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February 8, 2013     The Catalina Islander
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February 8, 2013

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SU:Li s ::~: ::L :~hQughfema]esare6f~nahght-:-~.]jons have also been seen '!surf- From page 2 er golden brown. Males may reach ing" breaking waves. 1,000 lbs. (more often 850 lbs. The males are probably the the public against :getting close to or 390 kg) and 7 feet (2.1 m) in most vocal of all mammals, and seals and sea lions--particularly length. Females grow to 220 lbs. let out a loud incessant honking animals that come ashore. (110 kg) and up to 6 feet (1.8 m) bark to protect o/er their territo- "Pinnipeds divide their time in length, ries. between the ocean and the beach, They have a "dog-like" face, They are faithul to their terri- returning: to shore to rest, mate, and around five years of age, tories, and to thei harems of up to give birth, and for some species males develop a bony bump on 15 females. Sea [ions swim up to (to) molt their fur," the Marine top of their skull called a sagittal 25mph which ma~es them one of Mammal Center website said, crest. The top of a male's head the fastest aquatic carnivores. "Seals and sea lions will come often gets lighter with age. These Sea lions are kaown to damage ashore, as well, to stay warm and members of the Otariid, or walk- fishing gear andsteal or destroy dry when feeling ill." ing seal, family have external ear fish in the nets. A~ a result a lot of According to the website, flaps and are equipped with large California sea lio]s drown in nets marine mammals are protected by flippers which they use to "walk" and they are freqlently shot at by federal law and it is illegal to go on land. commercial fishe:men. , near them unless you have legal The trained "seals" in zoos and Sea lions are preyed upon by authority to handle them. aquaria are usually California sea killer whales. "These are wild animals and lions. They are knovn to have such they do bite, allowing the oppor- California sea lions are very diseases as pnelmonia, caused tunity for disease transmittal," the social animals, and groups often by a parasitic lmgworm, and a website said. rest closely packed together at bacterial infectim called lepto- favored haul-out sites on land, spirosis, which afects their livers About our sea lions or float together on the ocean's and kidneys. California sea lions are known surface in "rafts." They are some- Other problem for California for their intelligence, playfulness, times seen porpoising, or jumping sealions involve hmans. Sea lions and noisy barking. Their color out of the water, presumably to have been found legally shot and tends toward chocolate brown, speed up their swimming. Seaalso caught in dft or gill nets t '* The strains of California sealions that have come in droves to Avalon H;arber to feed on.suqid and bait fish have =helped~ live abo~i~d folks wake up to face a new day in'12atalina.-~ = - Courlesy photo : " ~i ~'-~ i . '~ : /: j and other marine debris, However, their population is growing steadir ly, and California sea lions can be seen in many coastal spots. The Californian sea lion was once killed in -gi:eat numbers for their blubber which could be made into oil, and the rest would be made into dog food. Today the seal lion is protected by an inter- national treaty which has led to a positive shift in their populationS. WatSon force had seized their vessel, tried swimming in the rapid vacuum From page 1 left by the dragging tug. Two of it. On Catalina, they worked hard the men, Captain Mike Link and and they played hard. 27-year-old Dan Rodriguez, man- As with any major commercial aged to make it back to the boil- enterprise with a certain ing surface and safely .' amount of risk involved, i!! aboard one of the tug,s pilot, barges. Bryan BUtBallanger, the tug s accidents did happen from time to time, such as the sinking of a barge was not so lucky and during the filming of the drowned. Clark Gable version of i: Incredibly, although "Mutiny on the Bounty" the submarine surfaced in 1935. The barge, after the incident, they loaded with camera gear made no attempt to and a numb .of res e the two survi- members,~'~ank hor[h~f "~ ~-'--" "-" v0rs. The two men Catalina Island taking Jim Watson had to be picked up all of its cargo to the Columnist - bottom--and resulting in the drowning death of a crew member. Fifty-five years later, in 1989, an eerily similar event revolving around filmmaking occurred; an event which also resulted in a single drowning death. The film was "The Hunt for Red October," based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name and starred Sean Connery, who played the role of a defecting Soviet naval officer named Marko Ramius, and Alec Baldwin, who played the role of Clancy's protagonist Jack Ryan. Since most of the story revolved around a Soviet nuclear subma- rine, Paramount Pictures had con- tracted with the U.S. Navy to use the U.S.S. Houston, a fast attack submarine based at the Naval Submarine Base in San Diego, to play the role of the Soviet sub. Shortly before dawn on June 14, 1989, the Houston was traveling through the channel near Catalina Island getting ready for filming later in the day. Unfortunately, at the same time, the Connelly- Pacific tug Barcona with three crew members aboard was also in the channel bringing two barges loaded with rock and fill material from the East End quarry to Long Beach. At 4:45 a.m obviously unaware of the presence of the tug, the Houston snagged the tow cable leading from the tug to the two barges she was towing. The tug was suddenly and violently dragged underwater. Back on the Barcona, the startled crew members, clueless as to what terrible and invisible later by a private ves- sel. Adding insult to injury, the Navy didn't even notify the Coast Guard about the incident until two hours after it had happened. The Navy did emphasize that the studio had nothir~ to do with the incident and that one of the film's .stars were presenat the time. The incident so traumatic for Link