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March 6, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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March 6, 1924

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AN CATALINA ISLANDER' Is g. , host tl Cl , .~ ( atal silt thet4 , the |u.._ CATALINA THE MERIT SYSTEM ?he ~L JOURNALISTIC STAFF. he iS~ ~ -= By Elizabeth MacLean 'ittr~"][tn YinneY'^---,'n Daly : Editor-in-Chief Since the Merit System's come toour "' Business Manager school to stay, PAGE ELEVEN soft~t tHt To help distracted teachers who wear yeS|re"'gh School Editors their brains away xh~a'~ ha Meyers Nell Warwick That so to us they may impart the 7..,I things we ought to know, corw'Ld Qrammar School Editors We nmstn't dast dispute them, for they .r 0n Coleman Ceesto will have it so. h ge~til'-J!Faculty Advisor Now, persecuted pupils you can't whis- per round or shout o~:;"~-'2 ~'--~---,.._, __~ -- If you don't watch out. -'',__,,~ol~d'|_ HIGH SCHOOL Or if the teacher catches you amarkin' tlti~S~al:h2Ss~Snue, the first in which the up your seat, Or hears you tell a funny joke which .,tkt','ua Schools have an interest the ~allyJ~lty and i, , you don't dare repeat. ~ec0aftss "~'."u journalist staff wish to ex- Then if you want to get ahead or pity ~s~ia "cry great appreciation to theyour wee soul, tds ,~mla Islander for the use of a You'll get to work and will not stop till ten thousand seasons roll tl~e. '!]kt of their paper. We wish to say For if she once acatches you you'll e t it sh ~m... Ors a communit spirit whichknow what she's about, n , taml .Y ht ~I Y makes us beheve that we And you'll get some more demerits ~eiagl\e the SUpport of friends who want If you don't watch out. C~ ~ee good. So now, kind students, hark and pon- Us make "Aai~l~_ . klnouse~i der o'er this thing For if you don't you'll never know what luck that day may bring. Don't ever come here late for school or stay away a day 'Cause if you haven't an excuse six merits fly away. You'd better study hard, to try and catch the merits 'round about Then you'll get some nifty merits I~a Cause you did watch out. 4dY~"That' all right; just look at -----~-~ ,ill'" l~ietures ,, ll~q,, , THE LOST VOICE :*~te S :l.t~. tudents enjoyed his visit as it IC, their inds off of their studies "~i~~ , hope that Mr. Dunkle will sl~ g hts SOn againJ ,i~:::le ~t. Catherine was not located he Casino now stands. They ~O1..~~ Very Persistent about their ques- '.tl~ist and decided that is was a great ~"~ ake on the part of the company. L_'~i,t"ae in the class seemed to agree n the a~ . rn, but one bright student in- cp~ eel them that it was a secret. - Ac ~,._ rnmitte was ap ointed b Mr ~~t'Utlkle. P Y ~ ,~ /~f formulate plans for a wienie ~l~itti, after talking it over the com- ~,~are~" uecided to have it next Friday, ~tt4Vand._~| o 7th. It will be at White's ~*th:g' .Plans are being completed ['1| ertect. c/g| 0,.,, ,,. .twee. igh School and the Avalon ,~e~a'uschl Team has been called off ~tt[ll0t ~e Unfortunately, their team is ~,~eae~l"wed to Iflay outside of Long ~ty hm~ts d " " | Tt If /l~rize:.nrmY Bottello wins many more iv ua i ~.~--[fi~e .... P e making he will make a Id[ Wile', for some girl, some day. J~ " r. (2hay r|~Slar~d les Stmth of The Catahna I~ll~ul)ilse[a office visited the high school ast Week livery i-- . and told them some ,t~ith ~leterestmg facts in connection {|few e.WSpaper work. He also gave a ,i}agePt~rtters to those conducting the |giver oat the Islander has so kindly !i~e tgh~: We hope that he will / a Cow had wings would the butter Seated one day in my office, Distracted and ill at ease, I wildly jiggled the 'phone hook, And central said, "Number please." I know not what number I gave her 'Tis vanished beyond recall 1 know I was flabbergasted That she answered the 'phone at all. It filled me with sheer amazement It thrilled me with fierce delight For when she repeated the number She actually got it right. I glued the 'phone to my ear-drum And my heart beat hard and fast, As I said to myself, "Eureka" I shall get that call at last. I waited, and waited, and waited, Once more I seized the hook Between my thumb and finger And shook and shook and shook. But I vainly listened and listened, The moon had waned and set, And the stars were out, but "Central" Has made no answer yet. She will probably answer sometime But I wonder now and then If only when I'm in heaven Shall I hear that voice again. Tom Daly--"Everyo,,ne should sup- port the school paper. Florence Feltrop---"I don't see why. It has a staff." Assembly For the benefit of those who think they ring bells for assembly let us in- form them that they only ring one bell three times. Epitaph Here lies the body of Jim Drake Tread lightly all who pass He thought his foot was on the brake But it really was on the gas. FLUNK F--ierce lessons L--ate hours U--nexpeeted company N--ot prepared K--icked out. MERIT SYSTEM Each student will start the semester with 100 merits. Merits May Be Deducted as Follows: 1--Tardiness .............................................. I Excused absence ................................ 