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February 27, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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February 27, 1924

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PAGE SIX THE CATALINA ISL C, WE ALL GO AFISHIN' CORRESPONDENT DISCUSSES TROOP NO. I, AVALON B fOC|j _.__. AND CATCH A "BUCKET" SOME SPORTING METHODS SCOUTS TO PUT ~r. am ~ ~ ~eles "~ r By Bucketfish Akron, O., Feb. 14, 1924. Last Friday night's scoutlherine Editor Catalina Islander: was spent in the preparation.~ Well, boys--They're at it again! I note that the question of light vs. Scout play and demonstrati~ir an gwen at the next Scout Court~ry re1 PueW~ot.:.77RI~on:~O;V AT Johnson, Axelson, Vaughan and the heavy tackle is again being fought out or, which will probably be I1~, afte AVALON - CALIFORNIA rest of em have turned loose a win- in your columns, ' " " S I~. WINDLE,P'DITOR ANn OWNER ter s store of hot all so the resident This struggle has its counterpart in second Tuesday of March at:~ Av- er fair Avalon and its suburbs (seethe contention of duck hunters as to water Hotel. I- SUBSCRIPTION RATES, IN AOVAHCt Atlas) can sit and ponder over the in- the comparative merits of No. 7~-shotDuring the past week Dr.tits. ONE YEAR ......... TWO DOLL.ARE SIX MONTHS ..... ONE TWENTY-FIVE consistencies of the human animal against No. 5, and the argument of the Minney has been helping the ~k-ent THREE MONTHS . .SEVENTY-FIVE CtrNT$ Already international dissension has 25-calibre rifle enthusiast against the trol prepare a first aid dem~new SINGLE COPIES ....... FIVE CENTS ~ n r Inplete developed. Just the other night the35-calibre as the correct gun for the for the Court of ~o o. AOVERTISINa RATES great angler, Fish Johnson, who hasmoose country. The boys will put on a v e.ted. ,n.~*t~uanv. ~zI~s.~NsGD~cJgo"c";,tta~c~ displayed more thumb-worn fish pic-When sportsmen go to toy with fleshesting program, and the publi~ O~'r~'~R~O~crU~dR a~EP.Z~'I~C~M aac. tures in the past two years than the and blood, it is well for these ques- dially invited to attend. ~uest., average photographer ever developed, tions of fair equipment to ha,~a fair Several first class scout ba~r~i J~ st,N.X~O.~,Sr~O"o~"reO~rr~VRAI-~: became embroiled in a wierd and airing. " be awarded, also about tw#[ ' ~llarles ~,* u.atR THE ACT ov .aRCH woolly argument with Gustavus Axel- But what do we find? We find bat- Next Friday afternoon the,]d ~d son and "Wheatcakes" Packard, tie lines so drawn that intolerant and merit badges. ~'2 E o,t~'troC~U~NE~r|.~tu|'~,t~".o~ a~vt known generally as the "Hole-in-one- often ungentlemanly argument takes will make their first overnight~:._Avw.. --THEIDOkITI~..e FOLLOWlIMOAND aOVERNMINT,EUI'JIrc'IrElfflIHINI,I-OCAt" kid." " s'-r~ed forth to place, with no open ear for the truth,seen-is- are-urge tnhrelmr i;elubhbseedtogoa:nlWn~Idt~e~e" i~'~i sr HUNTING t~O e..a~U,DIHO. ITItMI O1 LOCAl. It seems this trio ta ~ if it should chance to be spoken r ~a~.~rUT wit.l- at OREATI-V A,. give the playful mackerel a new con- The rifleman should hear the old Ni- " Jethm ception of hades, in all its perfect ap- pigon Indian guide plead the cause ofThey will leave the pleasure { .,_ ' in ~ me pointments. Anyway, the boys sneaked the big rifle over the camp fire, as 4 o'clock sharp " the aftern~ "KEEP ~ KEEPING ON" in late in the afternoon and both Axel- follows: turningThe scoutsabut willnntaken Saturd~Mrsblank.e~rega~ son anti Packard boldly announced 'You bring up a little twenty-five grub for supper and breakfast'~for When a traveling companion re- [ their catch was beyond imagination,calibre rifle and you shoot a moose, marked to William Wrigley that he [ But they forgot to check back with and you don't hit him just right, and will sleep in the clubhous,)polis what happens? The little hole closethe night is cold they can ~) could "save money" by cutting down [Fish Johnson. there is a big fireplace, so even~tur, his advertising, Mr. Wrigley re- j 'we got six fish--the sea gulls came up, the spurt of blood stop and we comfortable. ,~{Mr. down and drove 'era away from the cannot trail him. Yes, he die some- ~ ton sponded: "We're making a fine trip [lines," was Iohnson's alibi, where soon if he is shot through the CAMP FIRE GIRLS its i] on this train. How much progress JWhen Axelson and Packard were stomach, but he is for the be~r or the ~ ~use do you think we should make if J informed of the treasonous act of wolf; but you hit him anywhere with they took off the loomotive?" [ their angling compatriot, they yelped a thirty-five calibre and we will find On Friday, the 22nd, the Char. Girls held their first regular %ld so, loud that they lost their appetites. I "'We'll slay yon Johnson for this un- him soon. since Mrs.. Stone. had to go eaS~ , The case of the fine shot for use on Wood ,s go,ng to be our glq.'