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January 30, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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January 30, 1924

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!!): "HEAVEN ON A TROPICAL ISLAND" sense of poverty so that the posses- sion of a dollar will meau to you more than a hundred dollars did once. There you wilt drop failure, and life will be one glorious striving toward a success that is as surc to collie to you --you will know then--as the sun is to shine, or the ram to ram, for sun or rain on my Tropical Island brings joy supreme, "Perhaps you like to travel. Then ao to my Tropical Island'. It iS UOt fat, or it is, according t) .~our tem- perment or your training, }'our eager desire to visit its blissfui shores and your ability to pers{st in attaining that desire. But. it is, while pleasant, not an easy journey. It is long and hard in many ways--and perhaps no one, in this worhl at least, ever reaches the ery centre of its luxuriance where perfect joy would be his forevermore. "The new psychologists tell us to dear me !-- toesn't e~eryone know the utter futility of words? Some sort of a langna~c without words must be in- vented to describe-thin~s and sensa- tions. \\ell i: is in the process of emergin~ iron: :he chrysalis of inven-. tion, and the ianguage is that of thought. This is a lanaua~e that can- I10." 'De tl:,C~[ tO any great exteut except by your own desire. '\\;hen l wish 1 can drop illness, poverty, nnhaplfiness aud (allure. l can be well, rich, hap- py and successful, l can he what 1 wish, (o: i ,myseK. in my own person. aw, an expression of Universal Mind. There?ore ! wi!I drop the burden '~f nevativeness and weakness, and I will henceforth allow only l,ositi~eness and strength to ru!e u;e. 1 will he 12 'You s,c~-, :~y Tropical Island is with- in the reach of all! You don'i need to take a rrai:,~ o: o~;n an automobile to :re: :!:.'yd. x-'o:1'vc got to want to In the Sttldy of auto-suggestion you get all your own way. You learn something about one of your closest friends, What canses your friend's successes .in life? What causes the ffailings ? You can talk with your :friend, walk with him or her, out in -the great'open places; you can sit on the sandy beach, or on the mountain top; fly or swim; play or work; and your friend will be just as loyal to 2,'on as you arc! \Vith yourself you seldom quarrel, because you get all your oun way! When you cut two pieces of cake--you get them both-- anentally ! "Heaven On a Tropical island" is the title gi~ien to an article written by" Mac Barstow Guernsey in the January issue of "Psychology." Catalina is not exactly a "tropical , island," but to many visitors who enjoy the island's beauties, Catalina is as near "Para- get'you there. You will !york, but RVIN will do only the work that youvat to do. amt ar~: fitted for. X, Vork t~ is joy is not work as such, even thot~ (Edit~ strength may be taken from the phyun [o ical body in its Imrformance, but~;riler br ngs with it a feeling of cesta(y,tl~erstan coflsciousness of work well (tone, tNiDeen I' makes such weariness a bagatelle, gnmm.c~ be thrown oft" at will. ~aanagt "So stand Lip, sick, weary anti Sllows. one ! The sooner you realize that Y#to be 1 v0ursclf, mak( your own trouhles, %ri'ting sooner you will be on the road to ~f ice Tropical Island of Delight. Throw ~erv m, your chest, square your shouhtcrs, "Let' on 5'our toes, and take a t0ng de~ lntr{ breath of pure air--and, by the w~:Chiea~ there is no better means for resti~ tired nerves or for renewing low *:ill; it3 than that exercise---and resol~'e tl~I)ear from now on you will cast off y0~ Just burden. Say it to yourself, or saylander aloud it doesn't matter which---ocbehl~ say it. Repeat the formula [ gave ya "fish" or make up one. of your own. But It baseb; it ring with hope! And assure yo. Pus self that know that you O ~s on{ . ~i' fellow ha~e any sort of heaven you " ri:aht here and now on this earth, ball . "Here's hopina you have a joy0~ publk " with journey !" is rig The Catalina Islander will welco~ As correspondence on problems of a p~ grapt chological nature. : you t suit Write :o the Catalina Light Tack[ cours ClUb, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, Califorr~i~ turin for information about sea angling. Nell,, be s Avalon Branch of the Los Angele year, Cou::t', t',ablic ISbrarv, 201 Metrop0}' ida 1 avenue, open Monday, \Vednesday a~ bein Satt'r.:[ay afternoons from 2 to 5; al~ wro~ Wednesday amt Saturday eveni~f ing from 7 to 9 o'clock.Visitors are al' is t~ ~ ays welcome, be [-[ave you a friend whom you wo~t ~2exl like to .receive a sample copy of ,ri~ ha,), yea~ Catalina Islander? Send us the nat~ tO and address A\ a AVALON POSTOFFICE -saw , sam( Mail is due to arrive daily, excel ,, Sunday, at 12:25 p.m. v i Ma~l departs daily, except Sunday, s slid 3:30 p.m. I r Outgoing mail closes at the postotli# ent ~1 at 3:00 p.m.. i The postofiice is open daily, exc ~en Sunday and holidays, from 8 a. m: ~ ~, ......... .... ;~ . A , 5!00 p. m.