2 Unexcused absence ........................... 3 2---Misconduct or disobedience ........ 1-5 3--Defacing or damaging building or equipment ....................................... 5-15 4--Using profane language, stealing, smoking or cheating ............ 10-25 (1 and 2 may be deducted by a teacher, and 3 and 4 only by the Principal or a student court.) Merits May Be Added as Follows: 1--No tradiness for month ................. I No absence for month .................... 2 2--Successful participation in any stu- dent activity .......................................... 1 Successful chairmanship of any student committee ............................ 2 Successful holding of any regular and elective office ............................... 3 (Successful is defined as realizing the desired ends or making worthy effort. No student should be entitled to more than 10 merits a semester, under No. 2 above.) 95 merits or better at the end of the semester--the student will receive an extra half credit in citizenship. 90 merits or better at the end of the semester--any excess over 90 merits may be applied to the merit record of any previous semester. Any student with 90 or better may be exempt from the semester examin- ations in such classes as he has a grade of "2" or better. Below 90 merits a student shall not be eligible for any student office. Below 80 merits a student loses the right of participation in any student activity and all privileges. Below 70 merits a student may be suspended from school. Misconduct or disobedience, No. 2, should include: any form of distur- bance, rough-housing or boisterous conduct between classes or in the class room, talking without permission, con- tinued inattention, undesirable activi- ties in the study hall, causing a dis- orderly appearance of room, neglect to replace school equipment, etc. Also the violation of any of the regular school regulations. Ordinarily not more than 1 merit will be deducted for the first offense. A Study Hall Incident Katherine reading funny paper. Mr. Dunkle (to little son)--"Maybe Katherine will let you look at the fun- ny paper while she studies her alge- bra." Kay hands over the funny paper with a sigh and resumed her studies. (Little son seemed to enjoy the funny paper more than Kay did.) Hermine--"Say, Arthur, how close did you come to the right answer in that last problem ?" Arthur( slowly)--"About two seats." A man nearly choked to death in a restaurant. He was eating horse meat when some one came in and shouted "Whoa." George Minney--"Yes, dad, I'm a big gun at school now. Dad--"Why don't I hear better re- ports then ?" Neal Warwick--"Say, What's good to clean ivory?" Miss Hahn--"Try a shampoo." In Geometry Mr. Dunkle--"What is a polygon?" Doris---"A dead parrot." KID DAY We hope nobody was alarmed Tues- day, when they saw all those little girls with huge bows and dolls tucked under their arms, and the little boys with suckers (Art and Fred), for it was kid day. I wonder if watch-makers work over- time ? GRAMMAR SCHOOL The eighth grade boys of the gram- mar school have organized a basket- ball team, and have challenged the sec- ond team of the High School for a game Wednesday (today). The eighth grade girls have also or- ganized a team (baseball), and have challenged the High School girls to an indoor baseball game Thursday. Mrs. Geo. W. Greene visited the grammar school last week. What does the buffalo on a nickle stand for? Because he hasn't room to sit down, (Sunshine Psychology Service) SAY S: "Nothing in the world is certain ex- cept the intentions of a fish as it grabs the hook and bait. Only, when it i$ struggling for its life, it would be glad for the opportunity to change its pre- vious intention." "Conscience is one of the gyroscopes for human motives." *** "Why should we teach psychology? Well, it would not be necessary if all human beings were truthful and hon- est." *** "You can learn a lot if you study mental telepathy. Yes, you'll learn what is in your own mind!" "No man is satisfied with the size of the fish he caught, is just as truthful as the sentence: 'No man ever retired on the money he spent.'" Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. Wear your Light Tackle Club But- ton. ]t shows that you are an angler and a sportsman. FIEXALL O81ERLIES 10e 25c 50c Take them and keep your good health. A laxative with an easy ef~clent action. 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