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February 10, 1926     The Catalina Islander
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February 10, 1926

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THE CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE SEVEN SOCIAL IAI AND PERSONAL Mrs. Frank Burgess and daughter A VALENTINE .Mr. and Mrs.----'-John Lazar. formerly returned home Sunday after spending ------ tdet OrLon~ two weeks visiting relatives on the I always thought, before, a valentine Beach, Was Paper-lace, held with a gory heart, []an ~t~:l|[S" SOCIAL AND PERSONAL A sugared message: "Dear one, I am thineW I pictured some coquettish Columbine, l'hiJ thernain. Mrs. A. Chisholm left for from a trip to Los Angeles and New- Till he--great clumsy lout---could not depart, And for his clowning, could but weep and pine ! epii mancl on Monda , to sen port Beach Upon her return she But now~I know, O little love of mine, rer~ brief vacation there. Y p d a suffered a severe attack of pleurisy, Why men would hide them back of paper-lace tai~e~ turned nl~"t eArA-mA ISLANOEREichbaum re- but at this writing is much improved.And rosy garlands, where pale ribauds twine! and Mrs R.H. , too, am dumb, when gazing on thy face-- SOCIAL ANO PIrRSONAL And glad enough to say, "Dear, I am thine"-- ~ a~ Pine Saturday after spendingThe monthly missionary meeting of In any fashion, by the good Saint's grace. SeVeral days on the mainland, the Ladies' Aid Society will be held --THEDA KENYON in Everybody's Mag- SOe,AL A.O PERSONAL at the home of Mrs. M. B. Dunkle atazine. n a ~ Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gr zasaden~ ~_ agge of 2:00 P. M., Friday of this week. Re- Love nd C U r," ,~-e guests of Mr and Mrs.gardless of membership, all ladies are t ~ ' nunnelle of Catalan av n f Jean--"Uncle, what do they celebrate a few w- - a e ue or invited to join in the fellowship and th~ eeks inspiration of this meeting. Valentine's Day for?" ; SOCIAL AND PERSONA Bachelor Uncle--"I don't know. It :aSP Mrs A R-t 4" SOCIAL AND PERSONAl. est -" _" eornan and daughter Ma- has done more damage than the 4th a0' :l; O~_Los.Angeles' mother and sister Mrs. Paul Spangler entertained the Bridge Club on Friday afternoon at her of July, Hallowe'en and all the other ~ C~,,~~'s. A. T. Stevens of Parker home on Sumner avenue. Delicious re- holidays put together." :s i"" ~, spent the week-end in Avalon. freshments were served to Mrs. C. Wonder why he was a bachelor! it. Ma SOCIAL AND PERSONAL y ItvisiteYrSa.m Rinehart of the Isthmus Laurance, Mrs. Chas. J. Dash, Mrs. -r,,, CArALIN* ISLA,OER tit ever~p.~valon last week. He reports Chas. Patrick, Mrs. G. U. Bunnelle, GOLF ""g quiet there now, but with Mrs. Gregg, Mrs. Dickinson and Mrs, :urtprospects for some livel R.V. Baker. By Joe. Spring y times this SOCIAL ANO PERSONAL What a difference just a few short ,n ' ~r .. SOCIAL A.D PERSONAL A.C. Brode was over for the week- years make in people's lives, and the ceive a broken leg or a cracked skull. t t!st:2na ~' .Sprinke. in charge of the end, dividing his time between his advancement of science and sports! Remember, kiddies,big and little--- home on Maiden Lane and the Tuna pr Catall, an~ power plants of the Santa When the writer came to this Is- "Safety First." , ~i St Ca',~, Company at the Hotel Club. Judging by the results of Satur- land many years ago, few of the na-"Keep Avalon a clean town.' Did ept~turnedtnerme and Hotel Atwater, re- day's and Sunday s games in Los Ange- tives indulged in the game of "Cow you ever read anythinglike that in ins ~Unday from les between the famous White King Pasture Pool." The Catalina Islander? Do you know 1 continent a tripto the team and the Philadelphia Giants, both :a But how different we find it today, what it means ? Well, the other day heft A- .SOCIAL ANO PERSONAL of which were won by the White All you have to do is to walk along we had occasion to pass up Catalina t slor ,~'- e!