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March 8, 1934     The Catalina Islander
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March 8, 1934

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PAGE TEN. -THE CATALINA ISLAND BASKETBALL "HIGH JUMP TRAINING TIPS" LOCAL PHYSICIAN I think the plan will meet withI I ----- HAS NEW EQUIPMENT proval. ~ Bv R. L. "Dink" Templeton - :o:~ (Stanford University Track Coach Dr. Robert V. Baker announces the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCI4 and Noted Track Authority) installation at his office of the latest The oldest and most simple form of and most accurate basal metabolism "Other foundation cau no rnal high jumping is the "Scissors" and it machine obtainable. Not only will this is the one I reconnnend to Junior Pen- be indispensable to goitre (thyroid) thanChrist.,,thatTheseiS laid,wordsWhiChof PauliS tl tathlon entrants. After a boy has cases, but it will be of most dramatic Corinrhians were the Golden Te MacMillan Oil Co. 48, All Stars 35 mastered the principle of high jump- interest to the women who wish to the Lesson-Sermon on "Christ J Sunday, March 4th ing he may easily change from the reduce weight safely and seientifical- on Sunday in Christian Science "scissors" style to the modified hitch- ly. It is used also in the management ety of Avalon, branch of The H W T. Co. 12 C.A.A. 8 kick type of "scissors" jump used by of the group who would gain weightChurch, The First Church of t, ~. C. i. Co. 20 .~n. Legion 13 Willis Ward and George Sptiz, or the "'/'his machine is a delight corn- Scientist, in Boston, Mass. Le~e Standings "Western Roll" as used by Walter pared with the models I have used in One of rhe Scriptural citatio~ Won Lost Marty, new world's record" holder.-" former years," states Dr. Baker, "be- the Lesson-Sermon included W. T. Co ................................ 8 1 The fundamental principle in high Country Club ....................... 6 3 jumping is to have your weight wellcause it is automatic in making correc- verses from Matthew: ";~ow tions for such factors as moisture,John had heard in the prise1 8. C. I. Co ................................. 5 4 ever your toe at the take-off. The temperatttre, and barometric pressure, works of Christ, he sent two ~ American Legion .................. 4 .5 value of this may be illustrated if you and the technical error is so slight as disciples, and said unto 'him, Art Association ............................. 3 6 stand with your weight on your heels to be practically non-existent. There he that should come, or do we Merchants .............. ~ ................ 1 15 and attempt to jump. You can barely is great need for this work in Avalon, ..for another? Jesus answered and raise off the ground. * * Now lean for- and I have found it indispensable in unto them, Go and shew John : The game Saturday between the ward withyour weight forward on t~le specialty of gastro-enterolot~.y. So those things which ye do he~f MacMillan Oil Co. and the Catalina your toes. What happens? You have important has the test become that see: the blind receive their sight, All Stars was a fast game, but due to spring, nowadays we use it almost as a rou-the. lame walk, the lepers are cle#~ the absence oI Gillespie and Mason,Wihen a boy kicks up to start hisfine before elective operations. This and the deaf hear, the dead are r~ Catalina was not able to put its high jumpthe natural tendency is to because there occurs in rare cases,up, and the poor have the gc strongest team ou the floor. How- shift his weight back to his 'heels. even following such trivial operations preached to them." ever, Mason did get there for the final This nmst be overcome. Try to keep as tonsillectomy, the fatal condition A correlative passage from "Sc~1 ten nnnutes of the game, but was not it in mind as you approach the cross known as acute thyroid toxicosis. T'he and Health with Key to the ~ up to his usual form. This was prob- bar that you are going to keep yourB.M.R. test is absolute insurance tures", by Mary Baker Eddy, st* ably due to his piloting of beautiful weight forward, no matter what elseagainst this terrible preventable trag- "Jesus works established his cla~ movie actresses up and down the happens, edy, and in my opinion, the up-to-date the Messiahship. In reply to Jfi coast all day. Next is the take-off. Just before surgeon is morally obligated t~ ad-inquiry, 'Art thou he that sll MacMillan had a fast team and you make your free leg kick, your vise it before every operation of what- come,' Jesus returned an affirr# their ability to shoot baskets from all body s'hould be well forward in a ever nature, reply, recounting 'his works insteP, angles was the undoing of the