklet. Ptychoramphus aleuticus (Pallas). Cas- sin Auklet. Syntheiboramphus antiquus (Gmelln). Ancient Murrelet. Cepphus columba Pallas. Pigeon Guille- mot. Stercorarius parasiticus (Linn.) Para- sitic Jaeger.T Stercorarius longicaudus Vieill. Long- tailed Jaeger.'t" Larus glaucescens Naumann. Glaucous- winged Gull. Larus occidentalis Audubon. Western Gull. Larus argentatus Pontoppidan. Herring Gull. Larus delawarensis Ord. Ring-billed Gull. Larus brachyrhynchus Richardson. Short-billed Gull. Larus heermanni Cassin. Heerman Gull." Sterna maxima Boddaert. Royal Tern. Sterna [orsteri Nuttall. Forster Tern. Diomeclea nigripes Audubon. Black- footed Albatross. Diomedea albatrus Pallas. Short-tailed Albatross. Fulmarus glacialis glupischa Stejueger. Pacific Fulmar. Puffinus creatopus Coues. Pink-footed Shearwater. Pu~nus griseus (Gmelin). Sooty Shear- water. Phalacrocorax auritus aibociliatus Rids- way. Farallon Cormorant. Phalacrocorax penicillatus (Brandt). Brandt Cormorant. Falso peregrinus anatum Bonaparte. Duck Hawk. Falco . columbarius subspecies. Pigeon Hawk*. Fatco sparverius subspecies. Sparrow Hawk*. Pandion haliaetus carolineusis (Gmelin) Osprey. Asio unlsonianus (Lesson). Long-eared Owl. Isio [lammeus (Pontoppidan). Short- -areal Owl. Buteo borealt~ calurus Cassin. Western Red-tail. Buteo swainsom Bonaparte. Swainson Hawk. Haliaeetus leucocephalus leucocephalus (Linnaeus). Bald Eagle. Speotyto cunicularia hypogaea (Bona- parte). Burrowirrg Owl. Ceryle alcyon (Linnaeus). Belted King- fisher. Sphyrapicus ruber ruber (Gmelin). Red- breasted Sapsucker*. Colaptes ca[er collaris Vigors. Red- shafted Flicker. Phalaenoptilus nuttalli cali[ornicus Ridgway~ Dusky Poor-will. Aeronautes melanoleucus (Baird). White-throated Swift. Calypte anna (Lesson). Anna Hum- mingbird. Selasphorus alleni Henshaw. Allen Hum- mingbird. Sayornis sayus (Bonaparte). Say Phoebe Sayornis nigricans (Swainson). Black Phoebe. Empidonax difflcilis di~cilis Baird. Western Flycatcher. Empidonax hammondi (Xantus). Ham- mond Flycatcher (?) Otocoris alpestris, insularis C. H. Town- send. Island Horned Lark. Corvus corax sinuatus Wagler. Raven Sturnella neglects Audubon. Western Meadowlark. Icterus cucullatus nelsoni Ridgway. Ari- zona Hooded Oriole. Euphagus cyanocephalus (Wagler). Brewer Blackbird. Carpodacus mexicanus ctementis Mearns. San Clemente House Finch. ,4stragalinus psaltria hesperophilus Oberholser. Green-backed Goldfinch. Astragalinus lawrensi (Cassin). Law- rence Goldfinch. Zonotrichia leucophrys gambeli (Nut- tall). Gambel Sparrow. Zonotrichia coronata (Pallas). ,3olden- crowned Sparrow. Phalacrocorax pelagicus resplendens Meiospiaa melodia graminea C. H. Audubon. Baird Cormorant. Townsend. Santa Barbara Song Spar Pelecanus cali[ornicus Ridgway. Cali- fornia Brown Pelican. Fregata aquila (Linnaeus). Man-o'-war- bird. Mergus serrator Linnaeus. Red-breasted Merganser. Oidemia americana Swainson. Sector. Oidemia deglandi Bonaparte. White- winged Sector. Oidemia perspicillata (Linnaeus). Surf Scoter, ~: Ardea herodias herodias Linnaeus. Great Blue Heron. Phalaropus [ulicarius (Linnaeus). Red : Phalarope. Pisobia bairdi (Coues). Baird Sandpiper. Pisobia minutilla (Vieillot). Least Sand- piper. Heteractitis incanus (Gmelin). Wander- ing Tattler.