>),dernlc of influenza, or "flu," Kings, proves the soap boys are sure the streets and golf talk is all the avenue, and every little ways we no- grip Or colds has otis hie fo ' , been responsi- out "cleaning up." rage. Everyone is wearing knickers taped pieces of paper, and quite a ~, - r quite a bit of illness re 1 SOCIAL AND PERSONAL zow both dn r, .... cent y, The General Petroleum Co.'s S.S. and golf socks--that would like to number of empty paper bags on the ttroland "~'-,ttalina Island and the main- sidewalk, in the gutter and on the or~ POWellU.ne_of the Islander crew, Mrs. Mojave passed through the channel speak out for themselves. If you would ask these hard-work- street. They do not look nice. See? td :eral da..'*'t,~ contaned to home for see- Monday en route to San Francisco ing people what had made life just a Don t throw any kind of waste on the front New York City. From the Bay witls~, out is again on duty. City the vessel will sail direct for Ja- little bit easier for them, don't be sidewalk or into the street. Wait un- uld L p aOCIAL ANO PERSONAL ' " " ttl' you get to a waste paper receptacle,, "- ' " Streeter,Historian pan. It will be remembered that thesurprised to hear the word Golf. . Tuna Clut. " of the On all Sundays and holidays the "Keep Avalon a clean town. r or| are ex,,e_.'_and Thos. McD. Potter, captaiu of the Mojave, Carl Anderson, .._ . v ~re(t over durin th " is the son ofMrs.A. Chisholmof course is crowded from morning until By the way, do you chew gum? irge~week for g e coming night with our home folks, who real- You do? Welt, that is all right. So T an indefinit Avalon. tedl~ UuaClub ~- e stay at the ize that a little bit of heaven is re- do I. But, please, when you. are st c~ cast t-- ,- . ;~lrs, Streeter has gone SOCIALAND PERSONAl,. urrn mall sunny so. --g her mother back to the MARY WILLIAMS CLUB vealed by walking around the course through chewing it, do not spit it out playing a game that brings health and upon the sidewalk. The gutter is tile yrO#] u2:,c,~: :pend the winter here.On Thursday, January 28th, the contentment, place for it if you cannot wait until (i D PERSONAL of ~ ~fr and Mary V~illiams Club was entertained The dear ladies are just as enthu- you get home and to the ash box. A i " ' Mrs W, Barr aper,~t geles wer " of Los An- at the home of Mrs. Chas. Patrick on siastic as our men folks, and nothing gentleman told us one day last week ~ o e cross-ehanne thittg~' ~an the .Steamer- Catalina S1 nPaSsengers Beacon street. The meeting was wellis so picturesque as to see them with that he had scraped over thirty wads is i~ rr wh- u day. Mrs. attended.Mrs. M. B. Dunkle, pres- their bright sweaters against a back- of gum off the sidewalk in the dist- ne#l a reeen: is rapidly convalescing from ~ " ante of one block. Doubtless you ldent ofthe Club, presided at the ground of green hills and blue sky. i gi~id~ d~speu Operation, has planned to short business session. Close to one hundred golfers fromknow how disagreeable it-is to have ~avenueat,~'ew weeks at 369 Sumner t Y~land , oc~ore returning to the main- Five new members were taken into this Magic Isle are now interested in a piece of gum stick to the sole of the Club i Mrs. Allen, Mrs Wood- the game, and in another few years your shoe. Well, don t drop your wit~ man, Mrs. O. Anderson, Mrs. Fea- it will be like the ,old song: "Every- "wad" where some one might step on i: ij SOCIAL ANO PERSONAL ,, Mr. and Mrs " : gan and Mrs. J. W. Dickinson. body s Doing It. Doing what? it--least of all on the sidewalk. b Prank "Safety first." I thank you! Yracuse ~ - ' C. Brown of Mrs. Frank Burnham read a paper "Why, playing golf, of course!" ''" Y, ar ~ tff weeL . " e spending a couple on the "Boulder Dam Project," which r.t CATALINA ISI-ANrMgR THE CATALI~IA ISLANDER uay"| In the Avalon Mr. Brown was The rainfall for the month of Feb- was most interesting and instructive. SEE THE WORLD .able~ four,- -',v~oy of the S.C.I. Co. some Mrs. P. M. Martin, who was one of ~ ruary so far is 1.2 inches. The total d teen years ago eat and tr He as now prest- the hostesses of the afternoon, had Everyone is invited to enjoy a tour for the season is 5.89 inches. easurer of .......... :all, !!