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February 18, 1931     The Catalina Islander
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February 18, 1931

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FEB. 18, 1931 PERSONAL made a round trip ay. utility mana~er last -week. ' ' and daughter last week. returned Fri- trip to Los An- Friday h his folks at family were who spent the mainland. lstable for Cats- Friday from ent. gave an Lin- P, S. Allen were on the "Av- They re- was a visitor week, going and return- north the steamship ned on the same of Abilene. Catalina Avalon again guests of Mr. len Te'uber, son and Gordon, aeir San Pedro avenue. Mr. on the S. S. "Av- returned evening for due prog- new glass- peror," gale this win- at the Improve- e, fol- illness. Mr. in Avalon, Sumnaer for Club, of oldest active iends in Ava- s: -~s and hope us this coming FI. Yule of car- Younger sons, to pay Jr., at the Boys, up tr stay they Atwater. Mr. :r of the Tuna Yule, will waters that palatial ts of the own- er Randolph, Kathryn, for Pass- week in ~va- )h's sis- home on a de- J'anu - their ear for % M'ich., at Can surely to boost for many friends so much en- PAGE SEVEN The P.-T. A. will hold its next card OUR FIRST SOCIAL Congregational Church Notes • party Tuesday, February 24th, in the Atwater Arcade. Was it a 'peppy" party? We should By T. Hilton Ratcliffe, D. D. say it was! Where was it ? Why, at Wednesday evening, 7:30, Mid- Joseph Guion made a business trip the church, under the auspices of the to the metropolis onFriday, going Young People's Society. When? Last week meeting. Strangers and visitors over in the morning. Tuesday, of course. Did you forget are welcome to join us in this hour of to make your appearance? Just a prayer and meditation• Friday, 2 p.m.: The Women's Mis- George Thompson visited his word then: Come on out to our next sionary meeting will take place in the daughter in Los Angeles last week, party and join our fun. taking her a small Catalina fig tree, We all wish to thank the Social " home of Mrs. J. Dickenson. All ladies, which he proposed toplant inher Committee upon its untirlng efforts whether connected with the society or not, are cordiallyinvited. Bus garden, to see that we did have a good time; leaves station at 1:45. from the decorations, which were of Sunday, February 22 : Church The Bougainvillea Club will hold a valentine motif, to the last, and by School at 9:30. Classes for all ages. card party VCednesday evening, Feb- far the most important part, the Morning worship at 10:30. Subject: ruary 18, at Villa Park Lobby on "eats." They were good, too. When "True Patriots." This subject follows Crescent avenue. Bridge and Five are we to have another party, Corn- the line of thought running through Hundred. Everybody invited, mittee ? And the Committee an- the sermon of last Sunday morning. swers: "Come all you young folks in 6 p.m.: Young People's Society. All Avalon to our YoUng People's meet-high school students and young people Captain and Mrs. J. J. Bates wish ings each Sunday night from 6 to 7, cordially invited. to thank all their Avalon friends for at the Congregational Church Social Evening worship at 7 p.m. Subject: the many kind wishes extended to Hall, and we will tell you." "The Sins of Omission." The public them during Mrs Bates' recent ill- Publicity Committee. is cordially invited to all our services. ness. Strangers and visitors to Catalina es- Carl F. Johnson, vice president of pecially welcome. News was received here that Got- the Tuna Club, came into the bay on --: or-- don Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. SaJmrday, having his son Billie and a Watts L. Richmond and Thus. Me- H. Stone of 'this city passed away 'party of his school chums aboard the D. Potter, both active members of the Tuesday morning at his home in Pas-cruiser "Myrno II." After a brief Tuna Club, came over on Friday's adena. The funeral services will bestay at the Tuna Club they left forsteamer to spend the week-end at the held Wednesday from the parlors of the Isthmus to do a little fishing, ex- clubhouse. This was one trip when Ives Warren Company, 100 N. Hill peering to return to the mainland on they did not go a=fishing, but are ex- street. Pasadena?:" Sunday. • --,:o: pected this week, as Mr. Richmond Word has :~bcen ¢eeelved at the Catalina Island will give you theand family are planning to return Tuna Club of the iItitess of' our well "rest of your life"--in whichever Fast the end of this week. known friend,~,~L. P. Streeter, historian sense you choose to take it. of the Club. At this writing we have -- Excellent breads and bakery goods better news of Mr. Streeter's condi- Fruits, vegetables, meats and gro- at the Piggly-Wiggly'from Hoover's tion, and take the opportunity ofceries at the Piggly-Wiggly.