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February 6, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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February 6, 1924

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LANIE CATALINA ISLANDER CHER JACOBS HOLDS FOR CAR FARE FOR5 Grantham went all the way Kingman, Arizona, his home to Los Angeles to see Veeck and ile there not only signed up, but ted a specialist to have an ailment rected in his left arm. He injured member in some way during the apaign and it bothered him off and but he gave it no attention. It con- led to give him trouble during the so Veeck advised him to seek He did and the trouble located. Grantham also had an tooth yanked, this being the fad with those who sell advice to physical welfare. ~' On the Whole Jacobs Family lteher Elmer Jacobs, purchased by Cubs from Seattle during the De- meetings here, was a holdout about one day. The salary offered was satisfactory, .but it happens at there are five little "Jakes in the and papa wanted the club to transportation to Chicago for offspring. The Cubs didn't buy family, at least they didn't think but when Jacobs said that any fel- with five youngsters is entitled to few "extras" President Veeck to furnish the necessary rail- id tickets. ]f the fellow is as good as he is business man the won't regret spending the coin. in the west President Veeck a few days on Catalina Island, Cubs' traing camp. He reported diamond in wonderful condition, only the strapping clown of the Itses needed to make it ready for the :rformers. The athletes also wilt en- the lUXUry of a new bath house, so le only thing to worry about is the during the latter part of Feb- iary and all of March. Just what the thorn in Shortstop side may be no one seems know. The Cubs have been in with him with the idea of having s name restored to the active role, .~t there is some hitch somewhere. Lollocher indicated this when he said Would sign when the club "fixes up other matter." It may be that tollocher is holding out for his salary the period tlaat he was on the etired list last season, but this is only guess, because we don't even know fhether this salary for the season was )aid in full or whether it stopped when ie quit the club. He certainly wasn't :ntitled to pay for services he didn't :ender. Twelve new Cubs on List )f the thirty-two players Manager intends to take west, twelve newcomers. They are Pitchers Jaeobs, Floyd Wheeler, Phil 011ins, Fred Blake. Guy Bush, Bob sborne and Raymond Pierce;Catcher Churry, First Baseman Harvey Shortstop Pete Turgeon, Sec- nd Baseman Bob Barrett and Out- ~lder Jack Murray, a local product. and Barrett are "recalls." The veterans of the Cub staff are Alexander, Vic Aldridge, Tony Vic Keen, Nick Duroovich d Ernie Osborne. Dumovieh and who come from Topeka, Kan., are the only southpaws on hand. Jacobs, who is 31 years of age had td tryouts with the Pirates and Car- on his record, won twenty-four and lost ten games for Seattle last season. Blake, purchased along with (Continued on Page 10, Column 1) PAGE THREE "AROUND THE ISLAND" By Mickey Ahern l was standing along the main street of Avalon last Sunday, and noted quite a heated argument going on close by. Eddie Harrison and Hugh Stev- enson seemed to be having a strenous time with each other. ]t seemed that the argument was over the proper pronunciation of the word "either." Steve insisted it was pronounced "ee- ther." Eddie Harrison was just as in- sistent that it was "i-ther." They didn't seem to be getting anywhere, and just then along came that renown- ed Irish patriot and /-]'arbor ~faster, Mons. Mulcahy. They delegated him as arbiter. He listened closely to both sides of the argument, stuck his fingers under his suspender straps, threw his chest back like Frank John- son of the Foresters lnn, and remark- ed, with final decision: "Both of you gintlemin are intirely 'tong! It's nay- ther 'ee-ther' nor 'i-ther' -- it's 'ay- ther.'" Then he strutted away with a swaggering walk, leaving the two erst- while combatants gazing at him dumb- founded. What's your opinion? l'm neutral, and it's the first time an Irish- man ever was. *** There is a young man named McKay; An Irish telephone man, so they say; But he insists he's a Scot-- Which we know is all rot-- But I wonder how he gets that way. *** Every day you hear some one in- quiring "What's the boat count ?" Re- ferring, you