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March 8, 1934     The Catalina Islander
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March 8, 1934

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Published by the Students of Avalon High School and Edited by the Twelfth Year English Class K AVALON HIGH SCHOOL, THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 1934 NUMBER 72 SUMMER PLAYGROUND , SUPT. H. S. UP JOHN H OLS MAY BE ESTABLISHED TO SPEAK TONIGHT BEING ARRANGED NOW ity~tau.dY. Hall was crowded to capac- Sununer playgronndo has been asked Thursday night at 7:30 the Av- Plaus for the Catalina Pageant ~ta,.'* most of the day last Thurs- for bv the Parent-Teachers Associa- alon P.-'K A. and the Avalon Mary "Magic Isle" are being carried on in- tws anti Friday, clue to the fact that tion, of the Board of Educatiou. If \¥illiams Club will hold a joint sos-solar as Harlev Berning has been Mi~ ot .the teachers, Miss Gross and this request is granted there will be sion. This meeting had been post- bnsy the last couple of weeks making g0~s~ ~tll, were visiting schools in established a supervised play area poned for a month on account of properties for the pageant• It is to be of ~ tse.ach and studying their course here next summer. A supervisor will bnsiuess that kept Mr. Upjohn, the given Mav 8, 9, and 10. He has com- ~,vaChmgs. be ou duty every day except Sunday Superintendent of the Long Beach pleted a "throne, blunderbuss, carried in2uss Hill was there March 1 visit- during the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.schools from attending themeeting, by the Spanish soldiers at the time of e~~ the English and social study It will be open to all people of school The following interesting prograul tl'le discovery of Catalina Island in ~rses at the Hamilton Junior High• age for various types of play and re- will be preseuted: " 1603. He also made a mannikin for vi~s,S,Qross was there March 2, and creation activities. . , using..sch°°l equit. - [~l e.Acl~" it,la, _~. [r~ l~ V ]~ak-er, _])ro~i_~S.- an idol worshil)ped by the Indians be- 0~te~l the same courses as Miss Hill,"nent This wdl be it successtullv ' ," • fore the Spanish came. carried throughthe first tmle m the.q l~nf-fin ~" Prv~i(to f P '1" Gerald House had charge of the art l.ii hat the George Washington Junior " "'" , . . .- dent of Mary \~,,flhams Club; Mrs. A. .... . , .... ~ ......... gtcn, __e ..... ntc .... --. A. behool.Hill also attended a meetln"g ' ..... li" " d r vmse-b uette ......... rJrlgo °f~][issth . lnstory ot Avalon scnoms tllat SUCh a "- ' ~t - ,-, . portion of the work and had been de- playgrouna has been estaa sneau - H n t a D " ;.-4 ...... = ................ . . signing props for the pageant• He is • " t'on u ga" n once -'~o a ....... Bramns e~- ue comnlittee lflanning the new mg the snmnmr vaca 1 . 4_ ' .~. - ,~ ," , ,--, "'T n(;w busy plannin~ further details. S~3~a~e of study for the English and • vamn rllgn ~cnool urcnestra A.H.S. ~ " Luis Matin has just completed a • Iiss Lois A Elliott Director studies, to be put into effect by All but one of the first matches of , " .." " • ", " , banner of "Nuestro Senora de Guada- ~•Seventh eighth and ninth grades ........ luvocanon .......Rex [ B Toomav the boys' aoume oeteat tennis tourna-• " ........ . "-" ' . - lupe". It is in tapestry form and is ne~t ~e-" ' ....... " .... Nightfall ar. from Ltbestraum Liszt ptemoer, ment ,rove oeen pJayeaorr.oeverm ,~ , G".,~ ,~ ,, ;4 ,, done in crayons. ,,.Our counsellor, Miss Casselberry, ~ • . . • - - 1o .~ VVll(lKose a~acl)oweu are now mnsnea with the quarter- ,~. ,~, A; ....... ;.:;---" Mr. Meadows, director of the pag- a~ns here March 1 and 2, giving the final matches andthis year's singles Miss *~tsr'~ k~io~tlULire toi eant, is on the lookout for some stu- ar;'~tual nine A tests in readingand champion will be proclai'nedin the ~, ." o t, . ". ~., .'. 2 e " dent with a peculiar laugh• So if he -.m ' • ~ . -- ~ t, " "~ rn tit ,.~prlng dons" ot me RoDin Woman metro She left returning March near tuture ex aoumes tLu ame ,f ~ _ . " happens to come up to you some time ~,and finished giving the ninth grade~ - " ....... t ro:n the exmerlcan opera forooysana one wr ,mxea ooumes ,,,~, .,,, ,.,, when you are engaging i,n a hearty ~-~ts, and also ~ivin~ the annual sixth " h ill mnanewls ~ waaman arebeingcouteinplated but t eyw ~ . ,~ " .............. ;~ ..... . ... laugh, just keep on laughing; you ,1 tests ~" ~" ...... ', . r~oar ~ong ........ taarrlet ware notDegm until the singles tournameut ,m ~,, ;4;_ ...... G;.. • n , , might become a star.. You never can ~,~-- A.H.S. • r, • • " e ,. "~-,"-llle ~teep lnat PlttS tn t~aoy s tS over• l~or tile winner oI this sin- r~" es t~a'~ rpenter tell. A H S tlRSESHOE PITCHINg gles tournament there will be twotro- "" ,7 ....... ;=G'"7";"-;, • " I Mrs r~ -~ Lavnem TOURNAMENT STARTED ph es this year: the pe'petual school 3 ..... " ~ -" ; .. MUMPS PUT CRIMP • l ; *rs N v ~baKer Accompanist trophy which has tile names of a 1 the " " " ' IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES a..~.°rseshoes are flying at the stakes --~'~i'm"r'¢e ........ ,m it ~._.~ct ..~ no,~, indl~'"ldual -Address, "The Long. Beach. School ._v~_y ~r~sented by ;Ir.......... ~[u:nps have been disturbing the 1,~'q,n with the start of the annual t,-,~nh, ,~; h~,m~o n o ~ ~ Program" Mr H S Upjohn Snptof ,a~ S h~{ .Singles tournament. The boys Harry Diffin. Those in the quarter- Long Peach Schools. peace of Avalon for the last several if?ve Shown a great deal of interest in finals nlatches are Charles and Donald A.H.S. weeks. At first, only those ill with ae, game and~ quite a few of the Carpenter Orr, Allen and Garcia The Fox and the :l;,,,~^,; , • A.,.s .... them were isolated, but it became ~i~relies have already been played. A.H.S. . . ....... A fable lor fourth graders written necessary for the county physician to to~e,~games are shorter this year due Those girts who placea nrst anct .... • ~ ..... oy ~ea ~o~may: declare a quarantine on all children iu e^ me fact that ringers and leaners second in the seml-nnms ot the mop- _ homes where there is acase of it. SCOtCll icurnanleut are: ~levenul an(t t~unt S and 3 points respectively, as ....... " Once tmon a time there was a fox ......... ~ .. r~ .... ~. u~: ..... u, ~ who couldu't get along without an ar-The power of quaratine rests in the ~.~o and 1 last year under tournament cweum g,aue~: ~,,,,,,,,y vva.te,u,,t- -u~es. - ...... o ...... '~'i-- gunicnt He went to the alligator and county health officer, Mrs. Louis Sul- .-~ ..... w:-~:.-:~ a. ..... .~ D .... ~r^ saM: Mr. Alllgator~ Sir. Alligator I" livan, ,and is supposed to last for two ~dA doubles tournament is to be start- tom anu loorotny ocott; consutat On . ,," . -~ + ' , • weeks after the onset, during which "~ ' "'" ..... r " ~" l lae alltg'ttor wasunder the nmd lls anat the finish of the present one and ~arry ±,~mtla and lenin g aaes: r-m- . " - • G,,- " "" r Kna onso temng to the fox yell but he took no time the child is to remain at home, • ~,~ .Partners are already practicing nice White ant ,\la y pp; e - , ..... ' .... and not be in contact with other chil- latlons placers ~uorey vv llDOrll i£1tO. i~getller for the honor of champion , .. ..... ~.,,- .... .~ need to tt Then the tox walked nito ,,~rSeshoe team• lit the singles tour- ~ .......~-~,--*~- ~"--nth and the water and the alligator ate him dren iu any way. Children in the fan> eighth grades" Rosemary Watson, t 1 • "1nent those playing first are: M.a~g~t,t:t ....... s~ .... o.+-'- t~ ' fly who have been exposed must re- and either Alice Mesa or Mary Jane ~.H.~. main at home 21 days, as tile incuba- .,"'Bernine--Navarez tion period is fronl seven to twenty- ~.~ o • Rowley; cousolation placers, Dorothy"Monday, March 1,, there will be a onc clays• They also should stay at ~Hampton-C. Carpenter. Renfro and Mary Ellen Mount. general GMs League meeting. An ~J. Hernamtez-Reves. home and conic in contact with no ,'~--Meyers-White " A.H. S interesting aud entertaining program tither chikIren. Conrad-Bermudez. The onset of the disease may be sndden, beginning with fever and pain 76~oover-Arnold. ~"-~I. Hernandez-L. Hernandez. about the angle of the jaw. The ~'-~r. Hernandez-Toomay. glands become swollen and tender, ~Garcia-D. Carpenter. while opening the mouth is accom- u"-Renfro-Church, panicd by pain. p A.H s. it would be well for all parcuts ~r.uppets were shown to the second whose chitdreu show any of these {~,tle by the id;Mergarten Thursday, signs to keep the child out of school haul are leading their class in their• ",- " " " - and get in touch with the county toya specially constructed theatre., A.. .... • ,.