~ ,4crisis macularia (Linnaeus). Spotted Sandpiper. Squatarola squatarola (Linnaeus). Black-bellied Plover. A phriza virt~ata (Gmelin). Surf-bird(?) Arenaria interpres morinella (Linnaeus). Arenaria melanocephala (Vigors). Black Ruddy Turnstone. Turnstone. Laphartyx cali[ornica ~llicola (Ridg- way). Valley Quail. 7.enaidura macroura marginella (Wood- house). Western Mourning Dove. dccipiter velox (Wilson). Sharp-shinned Hawk. row (?) Melospiza lincolni lincolni Audubon. Lincoln Sparrow. Passerella iliaca meearhyncha Baird Thick-billed Fox Sparrow. Passerella iliaca stephensi Anthony Stephens Fox Sparrow. Passerella iliaca insularis Ridgway. Kadiak Fox Sparrow. Pipilo maculatus clementae Grinnell. San Clemente Towhee. Passerina amoena (Say). Lazuli Bunt, ing. Hirundo erythrogastra Boddaert. Barn Swallow. Lanius ludovicanus anthonyi Mearas. Island Shrike. Vireo huttoni huttoni Cassin. Hutton Vireo. Vermivora celata sordida (C. H. Town- send). Dusky Warbler. Dendroica auduboni auduboni (J. K. Townsend). Audubon Warbler. Wilsonia pussilla pileolata- (Pal!as). Pileolated Warbler. Mimus polyglottos leucopterus (Vigors). Western Mockingbird. Salpinctus obsoletus obsoletus (Say) Rock Wren. Thryomanes bewick~ charienturus Ober- holser. San Diego Wren. Psaltriparus mlnimus minimuo (J. K. Townsend). Coast Bush-tit. R eeulus calendula calendula (Linnaeus). Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Polioptila caerulea obscura Ridgway. Western Gna~catcher. AVALON CHURCI~ J Catholic--St" Masses daily at days at 7:00 and School after 10 o further notice. 4* * Christian A Branch of The First Church in Boston, Mas day service at evening meetings Room, 519 Crescent 4 o'clock daily holidays. Church Icy. Subject March Seventh DaY Sabbath Schoo class at 2 p.m., Community Congr Community Rev. John B. Sundav 9:30 a.n].; morning 10:30 o'clock ; Corner Metro street. 10:30 a.m.--"God 7:00 p.m. The public is tend any or all The Today we look Church building tion. F.very, ck and furniture is people, in their get this condition pos! arise to Almighty ance through all tl and his blessing from beginning out to our order who have est in their But what coul, out that solid, group from across came, and others s~ time to time, and were here to see rious conclusion. knows himself to. and encouragir nothing less achievement for accept the thank: all the good of us who double our efforts n John Mrs. Jones: "At ings will you never give more New Maid: "I do, ma'am. You s this season." Planesticus (Ridgway). Sialia mexicans send. *Authenticatec tAuthent Back for Dr. Fred 321 Clemente, 5269 Le Phone Night Dancing AT HAPPY HACKER'S Dan Garboo and His Boys STARTING SATURDAY 13TH Is;hOp hyemalls subspecies. Junco*. A mHe i~tella passerbna arizonaeCoues. Western Chippin , S arrow g P " nth ere st Azmophtla" " ruaceps ruaceps (Cassin). Rufous-crowned Sparrow. "ll~a1~ Visiting Hylocichla guttata guttata(Pallas). "~lvx O. G. i Alaska Hermit Thrush. 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