know, to the number of passengers arrivingon the daily steamer to Avalon. One of the old- timers on the Island says "That's an old habit. When Cabrillo landed on Catalina Island, centuries ago, it is said a native ran down to meet him and asked 'How many on the boat ?' " ]f that's an old one, it's time you turn- ed over a new leaf. Anyway, I un- derstand they improve with age. Not meaning women's tempers. Ahem ! *** To appreciate the following wit it would be necessary to hear the colored gentlemen referred to relate it in per- son. Imagine dialect and you will sing "sympathy" for me in your bar- rel-tone voice : /Z/e said: "I 'member one time back in Chicago in the ole clays when yu' S ' cu'd go in dose .~of drink emporums and extuminate yu'r thirst. A couple of us fellers all used to go into a sutin care every noon and imbibe a few lemonades. You know wol Ah mean-- and casually eat up the vJcyuls settin' dare invitin' us on the bah. Every (lay, rain or shine, dere wuz also an- udder culuhed fellah dere, who nevah wuked, but alus wuz excepshunily pleased to swaller a few durin' our often and sumpchus treats. "Dis here felluh, he nevah treated back. No, suh! He was the nefew of duh big fat culuhed ownah, and prob- ly thought dat wuz sufficient induce- ment foh us all to buy his'n drinks. "We all got very tired o' dis. Oh, so very tired, and Ah predickted dat soon would Ah 'call' dis felluh to a 'Good-bye-foh 'evah', or some such song. "De nex' day Ah 'called' him a-plen- ty, and dat means 'muehly.' His hou- ohable unkle, howevah, took immense excepshun to it, and got plenty incen- sed. So much so dat he up and re- mahked: 'Look-a here, yung felluh, yu-all can't bawl my blud relashuns out dat-a-way. Ah don' lak yu, any- how. Git outta heah, and stay out, or sum o' yu' blood relashuns will be lef' behind heah as evidence dat yu' waz wunce a customah heah.' Ah waslate for wuk, anyway, so Ah lef' in a hur- ry, so's Ah wud neahly be on time. Ah wuzn't skahed, nohow, do' yu unduh- stand ? "Nex' day Ah jus' nachurlly wended mah weary frame tow'ds the same drink emporum, and nevuh gave a tho't about d' prevus 'ccurence. Sho'tly Ah was gently but fumly reminded, how- evah. As Ah wa'ked in dat doo'h dis big ownah said, wha'l his nefew was carressin' the lily white neck of a neahby bottle of gin (ah mean wite pop,'scuse me): 'An' lisen heah, unduh- takah solicituh,' he says, 'yesstuday Ah tole yuh to get outtah heah and stay out. Dat mean't puhmanently~ not tempuhahly---and dat don' mean MAYBE. Duz yu' unduhstan plain languige dis time?' "So lissen, folks," coaxed this young colored fellow, "please don' sap 'puh- manently,' or 'maybe,' aroun' mah pre- sence, 'cause Ah ahlwuz heahs mah feet arguin' wid each oder. One is coaxin,' Kum on outtah heah,' while de oder is sayin' 'Les all stik 'round fo' anudder minute.' Ah'm allus afraid dat las' foot is goin' to win some day and den Ah'm missin' aroun' heah phumanently, an' dat won' mean M AYBE !" ~* lit Outside of that, I don't know any- think, folks t BASEBALL Lawrence Robertson is of record as being the first of the Los Angeles "Angels" to sign up for 1924. "Lefty" Thomas, pitcher, has been sold by the Angels to the Shreveport Indiana, team of the Southern Asso- ciation. Tom Garsett, pitcher, now in the army, but whose term expires soon, has been signed by the Portland "Beavers." Marry Krug has been retained as manager of the Los Angeles team for the coming season. The New York "Yankees" are re- ported to have bought Pitcher Charles "Nick" Collop from the Omaha club of the Western League, for $10,000. Clothes Do Not Make the Man but they do help him to make good impressions. There is satisfaction in al- ways appearing well dressed. Suits made at City Prices. MARTIN HALL Merchant Tailor Avalon California Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, for information about sea angling. If you all knew the wonderful comfort that comes from putting your feet down between the sheets against a nice warm water-bottle-- Oh, Min! you would get two of them ! As Low as $1.50 ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 417 Crescent Avenue IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AYALON REAL ESTATE GET IN TOUCH WITH A. L. LAURANCE V~l'r H SANTA CATALINA ISLAND CO. AVALON. CALIFORNIA GOOD GROCERIES FINE FRUITS NUTRITIOUS NUTS VARIOUS VEGETABLES MANY MEATS C-SEA-SEE I il6 Catalina Avenue Phone 31 FREE DELIVERY