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February 19, 1930     The Catalina Islander
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February 19, 1930

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Ic~.IJ~~'~"~ EDITED BY JOURNALISM CLUB OF AVALON HIGH SCHOOL '!~ A~V-~0--NHI~ FEB-R'-UA-RY~ .... NUMBER XVIV 'u CHECK"BUILDINGS ST. VALENTINE'S DAY th "'-'-- FINE SHOWING HAVE BEEN SELECTED ~4 PasseeaPast..week hardly a day Valentine's Day was celebrated atAlthough they di--'~not win cham- The following clas-'~s s~ will affect -.A~I L ." w'uaout ~.valon High Avalon High School last Friday with pionships in their divisions, the Ava- new students this semester: FlvarioUe2ngVisited by representatives a program presented by the seventh lon middleweights and lightweights An--. ~untraeting companies of gradeat a general assembly held in Trigonometry, 2nd period,Mr. e geles and o , Brentford. ie SUrveye, . L ng Beach wRo finished their basketball season in a the canyon theatre. very creditable manner. I~01 t_ q the ground around the Robert Orr took charge of the pro- English, I1A, 5th period, Miss Hill. n. -or the The "B" team scored 105 points Clothes selection, 2rid period, Miss ~t?r whl- new elementary build- gram; Leona Schatan opened with a against their opponents 33 during the ILnlght c~ bids were opened Men- ' ~ , Tomasovich. short history of St. Val. ntme s day, season, while the C's scored but 44 to Orthep,die Physical Education, 5th ,~e new . . followed bv a play consisting of a their opponents' total of 48. [h^, building is to be construct period. All girls not able to take reg- l'v~oW t" - prologue and a tableau. The charac- In individual records Jesus Gutier- ular Physical Education will arrange ~pres~, building corneringters, all dressed in appropriate cos- rez, forward, led the B squad. He was |t0 hay"~ .Uizh School b~filding. It fumes of the roles, were as follows: credited with 18 fold goals, 6 foulthetheirsthsCheduleperiod.S as to take it during ~.~ns eaf~ e~TM standard-size class- Prologue: The Bird Spirit, Thea goals for a total of 42 points in five Typing, Ist and 4thperiods, Miss Ilich l%d'~ having two exits one of Lee; the Spirit of Loving Memory, games . He was charged w|th eight MeClure. ~ihfirrse' as directly to the outside, or Gladys Hobbs. Tableaux: Poeahon- fouls. ~Seeape. There will also be a tas, Virginia Fehrop; Priscilla, Dor- personalMagdaleno Hernandez, captain and Art,shop 7thwork,period,2nd MiSSperiod,Tomasovich.( credit |n a een2~ room and a boiler room. othy Scott; John Alden, Charley right forward, was second with 12 tral heatiu per semester). 7th period (full hour |:the~e., bU,uma~, g system., for .all West; Catalina, of Phillipse Manor, field goals, 4 foul goals, and a total ~ credit per semester). |~"s inn.. gs. The admmlstratlve Virginia Allen; M artha Custis Wasja- t~f twenty-eight points. He was Orchestra, 5th period, Miss Elliott. ~es offic'eu~ a principal's office, ington, Agnes Conrad; Anne Hutch--charged with eight personal fouls. He Practical Mechanics, 3rd period Mr. r, a . , oot< 'oom sunply room -Ith a walh,ng room r/_ --~ , inson, Dorothy Ann Winterbottom, competed in five games. Hodgeden. Tuesdays and Fridays 7th ~rt .... ~aen noor has and Betsy Ross, Roberta Calvert. Joe Saueedo, center, scored 10 field and 8th grades. |.the h.,s and a boys' lavatory, and This was the regular class play that goals, 5 foul goals, for a total of 25 -us there wall " Foods, 1. or 2, 4th period or noou ~ker for -- - be a separate is presented by the classes at each points. In