/'Iardw~.o the Brown Bros. prepared a game, which was much en- around the world in beautiful and in- "~.uilhe 4 Syracus"~e. and Paint Coporation of joyed by the ladies, teresting stereopticon pictures and ap-THE ISLANDER ADLETS ~ ~"i SOCIAL. Aeo PItREONAL services were resumed in erti~ l~ev ,~ ~et~ruary 4th conducted by the . r. ~wift, Rec or ~Chur I. _. x~,, tof St ohns g . . e, at ,vii " " J t ~Will be h .... rnmgton.These services /'e~days o~ ena the first and third Thurs- 'tS Of Dr.~ andeachM~rnth's p at the residence i~Umner a- aul Spangler, 327 venue upon arrival of the ~ Cross channel st'earner ~:V~ Avalo..:toet~ ANn ~tRaONAL b tn0ss' L were sorry Sunday to fi~,~ garthe.. ".'~ removal of the Harry Tre- )r01~ they "-" tarnlly to the mainland--and bi-d~ Were :;SUred their friends that they ~,e~i.iOWev:~ a~y sorry to leave Catalina. ke emplo : Tregarthen has been :~.] AngeleY:d,fr, several months at Los the pl~_ r~arl~or and now will enio .;1~ ~asures of home and family lif~. IIOCIAL AND PERSONAL Your neeas in The Catalina Mrs. Patrick served delicious re- freshments. Meeting at the different homes is proving very popular with the ladies Those present were Mrs. M. E. Wood, Mrs. M. B. Dunkle, Mrs. La Rue C. Watson, Mrs. Chas. Patrick, Mrs. Stall, Mrs. C. J. Dash, Mrs. D. M. Renton, Mrs. W. J. Eichbaum, Mrs. Clara Laurance, Mrs. C. U. Bun- nelle, Mrs. Geo. W. Greene, Mrs. C. W. Carson, Mrs. P. M. Martin, .Mrs. J. Edmundson, Mrs. Laura Goulding, Mrs. H. MacKay, Mrs. S. Williams, Mrs. O. Anderson, Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Minnie Douglass, Mrs. Vaughan, Mrs. McGarry, Mrs. Dickinson and Mrs. Frank Burnham. The next meeting of the Club will propriate music, at 7:30 P. M., next Tuesday, Februa?y 16, at the Commun- ity Church. The trip will take you to practically every country in the world. You will see the famous cas- tles and palaces of Europe and the huts of the South Sea Islands, the fro- zen north and the palmy tropics, ac- tive volcanoes and wild beasts, the ruins of Egypt and the modern struc- tures of London, Paris, Venice and other cities. There will be thrilling adventure and amusement There will be no speicfic charge for admission, but an offering will be received to be used toward the purchase of office equipment for the church, and those in charge hope that the offering will be at least as large as it would be if ADLET RATES--Ten cents per line per issue. Minimum charge, 25 cts. be held at the home of Mrs. Clara Laurance, on Tremont street, Thurs- day, February llth, at 2:30 P. M. ,O,AL ANO ,* ,ONAL Subscribe now--S2 per year. For Rent---Cottage completely fur- nished for housekeeping. Equipped with bath. $25 per month. Apply at Weston House, Marilla Avenue. 5-6, ADLETS Lost---On Suhday, February 8th, near the entrance to the steamer pier, a wallet containing money and papers. Please return the same to O. E. King, Hotel St. Catherine. 5 ADLETIIt For Exdmolle--Glendale for Avalon. Read the advertisement on page 2. Russell Graham. 4-7 ADL, ETII Wanted--Best buy on Sumner or Eucalyptus Ave. Small payment down and the balance monthly. Write O.K., Box A., Islander office. 3tf. tickets were sold AOLETS v~E cArA-mA mLANOga For Sai~--By Owner, lot 20 x 120, Come to Catalina for the rest of S-room house, sleeping porch, fireplace, your life. Good in whichever sensegas, water, electricity. Price $5500; $2000 ~ash, balance three years. Le- you choose to take it. favor, Box 16, Avalon, Cal.