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February 20, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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February 20, 1924

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PAGE TWO SIMPLE SCIENCE By WOW. (WOW is a professor of chemistry at a large university.) (Written for Science Service) There's twenty-three different kinds of lights--sunlight, moonlight, stars, lamps, matches, fireflies~~'etc. We have the first six in the country. The coun- try's all right any time of the year, except nights. When you go to bed starlight nights, you don't know whether you put out the lamp or not. You can always tell on moonlight nights because it's brighter. We use four lamps to read with, three to eat supper with, two to sit round the stove with, and one to go to bed with. Town's the place for light. We go there three times a year--Uncle Tom's Cabin night, circus day, and the fall fair. We live a long ways from town --about thirteen miles in the day-time, and twenty-six at night. Sunlight's very funny. It's what we call white light. It's white because it's made up o~f seven colors--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. I never believed this 'till I saw the colors going round on a wheel at the circus, and I declare they all changed to white. I suppose the sun mixes them all up, and then we just see the white light. They say the sun's ninety million miles away. It's hard to be- lieve one can see so far without a tel- escope. Moonlight's much softer, and star- light's softer still, but I think lamps are the softest of all, except lanterns. When I take the lantern down to the chicken house at night to close the door, the rooster always crows, because he thinks it's just getting daylight, so it must be very soft. Acetylene's a terrible bright light, so's electric. I think acetylene's the lightest--I mean the brightest--of the two. That's because it contains so much charcoal--I mean carbon. This gets very hot from the flame, and gives out light, just like lime-light does, only no one uses lime-light now. The latest thing in light is electric. There's three kinds of electric lights--- filament, arc, and vapor, depending on what they're used for, only the fila- ment and vapor don't sputter. The fil- ament is ,put in a glass bulb filled with nothing, or else nitrogen, or argon. It gives light because the current heats up, so it's about the same as acetylene and lime-light, only there's rio current in them. The arc light's a terrible light, too, but not so bad if you use green goggles. :It's about the same, only there's no bulb, and spark jumps across and heats up the carbons. The vapor light's a little different. Men who make a study of light and such things say it travels to our eyes through the ether, just as though'we couldn't see the light, without having it do any traveling. They say what we see isn't light, but it's just vibra- tions in the ether, or something else hitting our eyes. That is, when we get hit in the eye by these things, we see light. There may be some truth in this, because when we get a good hard bump anywhere on the head we see light. I don't think we know every- thing about light yet, so we better wait awfiile. There'll be a lot more to say about light later on. Next time Nitrogen. Catalina--"in all the world no trip like this." INCOME TAX QUESTIONS ARE ABLY ANSWERED Answering thousands of inquiries that have swamped the Internal Rev- enue Bureau; Collector of Internal Revenue Rex B. Goodcell on Saturday outlined for the information of the 250,000 taxpayers who must file re- turns during the next three weeks, an explanation of questions in connection with the operation of an income tax return which seem to be puzzling cit- izens who must report and pay tax on 1923 income. "To determine his net income a tax- payer must first compute his gross in- come. Regardless of the amount of net income, upon which the tax is as- sessed, a return is required of every individual whose gross income for 1923 was $5000 or more. Gross income in- cludes salaries, wages and compensa- tion for personal services rendered, and 'gains, profits, and income from professions, vocations, trades, business, cotnmerce, sales or dealings in proper- ty real or personal, or the transaction of any business carried on for profit, or gains or profits, and income derived from any source whatever.' Net in- come is gross income less certain spec- ified deductions for business expenses, losses, bad debts, contributions, etc.," said Collector Goodcell. "Taxpayers may be divided into four general classes--the wage earner or salaried class, business, professional and agricultural. All compensation for personal services received by a sala- ried person or wage earner in income, including