five games he was chargedperiod, Miss Tomasovich. ~. ~aeh pupil, general assembly, witih five personal fouls. Bookkeeping, 3rd period, Miss Mc- ~ll "~x A.H.S. A.H.S. Nieky Marineovich, guard, scored I 1 "~arch 14th th Clure. [!.he Pro- e following olay Names of pupils who have been field goal, 2 fouls, for a total of 4World History, 4th period, Miss hes ~ented b neitherabsei~t nortardy thislast points.He was charged with seven ~tl~ class ,-- y the Junior D'ra- Coppock. Students who have had the ~,racters"2, "l'he Unseen," and the semester are as follows: 2nd Grade, personal fouls in five games. 1st semester World History or a full ,l~ P etersaore.' ..Husband played by Soeorro Unzeretta; 3rd grade, Glen,, Sam Hernandez, guard, was the out- year Ancient History may now start t| i '~assau. L,..~'.re, prayed by Char- Henthorn; 4th grade, John Marinco-standing star of the season at his po- the 2nd semester World History. ;| '-een~ ~, '. ,ancta a servant played rich; 6th grade, Hilda Salmon. sition. Although he scored no points Changes in the Extra Curricular | -" C~atan. A.H.~. he participated in all five games and schedule will be announced later. IlPitl A'~'s" For the past four Fridays memberswas charged with six personal fouls. No'student may be allowed to carry 1~_io; a~dsflngs were selected by the of the ninth grade have been holding~ Ralph Barba, utility, scored 2 field an additional subject unless their E'e. riiv,. ~ at their lastmeetin. a vocabulary contest in Spanish class, goals for a total o. 4 points and was grades have been B or better. All th ~-, ar~ of t g Ill A ~* - en carat yellow old The score on the final F'riday, Feb- charged with two personal fouls, students failing in any subject at the In,design ~'. Cemented 'in-the cegnter ruary 7, was 16-6 in the boys' fa-Dick Welsch, utility, scored one of the semester must receive spe- r' et green and b . - l,l to La ~e s*,.~ lack enam- vor. As their reward the boys unan- field goal in 3 games aud was charged elal pernfission from the Princi )a [-~u~. "l'h2'm_e.nts initials are on the imously voted upon having the girls with one personal foul. contmue that subject next semester. I~,'_~ ena~'hs.are yellow gold and treat them each to five cents worth A.H.S. Students carrviug work totaling more ~.~,Y are ,,t.ei wath a small guard, of candy, to which the girls agreed It was decided that a card party than 4M credits should drop one sub- ~'~s f. expected in aboutthree and they presented the candy last would be a way to make some money jeer if any of their grades have been ~rk|anUfa~rnturi:ar~the r,Dieges and Clust Tuesday afternoon, for the Seuior Class. If you see any as low as D. This is advisable but A. H.S. posters or notices in the paper, don't not imperative. [."- ~" ~ompany of New Three hundred incoming Freshmen forget to show up, folks. Secretaries of all clubs or orgauiza- [3Irs' I~I A.H. 8. will learn "the Pasadena Junior Col- A.N.$. tions are to hand it, to the office a ~-~%t la2dws, our librarianwas lege spirit at six special programs . Norma and Alfa Mattson were ab- list of the officers for next seiu.,stcr. ~ , W~.e , , " F . k, onaccountof ill- A.H.S. sent from school last Monday on ac- ~:o: ,, . , Gloria Gurasich was elected presi-count of illness. "For Rent" aud "For Sale" signs are R~dna,,- A.~.