~except while the mail e Bit of C.t.lina Scenery .t Hotel St. C.therine ..ovo .v ..v.s being distributed immediately after ,,t~ ab, t. arrival .... th~ t ' ' " & i dise" as one may "even dream of ~Sn get in o t e 'g 0ore Of law.' To mego, though, so the first thing to do is * 1~so i/his mundane sphere. ' " that sounds a little like the old-time to get after that desire--and there LOCAl2 TIME AND TIDE TABIb " . --- #to i Had Mtss Guernsey" writtenher ex- straight and narrow path, and while 1 mustn't be anything half-hearted about Tides are placed in order of occurrett 1,, l~:ellent. , - ~article. a at .Catalina', she could, do not wish to minimize the difficulties it either! But you don't need to move Comparison wtll" show high and lo*tit te~v !not. have pamted a nmre conwncmg of getting in the 'grooVe Of law'--and --at the moment, anyway--froh~ yourLight figures a. m. black figures p. dr :picture ia auto-suggestion. She says: staying after you get in!--I like to comfortable couch-hammock---or, if you JANUARY 1~ think of it as a path that is full of are of an ascetic turn of mind, from Th 31 .......... 5:26 12:37 ?:~$ 11:, ,, r" "Do you like to see beautiful things ? flowers, .if you can s~e them, and that your straight chair. Is it magic? Yes, - 6.2 0.0 4.1 ~'~;~ Do you like to play games--have a at the end of the path there is a view in a way, but not myth magic. It is FEB~RY h~ good time? Are you interested in joythat you can catch glimpses of as you all true--really! F 1 ......... 6:23 l:g/ ?:~d~ .... ~ m and happiness ? Can any one answer wander .along, or run, according to .... , ",,, 6.6 --0.6 4.4 ...-': anything but 'yes' to those questions? your own aes~re. ........... ,~n: mere s me '-wnen, you reaa my articm, rteaven S 2 .......... 12:44 7.14 ~:1~ $:~ .m Are you sick? Or sad? Or poor? word and the rub( Your own desir~t on a Tropical Island,' what picture 1.9 6.9 --1.0 ~ xr !Or a failure? Would you like to be does your mind conjure up ? Doesn t M 4 2 1.6 7.1 --1.2 ..~ " " " ' Su 3 .......... 1:36 7:59 :l:51! ~:IJ rr ~well? And happy? And rich? And "By this time you are perhaps be- it suggest warmth and sunlight, and .......... :22 8:41 3:31 ~", a success? Are you cynical--or have ginning to realize that my Tropicalgloriously colorful flowers, and birds 1.7 7.1 --I.15~ o you kept your illusions? Are you old Island is not one that you can see of magnificent plumage singing notes Tu 5 ......... 3:05 9:22 4:0 e, :--~,,nd have forgotten youth ? with your bodily eye. And yet why of piercing sweetness--but most of all, 1.3 6.9 ---0.9 5~ a : 'No matter what you answer to any not? We are told that our bodily happiness that is linked with love?W 6 ......... 3:46 10:02 4:4~ 11:~ ,, of my questions you really ought to eye cannot always be trusted. Every- Yes, bliss will be yours if you go to 1.3 6,5 --5.0 5, 1~ take a trip to my Tropical Island! thing looks different to each pair of my Tropical Island. You may so cul- ~TOR~-MW~I~C~ t i There you will find beauty such as eyes. We are told that colors, for in- tivate your own personality in the i you never dreamed could exist. There stance, do not look the same to differ- baths of beauty that are yours for the ~ ~ ~ [] ~ ~ "~c ' you will find such abounding health ent people. And after all how can we taking there, that love of the highest c> ,j I ', i that the mere feel of your radiant 'know? I have always wondered just type will come to you, whether you ,o,,~,, ..... s, ~o~,o, ,o~,~ ...... 'body will bring bliss such .as you eyni- why we imagined that things looked ask it or not. Flags with perpendicular lines, Red; ' cal ones could not believe ever existed tbe same to two people at all. We "Don't imagine it's all ease. The small squares, Black; other fin# anywhere. There you will lose the have words to describe them--but sort of effort that becomes strain won't White.