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February 27, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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February 27, 1924

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA (Sunshine Psychology Service) SAYS: "There is a difference between men who burn 'midnight oil' to study books and 'midnight oil' to propel automo- biles." *** "Who told you to put that bait on that hook?" asked the angler of the boatman. "Why, your wife said to put it on," repl!ed the boatman. "Yes, that is a good bait[" replied the angler. "Several people in Avalon have asked me to write something about local pol- itics, but I tell them that we don't talk politics and catch crawfish at the same time." "Some women are particularly fond of fish--when they are good dancers." "There is a time that man gets the last word in an argument with a wo- man. He can say, 'All right, dear.' " e** "A school of fish following after a passenger steamer in rough weather must conclude that they have 'struck' the Broadway of the ocean lanes." "Not all of the battles with big fish are fought out in the ocean. The tel- phone booths could give us a lot of information." eel, "In a race between a sea horse and a crawfish, I'd boost for the crawfish." "Some men 'get eye strain' from looking for things that are 'outside the three-mile limit.'" For the best suggestion as to how we can improve the Catalina Islander and make it more interesting to our readers we will give a prize of five dollars. All letters to be filed not later than March 31, 1924. ,Mr. and Mrs. Wedlake returned to their Catalina avenue home after a ~tay of several weeks on.the mainland. Miss Colver is occupying" the Frank Boynton cottage on Sunmer avenue for a week-end. Mr. anti Mrs. C. U. Bunnelle have gone to San Dimas to get acquainted with their new grandson. If you enjoy a fishing story," read "Fish" Johnson's article on "Bucket- fish." You want a delightfully fragrant Toilet So~p that makes a fluffy lather, we recommend JONTEEL SOAP You will like it. ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 417 Crescent Avenue "AN APPRECIATION" By Fr. T. J. Core.ran Dear Editor-- We beg to thank you for the large space and the pointed paragraphs, as well as for the big donation you have given us, to help swell the fund for the widows and orphans. Kindly permit us to acknowledge the great debt of gratitude we owe the good people of Avalon, irrespective of creed or race, for the magnificent manner in which they have aided us in the charity drive. We had been given $300 for our quota, and this amount seemed beyond our reach. But through the kindness and generosity of our fellow citizens we were able to go "over the top," and then some. Yes, and a big sum. This is a splendid showing for our city, and puts Catalina in the sun. No town of our size and condition can go and do likewise. Dean Swift once preached on charity at the Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. A select audience--the elite of the city-- had gathered to hear him, expecting a grand treat, for the Dean was a witty and talented man. His sermon, however, on that occa- sion was remarkable for its brevity. Ascending the pulpit, the preacher sur- veyed the congregation, and after some hesitation, in which he seemed to be in deep study, exclaimed: "He that giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord," and then ended abruptly, re- marking: "Now, my dear brethren, if you are satisfied with the security, down with the dust." He said no more. But he said enough. He struck the nail on the head. In those few words he put the subject clearly and forcibly. before them. A generous response was the result. On the last day the Master shall not ask what great and mighty things we have done for the world we have left; but what was our attitude toward the needy and the outcast. To the charit- able He shall say: "I was hungry and you gave me to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me to drink; naked and you clothed me." And when the elect shall inquire "Lord, when did I do these things for Thee?" The Judge shall reply: "Amen, I say unto you, when "you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it unto Me." He shall regard the assistance given to the poor as given to Himself. We had a striking instance of this in the life of St. Martin, Bishop of Tours, in the Fourth century. One day, in the midst of a very hard winter, when many perished with cold, as he was marching with other officers and soldiers, he met at the gate of the city of Amiens, a poor man, almost naked, trembling and shaking with the cold and begging of those who passed by. Martin, seeing those that went before him take no notice of the mis- erable outcast, thought the duty of helping him was reserved for himself. By his charities to others he had noth- ing left but his arms and the clothes on his back. What did Martin do? Drawing his sword he cut his cloak in two, gave one-half of it to the beg- gar and wrapped himself in the re- mainder. Some of the bystanders laughed at the sorry figure he cut in that dress, while others were ashamed for not relieving the poor man. The following night St. Martin saw in his sleep Jesus dressed in the half garment he had given away, and asked him if he recognized it. He then heard Him say to his angels: "Martin has clothed me with this garment." Soon after, Martin left the army, went to college, rose high in the church, and became a great light in the ages of faith. Almsgiving is then most pleasing to the Heart of Our Lord, and He re- wards with a lavish hand those who dispense it. No one ever became poor- er by giving to the poor. On the con- trary, the money devoted to charity will always come back with good in- terest. For God is a good paymaster. He will not be outdone in generosity. The following is a good illustration of this: In the early days Of christani- ty there lived at Nisibe a christian woman who had a pagan husband. They had saved up a little money. One day the husband said: "If we put the money in the bank, we will derive some benefit from it." "If this is your intention," replied the wife, "let us give it out at interest to the God of christians. Our money will be very secure, the interest faithfully paid and the principal doubled." "But, where is this God of the christians? I'd like to see His bank." "Come with me and I'll show it to you." Then, taking him to one of the five porticoes of the church, and showing him the poor who were there, she said: "If you give your money to these poor, the God of the christians will consider it given to Himself." The husband believed her, and cheerfully gave all the money he had to the poor. Three months after- wards, being in need, he said to his wife: "lf the God of the christians would now give us some of the money we lent Him, it would be most accep- table." Very well. Go to the place where you lent it to Him and He will willingly give it back to you." He went immediately to the church; went all around it, but no one gave him anything. On leaving the church he stopped in front of the poor among whom he had distributed the money, and saw at his feet on the pavement one of the pieces of the money he had given. He took it up, and returning home showed it to his wife. "The God of the christians," she said, "has returned it to you; go and buy some- thing for us to eat." He went and bought bread, wine and fish. His wife, on opening the fish before cooking it, found inside of it a precious stone. She gave it to her husband and ad- vised him to sell it. He took it to a lapidary, who after closely examining it, gave him $300 for it. The pagan, overjoyed, returned and put the money in his wife's hands. "You see what the God of the chris- tians is; how good and gracious He is in recompensing His people," stated his wife. "Know, then, there is no other God, either in Heaven or on the earth." The husband was so impress- ed by the miracle that he became a christian. Now, this may only be a story to point a moral, or to adorn as a tale. Nevertheless, we know that nothing is impossible to the Omnipotent, and that miracles are wrought by simple faith. And now, in conclusion, let us again express our hearfelt gratitude to the good people of Avalon for the kind and generous spirit they have shown us. We assure you it has touched us to the very depths of our souls. Never shall we forget it. They have made us their debtors forever. When we think of their generosity, tears spring to our eyes. And thus with a full heart we pray have been so good and kind poor, He may bless their and preserve them from when life's battle is fought victory won, may He pay rich coin of Heaven. Several of the mainland yachtJ the coop" Saturday night, and ceeded in reaching Catalina safety. Telephoning from the one of the yachtmen said: about in my B. V. D.'s wasn't fun. 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