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February 16, 1927     The Catalina Islander
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February 16, 1927

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ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN LOAF STAFF Kathryn Dunkle ........ Juanita Gurasich "! ...... Tommy Wilkinson "" ........ Arthur Goulding Jack Hewer Ramona Shear START of a new term set l~igh, and our failures of the to do with the if our heart is and the task to be Our level host on the and if we try our .Will always be satis- Is nothing so fatal as and a mental laxness. even though the great. a fresh start, grip into our positions, Starting gun is fired, to struggle on with Cross the tape with You don't .succeed, try, T. R. W. , II['l~;&l~ LOAp High and Mighty with their tSor, Mr. Barnes, at that they wouht day (we mean have !n). It proved very several slight ac- le Was first and the t Was repaired; but tes suffered another took his place. admirer.~ of the OUr' Ge,;rge was P.assed the "or- '.n, folks, all lights as Peren took her streamed off her e expect a surprise U;A~ LOAF has been instituted English class As recite, the whole the rear of the has a new nney, who savage- s Speeches to pieces Woe be to him or on their English for he instant- with a selection look sick. LEAF to he two new sub- the Senior Hi. One ~'ear Latin, and the and Geology. We l)Unkle will teach and Miss McKlveen a few of the stu- some of the (by request and the tak- Semester, the boys cafeteria and the st. We hope that kanage the eafe- OUR WEEKLY QUESTIONS Ask Ed if gentlemen prefer perox- odes. Have you had your daily '11111" from Miss Pierce? Have you heard Miss Pierce's week- ly thriller in the library? Last week it was "How the ]']ephant Got His Trunk." It was a wow. Come early next week and get a seat. Tickets on sale by Mr. Barrtes and "Cuss." -Have you heard tile latest song hit by Jewell Watson: "Me an My Boy Friends ?" Ask Betty Hewer why she never leaves letters in the Typewriting room any more. Have you heard the tragic story of Miss Hahn's life? Ask her about it. Don't you think that we might to take up a collection to buy Mr. l)unkle a new car? The other one u.ill never run the same again. t "Hav.e you noticed how the new buihling is coming along? It certainly looks like Avalon Hi is going to have another addition to be proud of. SUGAR LOAF SCHOOL GARDENS Again the school gardens are being started. How interesting it is towatch the fourth, fifth and sixth grad.e tmpils watching the plowing of the spot for them! The fourth graders are espec- ially happy, because it is the first time they have been abl.e to grow those jnicy vegetables aim lovely flow, ors at school. Watch the cafeteria. Maybe (when it is time) we shall be able to ha~e something there. 1-lave you noticed the new agricul- tural equilm~ent that has just arrived for these gardens? Spades, shovels, rakes, and weeders have come for our rise. ... SUGAR -~AF COMMISSION After two meetings the work of the Commission has begun to take form and outline for this semester. The Honor Society is a new organization which .the Commission has been work- ing upon, and its standards are to be based upon real and well-rounded clti- zenship. The point system is also be- ing worked over, and new bases set for students. A cello book, to be owned by Neal Werrick, was voted to be purchased, since the school has no book for this instrument. SUGAR LOAF TORQUA Work for the Torqua has been going on very steadily for the last few weeks. The Business Managers, Fcrne Slaugh- ter and B.etty Hewer. have been busy obtaining advertisements. The Editor, Katherine McKay, has been working very hard to make this year's annual as good as our other two have been. Let's all help as much as possible by taking snaps, for this is one thing that we want plenty of. SUGAR LOAF Last Saturday night the teachers had a very enjoyable time at the home of Miss Davidson and Miss Anderson. They all played cards and had lots of fun going in the hole and then pulling themselves out. Teachers are happy when they get together and forget about demerits and such things. Miss Davidson made each one promise be- fore entering the house that she would not say a word about school. GIRLS' ATHLETICS Since Speedball has been finished. the girls art' beginning horseshoe, handball and bumbling. Each girl can do whichever sh.e would rather. Horse- sht,e seems to be the most popnlar of all. Not even rain can stop them from going out to play. II ql Three Cheers for Knock-'Em-Dow~s Hooray for the" Knock-'Era-Downs. They're the Sp,eedball series winners. The)" won two ont of the three games that were played, and the other was a tie. That's the way--keel, it