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February 21, 2014     The Catalina Islander
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February 21, 2014

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I I I Editor's note: The following is in honor of Avalon Harbor's Annual Underwater Cleanup that will be held again this Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014 In 1942, an ambitious young French Naval officer and equally driven mechanical engineer collaborated on a project that would alter history. Their efforts were to open up the world's oceans to undersea explorers with the creation of a simple, yet revolu- tionary design for an underwater breath- ing device which they coined the "Aqua- Lung". The first fully autonomous and reasonably reli- able diving regulator was the brainchild of Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan, and together they helped re, direct how humans would venture beneath the waves. Prior to their invention, under- sea work and exploration had been restricted to surface sup- plied umbilical hard-hat divers or shallow water rebreather divers who were primarily members of the military or commercial dive industry. Both types of diving were lim- ited by their particular technolo- gies. Hard hats or helmets were limited by the length of hose which carried the all important air deliv- ery for the divers to breath, and in the case of rebreathers Jon Council Columnist we must remember that miniaturized electron- ics were nothing but a futuristic vision during that time, so a means for measuring things like Oxygen and Carbon dioxide levels within a diving system was sim- ply non-existent. The result was that for rebreathers, where the diver does just that, "re-breaths" their own exhalations repeatedly and oxy- so. The problem of course is that with both those methods of diving the restrictions left people aching to see what was just out of reach, deeper, or further away. The Cousteau-Gagnan process as it came to be known, essen- tially changed everything regard- ing autonomy in the water. The diver could wear their scuba unit and breath compressed air which allowed for much deeper dives than that of an oxygen rebreather. The two key and distinct advan- tages of the Aqua-Lung being the freedom to swim at will, remov- ing the distance limitations of umbilical diving, and of course increased depth excursions. While the new technology was first applied in military circles during the height of WWII, by March 1947, U.S. patent rights had been filed, and on Oct. 18th 1949, gen is added into the mix as each that patent was awarded. breath converts a portion of it Within just a few years sales into CO2 which is subsequently had begun in the U.S. market- removed via a chemical absorp- place, and along with the introduc- tion medium, tion of the equipment came a new Since there was no reliable breed of underwater enthusiast. underwater air analyzer at that Up until then, the general public's time, the answer was to limit a options for diving were basically diver's depth to under 30 feet focused on spear fishing or other which also reduced the risks of forms of food gathering like aba- oxygen toxicity issues by doing lone, crab or lobster, and it was Catalina Reunion: Zale Parry with Cap Perkins 57 years after their historic dive. Courtesy photo primarily done by free, or breath- hold snorkel diving. These folks, almost all of them men, relied on using swimming goggles which eventually moved onto full-face lens masks, most of which were "Skin-Divers" would almost auto- matically shift over to usage of the Aqua-Lungs once they came available. Throughout the early 50's came i home-made. The majority of these Scuba, Page9 Friday Saturday -- Sunday . Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday il TH Mostly Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy || 69/53 71/53 70/54 69/53 67/51 64/52 62/51 |1 Precip Chance: 5% Precip Chance: 0% Precip Chance: 0% Preeip Chance: 0% Precip Chance: 0% Precip Chance: 5% Precip Chance: 10% II lanni,Index R, t reation:tl Fol asl 1)c'tk ! dfin, ~'~ / Today we will see mostly sunny skies with a I Times rl II " ~ high temperature of 69 humidity of 24% The 6 7 1 0 2 3 4 5~8191101 11-I I - I I I Vl II 2002. Expect mostly clear skies tonight with an Sat 5130-71306100-8100 11 o e. for I. 0-2:,Low 3-5: .Moderate,6-7~High, 8-10:,overnight low of 53 . The record low for tonight 6"26 8"26 6"56 8"56II very rtign, 11+: Lxtreme mxposure o - . . Sun . - . . - . very~gn, it+:t:xtreme=xposure Is 33 set m 1956. Saturday, skies wall be sunny Mon 7"24-9"24 7"54-9"54i! "~---- -- " " -withahightemperature f71 ,humidity f20%" Tue 8:23-10:238:53-10:53 !1 IIO te Low emm I Skies will be mostly clear Saturday night with an Wed 9"22-11"22 9"52-11"52 II overmght low of 53 Expect sunny skies Sunday 1125i-6 --gV Si- I " o o " Thu 10:20-12:20 10:50-12:50 II ||2/11 68 56 64/50 0.00"I with a high temperature of 70. Skies will remain ~ I! !12/12 74 62 64150 0.00"I sunny Monday with a high temperature of 69 . 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