~ dent of the Glee Club last week. Lo- Elaine Hammond was absent last on-sale at The Catalina Islander Office. I~ PPUl .' .Inlay ,..t.g t)etty is the title of retta Sullivan, secretary-treasurer, and Tuesday on account of illness. ~iar ~lasa'c.h is to be eiven by the Ca:herine Brown librarian. A.H.s. Our "adlet" column helps. Try it. has k n the near future The A.H.S. The seventh grade had a Valentine ~eet~ct t^,, t~eo-i,." ueen oraperea .... ann they'ex- The Ninth Grade held a very stlc-box Friday morning and every one ~" Wrl~':ag On it early next cessful candy sale Saturday, Febrn~ received many valentines . arv 8. The money is to be used to A.H.S. i.bUrin~, ..A.~.~. meet thedebton lastyear's "Tore- The real ,'state nmrket in Los An- ~ates ~i:tne Past week "%- -~ "- , qua." geles County as a whole was ~" ",.t 1St v,. ~, on. t)nltect ~-~dnernes~ .~tass has been writ- A,H.S. active in January compared with the The Art Club is planning a very n,onth preceding, according to the yo~ "-e Qivil"~V me causes leading up busy program for this semester. They California Title Insurance Company. ,1~ .or. li h.ea t_ A.H.s. are planning to do the art work for The local market, however, showed a the annual, h,s work was discusseddecrease in thevoh, me ofJanuary , ~i~ati~e;olinner of the Thrift T " ' e,~'ll~ fO ay ,rR to r_ est Wednesday, Feb. (luring th!eir meeting last Monday. reahv t:ansfcrsin comparison with A/~IT~. #~L~y'~O4V'g~,t~, m gi,,^~u, ng Beach last Wednes ~. H.s. those for l)ecember. Four deeds, 1 or 'tiOga. t~ea;hhserhspeeeh at one of the Geraldine Ektan was-looted mana- mortgage and 3 trust d~eds were filed y. eels.She returned ger of the ,Cafeteria for the coming last month affecting Avalon property, Q%l ~ semester, while Loretta Sullivan was COml)ared with 7 deeds, 2 mortga-;es i~r ~,Ogist ~, .~ .~.s. elected as the Cafeteria bookkeeper, and 1 trost deed for I)ecember. ~rs:VOlle~,eOmUents of Pasadena eJU- taffy,% to st~nt on a three-day x- te,i' l~iats 2?uY nature, although SUGAR LOAF STAFF " to SciencI reforest were not re- Editor--Loretta Sullivan 'So= e .Were visited. ;, ~nd inje~...~.t'l.s. Assistant Editor--Charlotte Rassau m . ,-uon b_~change Editor--Catherine Marincovich yen .e fl~ h,t._ : s of toxin antztox- i -" In P ~',eria ., . gh o - the E1 P.'.vent,ve, were Reporters .'~ch,~..~, ementary and Avalon ,~'a" A~"yas*s; ngees_" Friday by Dr. Estes Betty LOu, Leslie Granteer, Norma Mattson, Flo,'e,,ce Johnson, I.eta UOOl and assisted by Miss Head May Bradley, lsabell Scott, I.x>t, is Marin, Max Patterson, Elaine Ha,mnond, Catherine Fullerton. ~,. eotnmunity nurse. ~1 the _ A.H. s We~, ~eats i,, -,-"~, EDITORIAL st ~v-" Painte7'the ~anyon Thea- ~i ,o eek. "v~ u an emerald reen n-v(~ -,le to g Every editor has the same f/eeling, ~r~ the C' ps have allbeen lVl ross colors but few have expressed it as has the Ora A- ~. --. " editor of the Fore'n' Aft of San Pe- ~tr~Sieht~v~b' Miss'Hill and Steve dr,,: 'h~,;tiay to ,t to the mainlan The Editor's Lament "'.'nars~ -ttem~ ~ d last ,~ , ,up ~^ .,, a uanquetof the Getting out a newspaper is no pic- %i~ ~iseus~"c~lety ,n Long Beach nic. an i~ ~ehol .... t.urtlaer plans for theIf we print jokes, readers say we u the ~e~n'I) .to be held in Av- arc sill).. "" zUture . If we don't, they conzplain that we are too serious. If we write all our own stuff, they say we lack variety. If we clip from other papers, we are too lazy to write. If we stick to the desk, we ought to be out digging up qews. If we don't print contributions, we ar,en't showing proper school spirit. If we do the paper is full of junk. Like as not, someone will say we swiped this from another newspaper. We did.--L. S. Plumbing has reached a high plane of mod- ern efficiency, but you have got to find the expert plumber first ! 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