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Avalon, California
February 27, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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February 27, 1924

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I SLAI CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN E EVAPORATION OF MAN that ~ ------- TIMID TOURISTS MEET CHICAGO PAPER MEN GO i ,nd tq .. D.. E,.i.E. Slo..on BLUSTERING "BIG BEN" DEEP SEA FISHING HERE Fresh Catalina "" ,, -- msn '] harna& Of the Chicago "Evening Post (Continued from Page 1. Column 4) ~ht a~en Hamlet expressed the des- his game, but he noticed it not, so in- the~%do:Sl;e "that this too, too solid "Big Ben' is known to more persons tense was his concentration at the PLEASURE PIER [ , melt, thaw. and resolve than any other member of the animaltask in hand. Open All the Year ] ,I.nto a dew" he did not realize kingdom on the Pacific coast. "Big Through the clear water we could AVALON FISH COMPANY [ ms wtsh was being granted even Ben" is a seal. He is rightly named, see five fish, and we relayed our in- ~ spoke. The louder he lamentedespecially the first part of it. He is formation to Johnson. His face broke Lobsters, Oysters, Shrimp, [ the hotter he got about it the what a bleacherite would call a lalla- into a smile, and the smile widened Salmon, Etc., in Season. [ of his flesh was being resolvedpaloosa, into a grin when he saw the captain BAIT FOR ANGLERS [ dew which besprinkled his fore-One or two evenings ago, "Big Ben" gathering his catch. He became volu- or.was thrown off with his tired of the vasty deep and decided to ble• He had to know what kind of a Harry Tregarthen, Proprietor. I • J~verybody is evaporating intake a promenade on the board this one was and what kind that ~'-~ me way all the time even when He hoisted his huge bulk up the rocky one was, and if they were good to eat. n , ~ is not conscious of perspiring. In shore near the Avalon pier and rested His verbosity thl'ew (;us into a tant- Dullgalows KOOmS the insensible perspiration ac- just back of a row of benches. The rum and ahnost made Pack tell about ......... ar ~ts for a greater loss of wat:t~ t ' . ,, rOE Kent at l~easoname rnces bench just in front of him faced the the thirty-seven he made on the gott ~t is seen and felt as sw . h~l street and ahnost imnlediately wascourse the day before, hlartlta E. 01idden, Proprietor IkT 1[ .~s necessary to prove this is a occupied by two matronly tourists and After the morning's work was done,(Mrs Seth Glidden) .~ ~h~ent!y sensitive balance, a brood of children. This interfered and we turned the nose of the boat • " ~:re was such a balance on exhi- with the happiness or siesta or some- toward the pier, we thought Harold ~.• at the Carnegie Institution in thing of "Big Ben" and he started would give us a little respite from his ! r~ I l D~'llC. l~ tslamgton the other evendngslti~nW:~ things moving with a roaring bark like questioning, but we soon found we ix , ~ l.d i~g.t ]kJ. , ~˘, !strong that a man eoul ' , the sputtering explosions of a dying were sadly mistaken. Every two rain-Fire, Accident, Compensation, ~e Pan and so sensitive that a pin s engine on an up grade, utes he picked up the cover of the box Life, Theft, Etc. lght would tip the beam Dr. F.G. Gentlemen, hush. The two matrons in which the fish bobbed about and Representing O, dy Reliable Companies! ~ediet of the Nutrition" Labratory went right away from there. By thiscounted them. He marveled at his J.E. MATHEWSON - Avalon had charge of the experiment had keep ,putting on weights to make time, numerous rehearsals probably ability to catch fish hundreds of feet 19~ or wn~t the young man was losing have made of their fitting a strategic under the surface of the water, andwe I-- lil~ll~ ~ III1~1~11~ ~{t marveled at his seemingly never end-i~/I IH A ~If~ retreat. They would indignantly refute ;tle'tdtehedAv~rhe waYhim ?f Since.Water hevaPhaZh'leon' Wean thes traight truth fUlto theaSSerti°nback ofthatthetheYbenchleapedin onlying conversation. It was I[~ lUyl~l If I ~IL~ ~ ~1~" iil coat it was evident that most of --- water was given off from t front and hit only the alternate bench ioll.~n helungs backsclear to the street. Theymust Have you a friend whom you would FI---Photo$ of all "~ ot through the skin In fac edy ~:r experiments have shown that L have traveled faster than the childish like to receive a sample copy of The ! I Catalina / wtlen clothed loses water h trebles squaking in their rear, for they Catalina Islander ? Send us the name I I yrlze Fish. | : ~poratiou more rapidly than w by did not hear them until they landed on and address. II • P.V. REYES / ~" Course ex " the walk in front of the benches and ~ II • Steam'r Pier II • the cries had a chance to catch upWrite to the Catalina Light Tacklelit ~ Avalon, Cal. V A t~ erclse of any sort in- Cltlb, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, " '~" a ~ases the loss of water. Dr. Bent-with them. Then both of them hot-footed for information about sea angling. u '~t found that a football player lost around the benches just in time to ~ M A R I N E L A U N D R Y ~rteen Pounds of his weight in a meet "Big Ben" on his way to the AVALON CHURCHES . A G E N CY ~e lasting an hour and ten minutes. CatholicChurch services: Sunday • • • • • c , mc..v ,.Ro,. tn, ~z~r~ot ,~.. _c6[l~arthon runner lost eight and astreet. The front matron tried to dodge but the rear one was the heavy Masses, 8 and 10 a. m. Sunday even- High Qmdit~ I~Im&y Worlt m~ • pounas in a three-hour race. A weight and both went slithering over ing devotions, 7:30 p. m. Week day Dry Cleaning and Presslnll [~rslty oarsman lost five and one-half the full eight-foot length of "Big Ben." Mass, 7"30 a m ~toM,r *No "FF,C,,',r S"aV,CZ *ssune _~Unds m_ a four-mile race lasting 22 )B~F"utes• Most of this loss is perspired A rock-shivering blast of sound came * * * Phone 32 P.O. Box 1~ .