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February 10, 1926     The Catalina Islander
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February 10, 1926

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ISLANDER . . _ . ........... PAGE FIVb,, ' ' ~ ..... . .................... -,7--7:77 ............. . .... FRANKLIN, Amateur. lightning rod. He -looked into the properties of heated gases, which led hint to two inventions, the fanaous Franklin stove, and a non-smoking lamp. He speculated with great shrewduess and some correctness on meteorology and oceanography, and projected a wealher service on ntodern lines. He did not even hesitate to run against the authority of Newton on the subj.ect of the nature of light. lie was one of the first practical hy- gienists, recognizing the value of fresh air an(t of temperate eating and drink- ing, at a tinte when few others did. To his very last year, preoccupied in public affairs, he wished most to re- CALIFORNIA FISH AND GAME COMMISSION REORGANIZED At a meeting of the State Board of Fish and ('ante Commissioners held in San Francisco, the resignations of Mr. George Neale, Executive Officer, and of Mr. Charles Gihnore, Assistant Ex- ecutive Officer and attorney, were ac- cepted. Mr. B. D. Marx Greene. who for nearly a year has handled the legal work for the Commercial Fisheries ~)el,artment, was selected as Executive Officer Mr. J. S. Hunter, in charge of the San Francisco office, was al,- pointed head of a new law enforce- nlcnt CRAWFISH CHARLEY SAYS: (Coutinued t~om Phge lo Column 4) beings, all .earth d,,~elliffg-animats for that matter, weCe" exterminated, the earth's calamity {vould probably have no more importance in the plan of the Universe than has the death off the nlillions of living things that preceed- ed onr existence." CRAWFISH CHARLEY "As far as we know, the problem as to how the Universe was created is only of interest and probleinafic to the human mind. It would now scent from recent biological and physiologi- department, and he will have ca] research, that the human faculty Dr. Frank '1~ Science S~rvice. tire and devote all his time to exper- entire charge of all of the patrol force for reasoning depc~;tds largely upon the lnu; ry 17th was the 220t iments in physics, iu the state. ]'his last appointment is harmoniotlsfnnctionil~g of the glands v of B " ~ h anniver- Over-specialized ntoderns have been the be~imiiug ot a tdan t~, center tbe of internal secretion." the impress of his Ii prone to stigmatize Franklin as a (tab- actix[ities of the Conmlission in various CRAWFi~;H CHARLEY m the enjaminw ,. Franklin,lea somanstrongWh bler; if the charge be true, he was one deparmlents, b-eaded by competent ex- this"OfcolumnCUrse' sonlemay getf athelaughreaderSout 0ff Oriel ,that he is refer of the most amazingly successful dab- and more as time pa.~se~l ccutives. ., biers that ever lived, meritin~ corn- Ear greater efficiency in the man- the above paragraphs That s my mo- panionship with those other scientific agement of fish and game affairs istire. Logic, reason and "dead lan- "Benjamin Frank in ,." ,, amateurs, Francis Bacon and Leon- to be expected from the re-organiza- guages" are probably, a reason why ~'avs ~:_ .. , } ~mter he some nten are so serious. They sel- " ~gned bin .... ' . ardo da Vinci. lion planned by the Comnlission newly " ~selt thereby des~g- t~ng Which of his nlan " dora laugh !" VIlE CATALINA ,SLANDER ai, pointed by Governor Richardson. choset^ y occupations IDEALS AND BUSINESS XHE CATALINA ISLANDER CRAWFISH CHARLEY lie --u regard as his vocation. "What is reason ?. Who let it con- Was however, merely the recog CALIFORNIA HARVESTS fion by a herd-headed and pracncal The invoices have been taken; the ' LARGE FISH CROP nottrl reason.the Universe?He. wasPrimitiVeactuated manbv con-did ~n of the trade that was ohl year has passed into history, flicting desires, wants and needs. -s io - . . for many ~Vhatever the shortcomings were they Evidence ~f the importance of Cal- . prlncq~al SOurce of prosl/er- Thomas Paine's "appeal," fifty years '.r ;.wa~ not a renunciation of nmst be forgotten, except for the les- ifornia as a sonrce of fishery product's '"2erests whmh, though they sons we have learned, is shown from a study of a recent re- ago, sure startedcRAWFIsHSOmething!"CH^RLEY The business of 1926 stands before port made by the Conmtercial Fishery "lf we studv the problems of human i"sL nlore money than they us, beckoning to greater results than l)epartment of the Fish and Ganle motives, with the motive to determine n"Were nevertheless so nmch " his maI " ever before. Not alone for business, Commission, which conapiles the total their importance to human activities, qed-----" 1y-sided and many or for ourselves; but for life and hu- catch of fish in California for nine we find that most reactions are due er th;mndfuld not help following inanity the call comes. ' months of 1925. Figures for the last 1~ ranl_~ aerie" ,, ,tim was a fine early- to the accumulated and immediate sur- :._ a., example of *~-~- ' , ~ Business, stripped of its aints for 'three naonths of the year are not as roundings of the individual, and that pt."net Svccles, .... the serious"at nOWamateur.amtost idealism and richer lives, is barren and yet available. The grand total for this many of the so called 'instincts' are e;:b~y~dnt an!ateur', has fallen con- devoid of rontance. Without an ethi- period is 337,004,578 I,ounds." Thereally habits and impulses, having for ms. It ~ d~srepute of late gener- cal regard for the things that it can caleb of sardines alone amonnted totheir driving force just plain, every accomplish an,t the results that maymore than 252,000,000 ponnds. Alba- day motives." asCOUlc tel,, .