and Rociguez, the two survivors, that bth abandoned their seafaring ceers, although Link still works ithin the con- fines of Los Anges Harbor. Believe it or nq the captain of the Houston, Cmc. John H. $ohl III, was not imediately repri- manded for the ifident. In fact, it took two near-disasters within the followag months--an accidental floodag that threat- ened to sink th HOuston and the accidental curing of the sub's sonar cable--to inally convince the Navy to reli 'e him of com- mand. Jim Watson i the author of "Mysterious Islmd: Catalina," available on Amazon, Kindle and in stores all ver Avalon. review, the City NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF A DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPAC1 REPORT City of Avalon 2030 General Plan/Local Coastal Plan As the Lead Agency overseeing this project's environmental of Avalon has initiated the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report to determine the nature and extent of the project's potenlJal impact on the surrounding environment. Pursuant to Sections 15086 and 150if, Title 14, Cali- fornia Code of Regulations, this Notice is given to advise intere~d parties that the City has completed a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) br the proposed project described above and that the DEIR is available for public review. The proposed project is an update of the City of Avalon 2030 Geleral Plan/Local Coastal Plan (hereinafter referred to as the "2030 GP/LCW or sinply =GP/LCP"). The 2030 GP/LCP, which updates the 1978 General Plan, establi:hes the commu- nity's vision for the development of Avalon through the year 203t and will serve as the fundamental land use policy document for the City. REVIEW PERIOD: As specified by the State CEQA Guidelines, the Draft Environ- mental Impact Report will be available for public comment for a 45-day review period. The public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report will begin on February 8, 2013 and end on March 25. Comments mW be submitted, in writing, by 5"00 p.m. on March 25, 2013. Please send your response to: Amanda Cook, Planning Director 410 Avalon Canyon Road P.O. Box 707 Avalon, CA 90704 planning@cityofavalon.com Materials related to the General Plan / Local Coastal Plan and the Draft EIR are available for review at the City of Avalon Planning Department, Avalon City Hall, 410 Avalon Canyon Road, Avalon, CA 90704. These materials can al',o be viewed online at http://www.cityofavalon.com. The City will hold a public hearing that discusses the Draft EIR a6 PM on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. The meeting will be held in the City Council Cha]bers at Avalon City Hall, 410 Avalon Canyon Road. The purpose of the meeting ~ to solicit input on the scope and content of the environmental analysis includedn the Draft EIR. PLANNING COMMISSION - CITY OF AVALON NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Avalon Planning Commission will hold a PUBLIC HEARING to consider the following item at the February meeting to be held on Wednesday, February 20, 2013, at 7:00 p.m in the COUNCIL CHAMBERS AT 410 AVALON CANYON ROAD, AVALON CALIFORNIA. A Public Hearing for an Application for a New Conditional Use Permit and Resolu- tion to allow the renting or leasing of a room or rooms with or without table board in a dwelling unit for periods of fewer than thirty (30) consecutive days duration (Transient Rental Sec. 9-6.603 AMC) at 351 Catalina Avenue. Owner: Jane and Edward Waters Applicant:Catalina Island Vacation Rentals Location: 351 Catalina Avenue APN: 7480-034-024 PC#2508 Zone: High Density Flats Rle Date: January 7, 2013 A Public Hearing for an Application for a Lot Size Variance, Tentative Parcel Map and Local Coastal Development Permit to divide one parcel with two slxuctures into two parcels with one structure on each parcels at 106 Olive. Owners: David M. Renton Applicant Same Location: 106 Olive APN: 7480-020-003 PC#2509 Zone: High Density File Date:January 16, 2013 Public Hearing foran Application for a Conditional Use Permit, Local Coastal Permit and a Site Plan Application to install an unmanned telecommunications facility adjacent to Chimes Tower Road. Owner: Santa Catalina Island Resort Services Applicant:AT&T C/O Robert McCormick Location: NW of Chimes Tower Road APN: 7480-001-026 PC#2510 Zone: Low Density Rle Date: January 7, 2013 A Resolution to adopt Growth Ordinance for 2013. By: Amanda Cook Director of Planning Posted:City Hall Friday, February 8, 2013 Catalina Islander Friday, February 8, 2013 In compliance with the Americans with Disability Act, if you need special assis- tance to pa~cipate in this meeting, please contact Denise Radde, City Clerk (310) 510-0220. Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting. (28 CFR 35. 102- 35.104 ADAtitle II). All public records relating to an agenda item on this agenda are available for the public inspection at the time the records are distributed to all, or a majority of all, members of the Planning Commission. Such records shall be available at City Hall located at 410 Avalon Canyon Road. Members from the Public who would like to address the Planning Commission may appear at the public hearing during the consideration of this item and state their opinion. Written comments may also be submitted to the Planning Department, attention Planning Director Amanda Cook, PO Box 707, Avalon, CA 90704 prior to the Planning Commission's consideration of the item. Anyone may appeal any deci- sion made by the Commission to the City Council. To appeal, you must file a written appeal, and include an appeal fee of $842.00 with the City Clerk within fifteen (15) calendar days of such action. Any person challenging actions of the Planning Commission may be limited to issues he or someone else raises in writing prior to or orally at the hearing. All actions on Local Coastal Development permits seaward of the appealable area boundary (within 300 ft. of established mean high tide line) may be appealed by any aggrieved person to the Coastal Commission. THE CAT/LLiNA iiiLAND|R F:riclayiF:ebru a ry 8, 2'(~i-9