.h, warranted prevarication, they indig- wild-fowl was settled conclusively in POLITICS nately yodelled. Kansas City, where ten chickens with O~ ~a~hh,eOn;adncidgn~mp~ nW~Sr ~:~1: Of course, that's mostly apple sauce, e a : The city election will be hekl April but you never can tell about the tern- legs tied astride a board breast facing was made. The girls got up at~ore~ permental fishermen. Captain Eatonthe shooter were killed dead with No. o'clock for a hike. Five girlJtem The registration closes March 15th will testify to that. Any guy thaiat5 shot at forty yards, while those shOtwith the same gun over the same Tro?Ll ~BhrgM Laen~n,O3gcpresentEl Cabhter'ne MacKay',Ires: The first filin~ for nominations for hangs a bucket on your line is guilty distance with 7, showed not one dead the different offices was February 14th. of anything. Believe us! Nomination papers already on file: As far as Otto is concerned--well, one, but only hurt and bleeding birds, They enjoyed the hike, but were~tlP.on that had to be killed with a stick,what tired when they came bayF,~rite For City Treasurer, T. M. Polhamus; the erstwhile Knight of the T-Bone Of course, ducks shot in a preserve for the office of Trustee, W. H. Hey- has reformed, in that he now attempts where they are tamed into a semi- next meeting will be held at th*~ ren, W. J. Walton and Ed Stanton. nothing more than a pair of measley ~ friendly sense of security, are brought gregational ChurchFriday, Fet~ Nominations close March 25. pork-chops for his evening meal. to such easy ranges that fine shot kills 29th. ~pip them easily, and this is not a typical - -- ~,,~t~"a~'a The road roller was in use ['or sev-Laugh that one off. case nor fair comparison. The gulls BL E BIRD and the bald eagle know what becomes O eral days last week on the new road The Mary Williams Club is prepar- of most long range attempts with 7~ at the left of Villa Park. ing for the annual Easter morning shot. The future 'fair ladies of ~lr' Notwithstanding the lack of rain, the sunrise service at Buena Vista Park. The light tackle, heavy tackle war is ilidlg!i~StiwlU.~i!i~ii!h~ietdm~ee~Ti little jungle park, just below the Cata- Easter Sunday comes April 20th thispossible of .no such settlement. I have used the 9-thread, 6-oz. eom- lina Country Club clubhouse is looking . year. bination at Catalina, and consider it a fine combination for yellowtail and at- .... i Violet Watson, Catherine Browt~lm fine. Announcement was made last week bacore, and qutte suffictent. It s use n On Saturday evening, ~lt :the Hotel that Dr. J. Auburn Wilborn had soldthe Gulf Stream outside the FloridaHarrison, Margaret Daly, Ni_.taol St. Cath~i'itle, the members of the Pa- hiSMrs.homeTomonMixMaidenof Hollywood.Lane to Mr.Mr .andand bigReefSmarllniS satisfactOrYor an Alllson'sUntil yOUtuna,Strikeanda sich, Georgie Coleman, Maxine cific Ready Cut Hom,~s .organization this prize of a year's quest will win the son and Mrs. George W. Greene, .... Mrs. Mix have been regular Island vis- battle, leader partook of a banquet.. leers for the past two years. The two six-cylinder engines for the electric light plant were placed on their foundations last week, and the workmen are now constructing the building to house them. When com- pleted, the local plant will have 1700 horsepower of tke Deisel engine type. A distinct advance step was taken by the Community Church (Congrega- tional) last Wednesday evening, when it received, discussed, and adopted the report of the committee which had been previously appointed to recom- mend the new by-laws for the church. The constitution and by-laws which have been adopted are in line with the best practice in modern church organ- ization, and will make the local church more efficient in its service for the community. In our mail Monday we received an excellent article by former Congress- man C. G. Conn, which we expect to print next week, under the caption of "The Light Tackle Problem." For .many years Mr. Corm was an enthus- iastic light tackle angler in Catalina waters. "LAUGH THAT OFF" We received a letter Saturday and on it was a rough drawing of a man in a new coupe. Underneath the drawing were the following words: "So I took the $50,000 and bought an oilcan. (With apologies to Joe Kauf- man.) Can you find room for this in the 'Refined and Crude' column ?" Ed's Note--Sorry we could not re- produce your drawing. You are some "artist." The coupe only cost ,$830! What did you do with the "change" from the $50,000 ? As one of the base- ball writers says: "Laugh that off!" Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. Its use over coral reefs is simply out of the question, for a grouper will go at once into a hole in the coral and you can then break the line and pre- pare to do it all over again. I have never caught a broadbill, and until I had done this, or lost several, I would not consider myself qualified to pass an opinion on fair tackle for his pursuit. Did you ever read the chapter on the comparative merits of light and heavy tackle that I wrote for Van Campen Heilner's book, "Adventures in Angling ?" Although this was penned three years ago, I would not change a word of it today, except to increase the weight of the rod one ounce If you ever run short of a story, it might be well to print it, as your audi- ence is interested in this question. Miami and the Gulf Stream are call- ing strong and clear that the sallfirth are in the stream, and my old guides are waiting. Next week I go, and my rod will be a 7-oz.'Fred Devine, and the line will be 18-thread Ashaway, for less than these will not handle the range of quarry in these seas. Yours truly, WM. BARBER HAYNES. While the Blue Birds were ing of their lunch, a couple of Cubs showed up. They had tramping over the hills and nearly famished--but the girls boys a liberal portion from their | of "eats," and they reached safely. Mah Jongg Club Meets. On Saturday afternoon Mrs. Ch~ L. Patrick of Beacon street, del~ fully entertained the Mah Jongg Those present were Mrs. Clara rance, Mrs. Clarence Bunnelle, ! Fred H. Reed, Mrs. Warren I4~ Mrs. Harry Patterson, Mrs. Mar~ Beatty and daughters, Miss Mam~ Beatty and Mrs. Charles J. Dash, ~2 Marne Beatty made high score, t][" d dainty refreshments were serve ~ Charles J. Dash will be hostess at J next club meeting. " Catalina--"in all the world no like this."