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February 20, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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February 20, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN OF UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT By Bell is a synopsis of the tion required from foreigners, application for citizenship PHOTO CONTEST, PRIZE AWARDS (Conthlued from Page 1, Colmnn 2) Contest Editor of the Catalina Islan- der. The CASH is waiting. (Sunshine Psychology Service) Fresh Catalina FISH PLEASURE PIER StateS: l)iscussing the photogral)hs subnfit- Open All the Year ~overnment is called a Republic. ted in the contest, Mr. James R. Of- AVALON FISH COMPANY fo field of Chicago said: "I am somewhat pie rule through representa- dissappointed in the character of the Lobsters, Oysters, Shrimp, ~u~" ntry in which there is a king l,hotographs as a whole, but as to ;~AYS. Salmon, Etc., in Season. t rule is stq)reme is a Monarchy. choice I think the committee has se- "Among the game fish anglers there BAIT FOR ANGLERS lha~e 48 states. One star is in lected the best ones tinder the various seem to be a few fixed stars " , .... ~l~ or each state. There are 13 groups. , , * " r'tarry lregarthen, rroprietor. 20 ~[!or the first 13 states which we "Yes, wc have seen 'fish hogs' so ~." il first. "Looking over these pictures brings tired that they couldn't hold on to the Bun al0ws & Room ~,~gOvernment is divided into threethis thought to nay mind: Mr. Reyes ) GOres: LEGISL,~TIVE--the Con- might put a sign on his store so that ,rod. That kind of a game always re- g S 1 dr~'nakes the laws; EXECUTIVE, everyone could see it coming off the mimls me of the little boy who thought For Renl at Reasonable Prices i[I? he could eat ten eggs, poached, fried ~esident carries out the laws; boat with the subject-inatter on it aml scrambled, just to fool his stem- Martha E. 01idden, Proprietor [n L~-supreme court tries the about as follows: ' i)idcnt must be 35 years of a e "Before taking any photographs ach." * * * (Mrs. Seth Glidden) 1924 !~r, native born anJ .... g on Catalina Island ....find out s , u ne must uve "'['he past century has been devoted ' Idle,~.t~ts breakCuntrYbeforefr hisfUrteenelection y earSHis subjects."the proper exposure, to give your to arts and industry among the scient- i [~1 ~ I I D A r~ (-v !rGid~:~iui ~)~'~n,Hi~t~na3~aha'ierea Several hundred photographs were ists, and the next fifty years wil, wit-., .~' ~.~ .., .,.'~ .1~'* term. Lives in Washing- entered in the t923 contest, but ciuite ness remarkable progress in the studyFire Accident Compensation, ~-). C., salary is $75,000 per year. a mnnber of them were useless for re- of human conduct. Reputable scient- I.ife, Theft, Etc. ~s are: Commander in chief of production, owing to the fact that the ists are now turning their attention to R,,o,~*e,,ting o,)tJ Roti,,t, te o,np,,m,,s' '4 ~rmy and navy, appoints officers ......... x the study of human forces--those of J E MATtlEWSON - Avalon fcarnniY and navy, signs the bills negat,ves were under or over e'- the nund." posed. ~ ,,"ugress passes them, pardons *** r,>mn t try' llii prisoners can call Congress to Of the six classifications for the six- "%Zes, we shall have mental telepathy e ~1 meetingsl appoints justices of ]~le court. . teen prizes, nine of the prize winners in less than fifty years; .but it will go E,,~ I I I I L1 ~ li i'~ had their developing and printing clone through mimts trained for that pur- ~ I I I I rl I ll~l~h ~he~e.ntPresidentwho takes(ties hisWe haveplace.aVice-His at Reves' Art Store and the sun,s pose. There are wonderful opportuni- ~ ltil~llIl~lII iIilI I i~,nd birth must be the same as theawarded to them in the general con-ties for the young generation--if they Photos of all ]k i ~':n ts f r~O~nt'aSnYub ~iSr! ~sbf~ test have been donbled by Mr. Reyes. will only grasp them." Ir Catalina t h cCl~eSvPcFae~li. These winners are: Theodore Sierks, " *** , Prize Fish. / .:ilact " Only power Chas. B. Schauffler, Otto Lehman, Joe'Looking into the future makes anI I~ V lltg'VlrqI lnt,.J[~tct as leader of the Senate Vanina, Mrs. J. F. Walker, John old fisherman like me wish I was just I ~,:--" "_~ ~,"~" I )at'Ingress is made up of two houses. Shields. starting" out again." I'd be a fisherman I ~ atearnal r ,-,r'ler, I lUpper house is the Senate Th - IWo ~e ere too; but I wouldn t get as many cuts i i t ~[~" nators from each state else- For the excellent co-operation that , ' plvalon, I~Y ~he people. Their term is six has been shown by the Catalina Is- and bruises at the game as I got when .'~ust be thirty years of age or " ~$"t~n~:years,c'tizen. Lower house lander readers and the judges of the I first started. M A R I N E L A 13 N D R Y i co:itest, the editor of this newspaper is * * * i ~-e~i use ot Kepresentatives. There "A Chinese editor says: 'All China- A G E N C Y i r ~c representative for every 211,000 very grateful. C F RICHLY PROP k~re I ~EJ~FROE lllSll i~e." So the states with the lay The judges, Mr. James R. Offield of men now know that condensed milk ' " ..... d il~lation h ...... test comes from contented cows, and that High Qualitj Lairdly W~k York ;"'~ .me most members. Chicago; Mr. John N. Stewart, vice-, ........ Dry Cleaning and Pressing ~--~ -as thirty-five. Caliform ;~el2eerVsen.,All together there arc 43~ president and general passenger agent ouus gwe tooaceo. 1 ,~'en~' )erm is tour years. Must of the Santa Catalina Island Company . . . PnoMpr *,D EI, r,c,e,v HRv,ct Assuneo [ nty tixe years o and Mr. P. West, manager of the "No angler seems prejudiced againstPhone 32 P O Box 1325 I t " * fish amt fishingthe thoughts that Tuna Club, have spent considerable of IIS CATALINA AVENUE their time to exanaine the photographs rankle him most are the schemes that. - - I NEW WR~LF'Y ~LDG. CATALI~ AYE. ] submitted by the several contestants,enable the other fellow to catch the fish " To these three gentlemen the editor Renew your subscription to The extends a "hearty vote of thanks." , ,,, ,.* ,i ....... Catalina Islander, $2 per year. :lPres" . usually for a term of So well have they done their "duty" "we must get to me bottom prims fishing tackle business' said a Catalina ~~ ]r years.Secretary of the In r that we recommend them very highly ' EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING | char-~ - te lor :~,,ar~.~ ot government lands and to any organization desiring their ser- angler the other day. That means expert work done on the ']Ul~l kn~nere .are others but you vices. We have so much confidence "'All right,' replied the boatman, as finest, most modern machinery. We i. " "-. ~,w at least lave. |h uh.lghest eurt in the county is in their ability that we believe that he threw out the engine clutch.,,Then the bait sank into 600 feet of havehave the eqmp.ment and the skill; yOuthe old slaoes. they could be successful as judges at ~(~U~ueme Court. Its Judges Yre You bring 'era--We fix 'era "i . s, uces. There is one h any "beanty contest," or even a "babywater, and the angler finally reeled m ....... PAYETTE'S SHOE SHOP ~ e::~ht - c ief ms empty nooks. AND SHINE PARLOR I h~ve associate or helper justices: show." Ild n,,~ at, o~(1 number so that there Thank you gentlemen! ~ ., 109 Sumner Ave Avalon, Calif ]mtednotbybethea tieresiVOte. They are ap- hkeHaVeto recetveYU a frienda sampleWhmcopyyUofWUlqThe ............................. ~ll|~]li ~]1 Ill l :~tredli~o ,, P .dent. Their term Prize winners--come aml get your - lit ' n s ndtoage, F.&UI. i~tober("~)..~vxeets in Washington in MONEY! Or, we will send it to you! Catalina Islander? Send us the name ~ ~o..~z4 " ~tion. ur nlgnegt law is the Con- and address. //fl~x Meetseve,yFridsyNightofeachmonth ~is~. It was made by men from a.J. COP -FOOT ~l~{~'~t~st 7:30 in Foresters Hall. Vi~ifit~ :.o, thrirteen states and brethren are welcome cha we can- Catalina will give you the rest of ~ " It cha nge it. If a new part is needed CRUISER "PATRICIA" ......... ' uoa ~.:::,ttze an Amendment to the Con- your me. ~ome to ~atanna. aa~zs Do MaLLOCH, SI!:CR[[T~RV ;[uuon. There are no ][endments such ~- ~ w, eighteen (Continued from Page I. Column 4) ~'ery for ,,~ /reedonl troItl ~'t~?~..z the negroes, incometax aft of the midd'le of the boat The m:::m=:::m:::::m::..m:::::..m.:::....::::::.:m::::-.:u..:..:::::::m:m.::..:::::::::::::~:::=.:..u::::..:::..:m....::..:::::..:::::::..::::::u:mm..::: lP~lbitin- To make a ~nt it m,.~. new amend- trunk cabin leaves ample deck space If yotl are interested in Avalon you should read The Catalina Islander u~t pass congress and .be ~ted. on by the I cgislatur . L,r eight or nine guest chairs, and for ~arths of tL ' _. es of three- a couple of fishing chairs for the use "i - - ne states. aws are made b ~gress ~,,a t. y passing through ~esident ~'t;~ .,oelng signed by the ~s~ t~ e:g or; ;~i~c k~iaii ei SY:etgsh7 S?dd ni tqorit ,~ :_ . y a two-thirds ' I~ Y 1~ is a law. an the State of ireed ..... California we have ~v,trtments, Legislative: The ate Legislature. Ex " Ir; Judicial S'-"- " ecuhve, Gover- , rate ~Upreme Uourt. ~rateh the world come to Catalina. Wear Your Li-~t Ta-~e Club But- n. It shows that you are an angler td a Sportsman. of anglers. A five-foot space between the raised deck and the trunk cabin starves as a bridge, and is entered by sliding doors on each side. The glass-enclosed pilot house is 9x12 feet in dimensions. The buffet in the main saloon is made from one solid teak log. The "Patricia" has a cruising radius of 1000 miles, and extra large oil and water tanks were installed, so that the owner could use the vessel for cruises with his family to any of the Channel Islands, and as far south as Cape San Lucas, in Mexican waters. COMFORTABLE HANDSOME THE "MABEL F", The fastest launch in Avalon, and the launch with a record for BIG FISH. L. MOTT, Box 1042, Avalon. Booth on Pleasure Pier Should you miss your steamer, or tare to cro. to San Pedro by launch, let me know. Phones 61048 Main 1048 PRIVATE AMBULANCE IvY H. OVERHOLZER FUNERAL DIREOTOR 958 South Hill St., Cor. Tenth Lady Attendant Los Angeles, Cal.