~a:~r' largely from the lungs; but a from "Big Ben" just as the slitheringChristian Science Society services at IS • ' 222 1 CATALINA AVENUE began. The head matron knew only their bungalow meeting house ..... '0~s~'^ ~ractmn of it etmaes from body that she was possessed of a devil, for Metropole avenue, Sunday at 11 a.m. r~lw w, mLtv .,Do.~,mA A,S. r ~ uurned up in the fires of fife. Sunday School at 9 30 a m Wednes "A~Eveh when in bed and she had seen him in his own improper . . : • • " Renew your subscription to The the • • Catalina Islander, $2 per year. theL. . asleep the person. The rear matron knew the day evening serwce at 8 p m " ~ o~ water and carbon dioxi.~ ..... ~ continuously. In 158 expe;im~"~ front matron was incapable of any suchConltre,ation~l Church Services I ~ fifty different men there was n:: horrific concatenation of stridency as SHOES COST MONEY was shattering her ear drums, and Sunday School 9:30 a. m.; Worship and lots of it Th " " • }erage loss of one and a third ounces - -- . e economtce~ way ~' tr thour while lying quietly in bed. never, no never, had she met up with and Sermon, I0:30 a. m.; Christianto get your money's worth from your ~r:e average .adult wakes up in the anything that lent itself with suchEndeavor, 6:00 p. m.; Worship and shoes is to have them repaired before potency to the process of slithering. Sermon, 7:00 p. m.; Mid-week Service they're ruined by wear and weather. .,d~: ,rig alter e~ght hours sleep some On this lap, the matrons were head-7:00 p. m., Wednesday. Everyone is You bring '~m~.--We fix 'era ~•~'~il-°Unces lighter than when he re ed for the mainland, twenty-eight nfiles cordially invited to all services. PAYETTE'$ SHOl~ SHOP "i~reel. We restore the loss when we away across the stormy water. They AND SHINE PARLOR ~t and drink. ""77-.'7-'-7---. .. IN~ Sumnsr Ave. Avalon, Calff ;~ ~ From these experiments it is evident would be going yet, but just at the Have you a trtend whom you woma . ........... ' ˘ scales accurate enough to ascer- shore line they saw two of "Big Ben's' like to receive a sample copy of The 'IV Catalina lslml lndao F tli little playmates, barking their heads Catalina Islander ? Send us the name ~ ~'ofs=z~4~" ...... ~m the weight: of the breath may off to notify "Big Ben" that Andy and address.~" ~l~'~stMeetsevew7:30 in For~t~tFridayNi~htHail.°f eachvi~itlalmoath ~e as a measure of metabolism, an Lotshaw had dinner ready for them , ~mex of the activity of the bodily ro Catalina will give you the rest of ~brethrea sre wdeam~. ,~::~s, m. place of the more bother- over at the bath-house. The matrons .... ,:,- r,..m. ,A r~.,...,:__ ' ~v"" HIJG~ ,TEVlfl~ll~ON. MAI'tltR put on brakes so promptly that they ~u,, .~t. ~..,~ I= tu ~td.~u,is. JAMI[I O. I~I,.OCH, IIItCRryAIt~" t,[~ methods now in use fhe deter- extemporized a sliding pit in the sand .... ,, ,,,',," , "~;' - - ~- ~$~l~natlon of the heat produced by the and went at the two seals spikes first. *"ms~mm~n~mm~mmn:~:mmmtm~ ~orimeter or of the an-I .... ,x~;..~ • a ysts ot the The impact was a horrid one but withIf you are intereaed in Avalon you should read The Catalina lsland ~--~-eu atr by chemical methods. The the lightsome elan of a flicker of sun- new method has already been used in ~ospitals • where it is light the matrons arose and back- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::u::::::::..::::u:::u:::::::.:=::::::.~a::.::::":a~:~;:;-.::m;:::":m:::::r::m::.:::~~::::::::::~::::r::::::::::::.:::~ g -- important to streaked straight into the open coun- ] ........ ] the metabolism of the patient. C O M F O R T A B L E H A N D g O Mtt tenance of "Big Ben." Right then and WOmen patients were found to losethere the lights went out for the twoT HE "M A B E L F" rona six to thirteen ounces each dur- matrons. ng eleven hours in bed, ~ ~ The fastest launch in Avalon, and the launch with a record for Each breath of air that we inhalematter and energy are kept perpctu- BIG FISH. L. MOTT, BOX1042, Avalon. Booth on Pleasure Pier tdds SOme oxygen to our bodil sub Stance. . Y - ally and automatically in balance. Or Should you mi~ yo~ tt~.a~, or ~m to aoea to San P-alto by launch, ht ma Imow. .~ _ But wtth each breath of air ~:tin weexhale the oxygen escapes if they are not, we become speedily ~ "----~-- bankrupt and frtmncially defunct. ~ ~ain T'~ ~~ , carrying off with it some of the Stopping our outgo of evaporated wit- Carbon and hydrogen that has served us as fuel. The food we e~t keeps up >ur energy and the water we evapor- tte relieves us t~rgely of our surplus Feat. So the income and outgo of both er would kill us quicker than stopping our income of food and drink. Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina• iVY H. OVERHOLZER F"U N ERAL DIRECTOR ~$8 South I'Hll St., (:or. Tenth Lady Attendant Los Angeles, Cal. i; 'i