locales, senti-crouched position. This is the "The test discovers with certainty referring to his doctrine, coral1 McKinley, with 17 points, and Low- ben'. your bodPSl:~nI:rthe a~it'~lffa~i 2iai7 gh:ghyour the great body of ill-defined sufferers that this exhibi'ion of the divine' er with 13, were high scorers for the t ~ i from glandular disturbances so milder to heal would fully answer Oil Co. White led the locales with 13. ~' - Y Y that they are overlooked. These arequestion." Freddie Clark was up to his usual weight forward, you are in position to the many unfortunate cases who, la- ~ :o:-~--- trick of missing setups under the bas- "gather". By the "gather" I mean ket. However, when, as a courtesy that you get yourself in the above-beled "neurasthenic", "neurotic", "ner- NUDISTS AHOY! to the visiting team, which only mentioned position and then by kick- vous", etc., flit from doctor to doctor* brought over five men, he was allowed ing up with your free leg and throw- without getting other help than a Plan New Settlement on Ca~ii to replace the injured McKinley, Oil ing your op'posite leg upward you get wrong diagnosis and a few disparag-A proposal that a nudist colota: Co. center, he proceeded to sink a a cat-like spring in your jump'. That ing remarks, established on this California isla0 long one from the center of the floor, gets you off the ground with the high- "ln weight reduction the test is nec- miles from the mainland is being Freddie hasn't been geen down town est possible jump. essary uhether thvroid extract is to sidered by officials of the con since the game. After _you're off the ground, what used in the management or n,ot. And, owning and operating the isle The genial Freddie Strawn, as oft- next ? Try to keep in mind that vouby the way, the proper use of thyroid pleasure resort, it has been discl* times before, besought in his most nmst attempt to reach a maximum extract, a nornlal secretion, is attend- The proposal was made in a 1~ pleading voice that the fans dig deep- height before using your natural "scis- ed with no dangerous or undesirablesource not revealed, asking for er for dear old P. A.A. sots" kick. If you draw your trailing effects w h a t e v e r. Unfortunately, lease of 200 acres and a shelteredI The first game Sunday was between leg through too soon at this point you there are many people, and too manywhere outdoor life and ocean bat the W. T. Co. and the Catalina A.A., lose your maxinmm height, for you doctors, who "believe that some arecould be practiced. The isle's ~ which was won by the former by the are attempting to sail over the "bar born to be fat, and some to be thin, able climate, sunshine and sea stl~ score of 12 to 8. The W. T. Co. was before this height is reached. Waitand that there is nothing to be done were cited as especially desirable without the services of the two star until you are up in rhe air and then about it. Nothing is further from the env'ironment in which sun baths forwards, Gillespie and Sweeney; but by a quick turn you are over beforetruth. Practically anyone can be made exercises sans clothes might b~.~ Jack Windle filled in the breach by your body has a chance to come down. to lose or gain weight in perfect safe- ;This is what I mean by attaining max- ty and with no loss of body resistance li0NE1--THE 111011 COST .,| scoring 10 of his teams' 12 points imum height in high jumping, to disease. OF STOMACH TR01J Turner at forward, and Deffenbaugh The biggest fault among boys in "Obesity is in itself a disease, and, Don't pay "$2.50 to $5.00 for r~ at guard, both turned in stellar per- high jumping is the tendency to take- though curable, is a potent predispos- formances. Gibson, as usual, gave from stomach pains, indigestion..~ the fans an exhibition of fine drib- off too far. Above all things watching cause of diabetes, heart disturb- Dr.a Emil's iAdlaTablets--3 ~ bling, which looks good but doesn'tthis. A suitable take-off spot may be ances, Bright's disease (nephritis), found by standing near the bar on agall bladder infection (with or with- t e Unent on y $1. Reliefor r[ hell) the old team work very much line of approach and kicking up with out gall stones), and it enormouslymoney back. | TheshootingASSociatiOnof Schreiber,missedwhothe wasaCCurateun- the "lead-off" leg. If your leg makes increases the degree of surgical risk. r ISLAND PHARMAC~ able to be there. Tiffs win for thea bare clearance of the bar you areNowadays no one can afford to re- and I far enough back for the take-off des- main fat, since it is unnecessary, and ] ARROWHEAD W. T. Co. gives them the title for pite t'he fact that it seems close to sub-caloric diets are really not so bad ] PURITAS WATE 1934, of which more will be written you. Boys who