up. Of conrse, the Sic-'Ems did very good playing; they had to keep the other tram from winning every game. Every series of games won by a team gives each girl on that team 115 points. SUGAR LOAF GIRLS Remember tile Girls' League Party. Admission is only one Valentine. To- night ,after school, is the time. We've heard that we're going to pla9 lots of interesting games and end up with something good to eat. It has also been rumored that ther.e will be an initiation for the new girls. Don't be surprised if you see themactinga little queer. SUGAR LOAF THE SPANISH MARATHON Each member of the First Year Spanish Class is working very hard to swim the channel. Ev,ery part of the day's lesson that is clone correctly cotmts one poinl. Several points equal a mile. At the presem time Miriam Burgess is in the lead; btfi that doesn't n~ean that she will remain there; so work hard, the rest of you--perhaps s,m~e- thing will happen to make her slow down. Besides the science and Latin classes. which come every clay, two other new classes which meet twice a week, have been started this semester~ The Ap- plied Arts class, under Miss Fox, meets on Tuesdays and Thnrsdays (luring the sixth and seventh periods. The Shop Class, taught by Mr. B'arnes, al- so meets at the same time. SUGAR LOAF BASKET BALL Although our boys did sotne very good work last Saturday, the John Dewey School won the basketball game by one point. This is the closest game that has been played this year, and the B Team certainly deserves credit for its good playing. Even if we did use substitutes dur- ing the first half, we were in the lead by seven to four. But in the second half, with our regular team, the visit- ors caught up and passed us with a final score of 9-10. SUGAR LOAF CAFETERIA MENU Monday, Tuna on Toast, Valentine Cake. Tuesday, Cheese Souffle and Mashed Potatoes, Baked Apples. Wednesday, Stew, ed Tomatoes, Bread Pudding. Thursday, Stew and Biscuits, Bana- na and Nut Salad. Friday, Baked Beans, Cream Pie. aUGAR LOAF Catalina will give you the rest ot your life. Come to Catalina. ORCHESTRA Due to the fact that the Boy Scouts had their diurmr Monday night, there were not very ntany at the r.egular meeting of the orchestra. The mem- bers have been playing mostly patri- otic music the last few w.ceks. SUGAR LOAF NIGHT SCHOOL A new Typing class was begun .~{on- day evening of last week under the di,- rection of Miss Hahn. Typing is a subject that can he used every day, so it is hoped that quite a few people join this class. SUGAR LOAF SHOP BUILDING Hooray! Finally, the new shop build- ing is well started. Concrete is now being poured. Before long (about spring vacation) we shall be able to use it. aUGAR LOAF STOLEN WIT Mr. Jones--They tell me your wife has gone in for politics. Mr. Smith---Well, she always was the speaker of the house.--Exchange. Jimmy is three years ohl, and very" fond of telling his dreams at the breakfast table. One morning his fa- ther, thinking to apply an intelligence test, said: "But, Jimmy, [ don't be- lieve you know what a dream is. Jimmy's answer canoe quick and sure : "Yes, I do. It's moving pictures while you're asleep."--q.'he Congregationalist, He--Fair role, you arc the inspira- tion of my best compositions. She--Aml what do you write, my hero ? He--Jokes.--Exchange. "My husband has no bad habits." "l)oesn't he smoke?" "Yes, he likes a cigar after a good meal; but 1 suppose on an average he doesn't smoke more than once a IllOn t h ." Found on the registration card of a S(!pholnore : Question--What are your pa~rents' natlleS ? Answer--Mamma anti l'al)a.--Ex- change. SUGAR LOAF George had just met his girl at the end of the street, where she was wait.- ing for him. She was looking into a conf.ectioner's window when George made his presence known by remak- ing : "Wed, Kay, what are ye gaun to have the nicht?" She, not inclined to ask too much, replied : "Oh, I'll just take what you'll take, George." "Oh, then, we'll take a walk," said George, as he led her away. Son--I)addy, who was Handet? Daddy--Aren't you ashamed of your ignorance? Bring me the Bible and 1'11 show you.--Exchange. SUGAR LOAF GAME FISH OF CATALINA Yellowtail (Sertola dorsalis). Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus). l)oh)hin (Coryphaenus hippurus). Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus maeropterus). Albacore (Thunnus alalonga). California Bonito (Sarda Chiliensis). White Sea Bass (Cynoscion noblis). ()eean Ilonito (Gynmo~arda pelamys). Giant Bass (Stereolepis gigas). Marlin Swordfish (Tetrapturus rnitsukuriiL Broadbdl Swordfish (Xiphias gladius). Come to Catalina for the rest of your life. Good in whichever sense you choose to take it. "Keel, Avalon a Spotless TOWIL" We pledge our help!