- . to mean either be obtained by its honest prosecution, core crossed the 20,000,000-pound CRAWFISH CHARLEY [ f UUe Who does a .thin- so little [lv~oSe!dm that he do~ it very business alone cammt justify itself in mark. California fishermen continue "Then, me, it is possible that our -' , in Sporting circles, to meanboarding wealth for the sake of gold. . to reap a valuable harvest off the scientists may some day discover that Who has uot yet s It is not necessary to point out the coast of Mexico. Importations from there are very important relationships t Pay for do:- een fit to ac- ultimate aims of business, because the this neighboring country amounted to between glands, states of mind, emo- 3 nlay b mg something well but line at : expected to step across same intelligence that is able to carry 8,~;76,36.3 l,ounds. During the season tions, motives, blood, and some of the .t. ny time. Its oht sense it on succes~uqy has also the capac- Los Angeles harbor and its canneries malignant physical growths that are ~atut ,goRe: The sense in which itv to know its purposes. Piett, re the received 174,104,334 pounds of fish. found in the body." ur had its literal translation-man of family or the home owner, orReceipts of sardines at Monterey CRAWFISH CHARLEY ?'~ ?.f.._ lover"--one who is so the one who honestly seeks his future anlounted to nlore than 100,000,000 "Peace and contentment of mind are . ._ ~,,me occupation other h destiny in performance of the duties pounds, and at Los Anegles over 136< sometinles found by human beings who Pa~d Pro~ . t an of life which in the course of things 000,000 ponnds, while San Diego c~)n- establish and maintain a mental en- iselt" to Performtessxnit tbatreallyhewell.SChools the world expects, and you see the tributed 15,000,000 pounds, v~ronment fit and sanitary enough for ~tth~s older sense Franklin was an man of ambition, lie is the man whoIn addition to boasting her citrus healthy tho2~ghtw:l tOc~veL2n." , une who love "gets on" in the worthwhile struggle, and raisin crops, California cai1 well [ so did t'- d to do things,to elegate himself, his family, hisbe proud of the crop annually harvest- "Thoughts live! Sure they do. Troll nero well. He bec led Politician and ame a neighbors and his community, ed from the sea, withont expense in- a bait as anglers do--and catch a ted .~ a diplomat ac- :Ope?tt most brilliant court of It is the perspective the goalaheadcident to cultivation. No other state thought. Then gaff it. Does it die? ms tradition of e amateur that leads men to success. Some, in- in the union has such valuable fisher- The more you hammer and abuse it, l~olitics is still orthod th deed, fail of their higher aims; but ies as has California. the stronger and more robust it thou,,~, ~ ox in Ameri- no one utterly fails who sincerely tries, ~H~ CATAUHA ,~LAN~R Wellv'aCnced ~-''- ~or !heasmOStin FraPart scared, y wlm believes in the worthiness of his, SENSIBLE SAVING grows" "rile CArOLInA ~S~ANOtR ~ngh ,~..,, nklm s case. task and sets about with a will to "Keep Avalon a Spotless Town." founi;~t ~ormally educated himself, perform it. The loser wins if he plac- 'lhe suna of $702,191.34 is on deposit hrouT~u.a great university and saw es his utmost resource into the job at in Los Angeles banks, carried in 47,461 We pledge our help! b,--sults t~rst anxious ears. / AN.Cog|' INSUR -- --'~ .~en a little i .... Y. He hand, and such a winner can never accounts bv school children. This is logical s--- u pnuosophmal and loseThe Berkeley Courier. the statement of A. tt. Thomas, Jim- peculation, butwas too etieal'minded to o rue CA'~ALINA ISLANDER for Vice-President of the Pacific ~ Fire, Accident, Co pe " , | se dir,~,:~,.uons, g very far m SOUTHWESTERN SCIENTISTS Southwest Trust and Savings Bank, [ Life, Theft, Etc. / inwas as an amateur in science that TO MEET'AT TUCSON, ARIZ. who is President of the Los Angeles[ 1Representing Only Reliable Companies | Banks' School Savings Association. LJ. E. MATHEWSON, AvMo 2[in Shone brighest H ...... (By Science Service) The purpose of this association is to trill to~*~. . " ~ W*t~ [IOL 'utica-":', ",~" amateur.SC'entlstThatbUt.., rather ae was Scieutists of the southwestern Unit-promote thrift and tlarift education in LECTR I C IAN[ 'at~sfied wlth a mer "~'~ h . ed States and of the Mexican statesthe public schools of the city. rained h" ' e m~ettant~sm, of Sonora and Chihuahua will meet School banks in the United States als or !mself in the stiff funda- at Tucson, Ariz., in a four-day session now have $25,913,531 on deposit, in I I" i. CAMERON | ieh ;af~gnteenth-century science of the Southwestern Division of the10,163 institutions, with 3,000,000 child.- II 336 Metropole Av. Ph. H-M| - uy no means a game for American Association for the Advance- ren as depositors. They drew $458,072 [ Office 212 Metropole Ave. | ted," Whether or not he ever act- L Agent Morris Electric SignI I merit of Science, beginning February interest on their deposits during the I_ d fly that much contr ne cer .... overted 15. It is anticipated that other scien- past year. Sucfi banks are now in t- FOR PAINTING Owloa~)]'tmly built up as complete tific Societies of the region will alsooperation in 39 states. :icit;"~ ot the new science of take part. "I'HECATALINAISLANDIrR ,,E= I anyone in his Catalina will give you the rest of t~[ :ss withou- - day could A place on the program will be given .._ t a knowledge of higher huatics, and turned it to pratt,- to a symposium on scientific and en- your life. Come to Catalina. Cole Paint Stor gineering problems connected with the WORTEI~--~ WORTH :z~o MKTROPOkI[ AVENUE | in the invention of the Colorado river.. TELLING-.-ADVERTISEI AVALON ..... CALIFORNIAt ~. ,,#