take off too far awayto stick to if the feature of satiety ,'2.o~fl r8 0ors Lonm~.d~,, FrR[ next week. , from the cross-bar lose their best values has been carefully enough con- The last game of the S. C. I. Co.jumps by coming down on the bar. sid,,ered by the physician. I and the American Leglon--that is, Length of approach used in high I R. J. CANFIEI-'D, DistribCt what was supposed to be the Ameri-jumping is an individual matter. Forty 'It is important, both for cosmetic /~ reasons and to maintain body resist- can Legion. The entire first team of feet is generally sufficient, ante, not to lose weight to a greater the veterans failed to put in an ap- Whether you use the Western form extent than from two and a half to%'~AVALON CHURCH SERVIGW~ pearanee,there weredUeonlyt variouSthree LegionnalresCaUses" As of the "scissors", the above principles five pounds per month. If weight is .! present, rhey were forced to borroware the same. , ", , lost faster than this the skin becomes Cathoh'e---St. Catherine'J ,~ , t players. Edrington led the scoring NEXT, WEEK--"Ball-put Training wrinkled and hangs in unsightly folds. ~ St. Catherine's C'~t~[ Therefore, since the process consists ~.'m'~-S-unday "| for the S. C. I., but only through the Tips , by Brutus Hamilton,U.C. of careful balances of factors, I in- and 9 a.m. " | able assistance of his team-mates. Track Coach o The high light of this game was the mist ou frequent B. M. R. tests and _'_ _ _ * * * . _ i basket s'hooting of the Terrible the duty of the patient to weigh at Christian Science Society CW" Swede, known to his creditors as AI GAME FISH OF CATALINA least ouce a week in my office, and A ]3ranch of The Mother Mattson A1 scored two baskets, his -~ The First Church of Christ, Scte~ first for this season and his hat size' Marlin Swordfish (Tetrapturus mitsuusually twice per week. has visibly increased, kurii). "I kuow from experience,, specializ- in Boston, Massachusetts, holds ;~ Jack Meyers and Larry Paper were Broadbill Swordfish (Xiphias gladius), ing tinder Dr. B. W. Sippy, of Chica- day service at 11:00 a.m., Sttt~ the stars of the Legion team. Jef- Dolphin (Corphaenus hippurns), go, probably the world's most famous School at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday ae~ fries and Marincovich each contrib-Black Sea Bass (Stereotepis gigas),and brilliant gastro-enterologist, that ing services at 8:00. Reading ~'111 uted their usual good game. YellowfinTuna (Thunnus macrop- these changes in weight can be madeopen 2 to 4 o'clock WednesdaY~ Saturday in Sunday School ~.~[ The play~g of Nate Beck as guard terus), in practically every case, no matter Church Elifiee, East Whittl,ey AVr~[ xor rne o. L. 1. is one of the real tea- Albacore (Thunnus alalonga), what the condition of the digestion, Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus), the kind of heredity, or the degree of Subject March ll--"Man . | sons for this team being up in the Yellowtail (Serioia dorsalis), appetite. The reasons forthis are * * * / running. Community Congregatio~tal A ~ * * * California Bonito (Sarda chiliensis), contained in certain facts known to White Sea Bass (Cynosclon noblis), physiologists, but insufficiently realized Sunday Services--Church Scla~ll0~ P." S.--Where wereMcKenzie and Ocean Bonito (Gymnosarda pelamys). ,,~ . Schlah ~ by many medical men. 9:30 a.m. Worship and Sermoa~ * * * ~ :o:------- ~Ietabohc processes in expectanta.m. and 7:00 p.m. Mid-week s~ Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Eve[~ ! Let's have a big turn-out forth~ Bjorn--We tried to buy some rope mothers differ greatly from those in cordially invited to all the services"I final games next Sunday. to hang a profiteer, orher women, and it is cheering to be Slim--Why didn't you do. it ? able to say that now, given a cooper- ------ :o:-~--- aq| -------:o:-~- Bjorn--The store man wanted too ative patient, it is possible to prevent AVALON PUBLIC LIBR~~"] The joke t'hat always seems spark- much for it; the price had just gone the excessive gain in weight hithertoAvalon Branch of the Los A:t ling to George Ade concerns the manup.--Exchange, so universal, and I shall apply these who, when asked if his wife was en- methods to present and future casesCounty Public Library, in Atwatt~~l~1 tertaining this winter renlied "N:,, Eat, drink and be merry, for tumor- as a routine Until Ziegfeld again cade, is open every week day t*7":| very".--Exchange. ' ~ ' ~"~" row ",re diet.--Dc,n Ma"q,,;s changes the styles in women's figures to 5 and 7 to 8:30 p.m. | t By Harley Edrington The above scribe is subbing this week for D. Runyou, Jr., therefore any mistakes will have to be attributed to his inexperience as a sports writer. Saturday, March 3rd