- , ~nlerentweaves used on cotton written reports on tnetr library read- 1 ; .,- t • ,. - - ' st%~+°oden microphone marked KHJ nurse, Mrs. Sullivan, who can be • T' " + ' +"+ "~ woo anti Silk are oetng stume(1 by tile to;-" On the stage, and purple cur- mg. nelr rep:rts snow mat ulev ... , ,~ ~. reached through the school. If the !~e~ gave it a real appearance. The ,havereally,, understood what they tnedntth graue.on small} neSeiramesWeaVeSeachare weaveOelng parents will cooperate with the county i~ ~rnmnee took place at 9 o'clock navereacL A H S having its name. ' this epidemic can be speedily stopped. ne morning. " " " A.H.$. --Agnes Conrad. T" ~. H.s. Mary Ulrich aud Madeline Sih'a Cir~e standings of the teams in the moved away on the same day to the ~s S fop peedball Tournament are as nlainland two weeks ago. ar~°ws: The Red and Green teams A.H.S. Rava~ed, eachhaving played two Amelda Riojas bronght a collection 'l'k~es, winnint, one and tiein one of snakes preserved in alcohol last "'~ 13 o g • and , lue team has played two games Monday, to the members of the sixth "" ~ost two. grade She got them in Los Angeles. A. H. S. Five niembers are staying away from school on account of the mnmps. A.H.S. Jackie Dows of the sixth grade is absent because of illness. Xlr A.H.S. WE; s. Calhoun and tile fourth grade ted the,. rned two new pupils Monday; SaC.a: are Patsy Davison and Bobble ~e,,,sell. The addition of these two tq)",~nembers brings the fourth grade tu the enrolhnent of thirty-five. Lr, A.H. ~. we'~ss Rex had as her guest for the Visit~,end Miss Anne Forstall. She anal the school and read poetry I)ie-~J,~nes to Miss Yonge's and Miss rek s classes. /~illy Wi ' A.H.S. rad~ . sn, member of the tenth t;'-'- ~' left for Phoenix, Ariz., last l~a~a,y' Billy was an active partici- "'" tn school athletics• ~Z[O A.H.$. ~rad~e.ward Harrington of the sixth after ' returned to school Monday at~ absence due to illness. ha fer a.n.s. as b n garden with rocks and moss een lilaced in a window of the a!th grade. Miss Yonge is staying in Long Beach on account of a serious illness of her father• Mrs. Heywood is tak- ing her place teaching the American- ization class. A,H.S. Nearessa Willis injured her arm last week wheu she caught it in the wringer of the electric washing ma- chine. A.H.S. Ilene Ulrich was absent last Mon- day morning, dne to illness. STAFF Edition E ditor--Luis Marin Editor--Agnes Conrad Advisor--Don Meadows Reporters-Virginia Atlen, Agnes Conrad, Mattie Laws, Luis Marin. Aileen Perluss, Dorothy Scott, Ralph Trejo, Maxine Carson EDITORIAL That we are inlitative by nature is a fact we nmst take into considera- tion. We imitate consciously and un- consciously. D.oing the right thing in front of yonngsters goes a long way towards preventing them from wrong- doing. For example: if a young per- sun from the grades sees a senior running up the stairs, he is inclined to follow in his footsteps, even if he has beeu warned before not to do so. Crowding the hallway is another com- mon practice seen in Avalon High School. If the youngsters see older people breaking the rules, they are apt to form bad habits• It's up to the older stmtents to set good examples. --Lnis Marin. A. H,$. Hockey practice will begin Monday after school• next DID YOU EVER STOP TO THINK Your home town newspaper is your school's best friend, It gives your school events and ath- letic contests columns of news stories and publicity. It champions your school improve- nlent programs and bond elections. It is a sizeable taxpayer in your eonnnunity. On its staff and in its mechanical roonls you will find home-owners and taxpayers. The same apl;lies to your home town nlerchant. A lady was discussing with a gems- man the eccentricities of her late 'hus- band. Lady: "My dear Edward was a great performer on the flute, and he became so attached to this instrument that he made it a condition that it should be buried with him." Scotsman: "Wasn't it a lucky thing for you that his favorite instrnment was not a graud piano."--Magazine t)rog-raulnle.