--Advt. Bakery:r-Advt. wishing him a speedy recovery am; that we may see him in Avalon a~ain anA- very soon Catalina lsl Business Men's Association ry 28. Because of conflicting" dates the Io- "Slogan Contest" Closes Februa cal Lodge of Free and Accepted Ma- sons has set its annual Washington's Write Your Slogan NOW! Birthday banquet and Ladies' Night ahead from February 23 to Saturday evening, February 21. The guest uf honor andoratorwillbeJudgeIraF. THE ISLANDER ADLETS Thompson, 32nd Degree Mason, who is an Associate Justice of the District Court of Appeals of the State of Cal-& careiul reading of these Adlets will reveal many bargains that oth- ifornia, wise you might nfiss. Joseph Tynman, aged 65, died here. of heart failure Monday. morning RATES--10 cents per line while on his way to work. Mr. Tyn- man had been a resident of Avalon SO YOU MAY KNOW For Rent--Five-room house, neatly for about three years. The inter- How Macbeth's Honey Kist Popcornfurnished including piano. Fine fire- ment will be at the Avalon cemetery Crisp is becoming known the country place, sitz bath, hot and cold shower, Wednesday. Mrs. Tynman, who is over--from the little acorns the big cooler, refrigerator. Sleeping accom- residing at 250 Metropole avenue, oaks grow--here is one from St. Pet- modations for six or seven. Two bed- wishes to thank all Avalonites whoersburg, Florida: rooms. A regular home place. Will t have been so sympathetic and kind to Tax Securities Corporatmn rent until June 15th, or by the year. her during her bereavement. 702 Florida Theatre Building Apply to Chas. H. Smith, Islander of- Dealers in Florida Bonds rice. 7 ' Yesterday (Tuesday) morning we and Tax Securities ADt.ETS received an interesting account of the St. Petersburg, Fla., Feb. 2, 1931. RESIDENT AGENT meeting of the American Legion Aux- Mr. W. R. Macbeth, iliary held at the home of Mrs. Mar-Avalon, Catalina Island, Calif. Los Angoles Financial Institution garet Moricich on Wednesday even- Dear Mr. Macbeth: This is to ad- Will appoint Resident Agent in Ava- ing, February 11. The article was vise you that I was highly appreci- lon. Prefer man with local real es- written by Louise L. Lynam, chair-" ative of the supply 9f Macbeth's tate and insurance experience having man of publicity, Unit 137 A. L.A. Honey-Kist Popcorn Crisp, which established office and clientele. Og- Owing to the lateness of its receiptreached us in good condition, and was portunity for profitable connection to we were unable to publish the article most thoroughly enjoyed by the whole right man. Write full particulars first in this issue, family. . letter. Box F, Catalina Islander. 6-7 You may truthfully say that your A,,t.ttvs A. C. Brode of Maiden Lane brot product has national distribution, and For Rent--Rooms and cottages by his old friend WiUb.rd A. Van Brunt demand .for use from ocean to ocean, year, month or week. Mrs. Westbrook, over as his house guest for the week-And a product so eatable and nu- 217 Sumner Ave. Mtf end. Both of these locally well known tritious, should have anoutlet as AO-ZT~ sportsmen are past presidents of thebroad as the continent. WANTED--Catalina Island cottage Tuna Club. Mr. Van Brunt had the May your demand reach from even in exchange for Los Angeles income; misfortune to fall and crack his shoul- greater distances, I remain double. Rented. Also have clear lots der blade early last summer, which Very sincerely yours, one hour from Hollywood. Address L. deprived him of enjoying the marlin W.D. Outman, President. M. 3815 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles. fishing for the balance of the season. Macbeth, the Popcorn Man, at the ',OL"TS However this wily sportsman, prior to Piggly Wiggly. If you don't trade For Rent--Modern flats, hardwood his accident had taken one fish of R7 with me we both lose money. 7 floors, overstuffed living room set, tile pounds on his heavy tackle, and. AOL~T* bpth, electric refrigeration, included in strange to say, this was the only mar- Radio Servic~--Does your set needrent. Sleeps six persons. Rent, $60.00 lin Mr. Van Brunt was able to take. the radio doctor? Phone 61---Guion's per month. Apply Brown Bobble But his genial host, Mr. Brode, putsreasonable and efficient radio service. Cafe. 2tf up a trophy at the club each year for AIDLI~T8 AOLETtt the smallest marlin taken on heavy Work Want~ For Sale---Lefavor's Place, 332 Met- tackle and this 87 pound catch won Work Wantmt--Young man', out of ropole Ave. Large lot, 40x120, 5-rm. the trophy for 1930. One fish, one work and out of money, wants work. house on rear 40, leaving front 40x80 trophy, is a record to be proud of. Unskilled. Box L, Islander office. 6tf clear to build income; 3 bedrooms.and Mr. Van .Brunt paid .a visit to the AoL~xs 20-ft. glassed sleeping porch. Bearing club to inspect his trophy, which will Work Wanted---Young man, experi- orange, lemon, tangerine, fig, peach, be presented to him at a later date. enced worker, desiresemployment, apricot and plum tr~es; others co.-mn~ Phone 96-R. 6p in. Roses, shrubbery and flowers; A Watch for specials at the Piggly- ADL.IITS corqfortable place furnished as is Wiggly on Friday and Saturday. Ad. Our "adlet" column helps. Try it.Eqfiity $4,000 mtge. $2,000 12.