salaries, commissions, bonus- es, fees, pensions paid retired employ- ees, and tips. "The gross income of the usual bus- iness consists of the gross profits on sales, together with income from in- vestments and from incidental or out- side operations or sources. The re- turn must show the gross sales, pur- chases, and cost of goods sold. To re- flect net income correctly in any bus- iness in which the production, pur- chase, or sale of merchandise is an in- come-producing factor, inventories are necessary at the beginning and end of each taxable year. "The lawyer, doctor, architect, au- thor, dentist, clergyman, or other pro- fessional man include all fees, salaries and compensation for professional ser- vices. "The farmer is required to report as gross income all profits derived from the sale or exchange of farm products and livestock, whether produced on the POTAGE A LA MISSIONARY OR THE SAD TALE OF A HEATHEN TABLE D'HOTE. S By Gerald Stewart There lived not long ago, l've heard, In a New England town, A preacher, known both far and near, In fact, of Great renown. Each Sunday morn he'd go to church And preach with all his might, He also, [ might stop and add, Would preach each Sunday night. One day he thought he'd like to go Out where the world begins; And teach the heathens how to live-- Forsaking all their sins. So one bright morn he left the town And started on his trip. His only baggage was The Book And one old pig-skin grip. At last, one day, the steamer reached The far-off heathen land. The preacher stood upon the deck And saw a strip of sand. "1 say, old chap, but where's the isle I've heard so nmch about ?" The preacher asked in startled tones. His mind was full of doubt. "Ho! Ito! Ha! Ha!" The chief mate cried, "That's one on you all right. The heathen land you've longed to see Lies there before your sight." "Mah Gosh," the dear old prea~:her yelled, "Is that my future home ?" "You bet you life," the captain said, And scratched his russet dome. Alas! Alack! Our preacher friend Was dumped upon the sand, And left to watch the boat pull out To some far better land. .At last he turned to look around, And saw upon a hill, Three skulls of ancient origin. He felt a sudden chill. He seized his grip, and with much haste, Climbed up a pile of rocks. He reached the barren top at last, With holes through both his socks. Below he saw six savages In all their war display Each one was gnawing human bones-- Our friend commenced to pray. At length, one savage gave a yell And jumped upon his feet. He pointed to our preacher friend And gurgled out "Fresh meat!" Oh Gods of Woe! Alack! Alas! To think that such an end Should be in store for one we know So well as this old friend. The preacher ran with all his might, farm or purchased and resold. The And yet to no avail. fair market value of:lgroceries or rhgr'-'~ The heathens caught him by the end ehandise exchanged for farm products Of his long, black coat=tail.'' must be included, also profits from Into the boiling pot they put renting a farm on the crop-share ba- Our friend. And gave a whop sis, and the rental and sale of farm And shrieked aloud in fiendish glee; lands." "At last, we'll have some soup." TO JACK MORTIMER Last night I had a funny pain, And to the Doc I flew. Said he: "That comes from overwork. There's nothing I can do. You need a month of quiet rest," He added, with a smile; "You'd better drop your golf and try The office for a while." --Berkeley Courier. Congregational Church Services Sunday Sch601, 9:30 a. m.; Worship and Sermon, I0:30 a. m.; Christian Endeavor, 6:00 p. m.; ~,Vorship and Sermon, 7:00 p: m.; Mid-week Service 7:00 p. m., Wednesday. Everyone is cordially invited to all services. The pot commenced to boil. And then The preacher gave a shout. The heathens merely crowded up And gathered round about. And so, my friends, I hope you'll see That I wish to confide To you that heathens love to take Their REligion inside ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Pasadena High School. Have you a friend whom you would like to receive a sample copy of The Catalina Islander ? Send us the name and mhhess. Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, for information about sea angling. THE CATALINA IF YOU CANNOT GET OF YOUR COLD, Get a box of WEEK'S BREAK-UP-A COLD TABLETS They will break up your at once. AVALON DRUG 405 Crescent Avenue Gurios and Souven I.ook for the ~ign of The Big Curio Stot H. D. MacRae Co. i LYLE PENDEGAST Attorney at 1031 Title Insurance Building Los Angeles Phone, Main EI NEST WINDLE Notary Publi, Legal Doctsments Promotl Executed News Stand, Oop. Boos Bros. The AVALON Dan Ostoich, Proprietor 403 CRESCENT AVENUE Good Food, Well Cooked and Neatly Served. Marcel Waving BE, A UT Y PARL OR HOTEL ST. 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