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January 23, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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January 23, 1924

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:iI i!! PAGE FOUR THE CATALINA ISLANDE FIE A Lecture Entitled ver P" ~ ture a: 4 ~ J trophe Gill l tlan 1 t,,e. ?he , t loJ l of Jo ,you,o By JUDGE SAMUEL W. GREENE, C. S., of Louisville, Ky. - i A Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts ~ tsn~i~t,? ~ X?~,lq --d.__ ,, j~ --, ,s -k[ist At the Atwater Hotel on Tuesday welcome reception of the revealed understanding his spiritual nature, as is Therefore all things whatsoever Y~ ._~ Judge Greene s address follows: meantime thought but' little if any of a right triangle equals the sum of the of business has been strife, competil :sink f his physical condition or of the poss{- squares on the other two sides, he is ~iuO2 sgs}~ui~, whereas one to be reall~ The Discoverer bility of his healing. When he return- better able to appreciate and. under- see et fr ~dtl~yful in his work muss Eve The Discoverer and Founder of ed to England and was examined by stand the forever truth that man is a ' o e spiritual view poin~ .cn~ra~ Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, his physician, to his great surprise, he spiritual idea. The text book says, "A Consider, for instance, the steel busi~ it is is one of those world figures, whose was pronounced well. He is today the spiritual idea has not a single element ness resolved into thoughts. Repla~ has C words and works are convincing proofs picture of ruddiness and health, and of error, and this truth removes prop- these material objects with spiritu ~ Wh that she saw the joyful vision. Her has been on constant duty in the at- erly whatever is offensive." (Science ideas. What is the mental result? N~ mea:~ system of teaching and her expounded my these thirteen years, and Health 463:12, 13.) This spiritual just steel rails for trains to run over} theology may not have been in accord In the study of Christian Science one truth understood is the basis for heal- butt Sst~etlY,trendurance, honesty. No~ Get with ..the accepted orthodoxy of her learns that God is Love, Life, Truth, ing in Christian Science. ' j e ains but freedom, domin'~ cann~ day or even of the present day, but Soul, Mind, Spirit, Divine Principle. It The first stop in Christian Science ion, overcoming of time and space, lov~ icy, what would have been the fate of oth- teaches that these truths concerning healing is to awaken confidence in the joy, gladness and satisfaction. Not jus~ Let er great leaders had they been rated what God is must be discerned spirit- patient that God can and does heal. steel utensils, but beauty, utility, har~ matte Joy the world as by their contemporary ually before one can demonstrate them This confidence is aroused usually by mony and safety. Put these thoughtsI the i theologians? What of Jesus or Paul in his every day life. This is, ofone's gaining a new view point of ere- into the minds of steel manufacturerS,} ,or Luther? course, exactly as Jesus taught. "God ation or of what man is in his right laborers, or salesmen, and you hav~ troub Mrs. Eddy's revelation came to her is a Spirit, and they that worship Him relation to God. revolutionized the business for the itt'~ We : in'an hour of great human need. When nmst worship him in Spirit and in Jesus said, "God is a spirit," or an- dwldual and for the pubhc. W~th sucll~ work all else had failed to bring her health, Truth." (Jno. 4:24.) This spiritual elu- other translation is, "God is spirit, and thoughts of his business the manufac'i peace, and joy, she turned to God'scidation of the terms used for God in they that worship Him must worship turer would not be concerned with ho/i other word for comfort and for healing. As Christian Science is revealed and made Him in spirit and in truth." (John much profit he could make, but ho~ only she studied the words and works of practical to the student in the constant 4:24.) Since God is Spirit, and man ac- much of these wonderful things h~the t' Jesus of Nazareth, there came to her study of the Bible with the text book. cording to the first chapter of Genesis could give. The more rails, trains, and~ fight the understanding that Jesus had come A plan of daily Bible study is afforded is made in His image and likeness, it automobiles, the more freedom, joY,l love, overcoming and donfinion, ttel Yo to teach the world anew the great les- by a use of the Christian Science Bible would seem only logical and reasons- would thus consider profit only fr~ the t son of God's everpresence and omnip- lessons. In addition one can profitably ble to believe as Christian Science otence. She saw how Jesus' work sup- the standpoint of being enabled to con" the plemented and made perfect the great read the va-rious other writings of Mrs. teaches, that man is spiritual, or as it . . Eddy and the Christian Science period- is expressed in the text book, "This tmue pr0ducmg. ~ Tr~ vision of God s Allness as it had been icals, established by her and published creation consists of the unfolding of interpreted by earlier students, such as in Bbston under the direction of The spiritual ideas, and their identities." WHO KIL~OST BIRDS~I show A Moses, Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha. She Mother Church Government. (Science and Health 502:29-2.) " ~ folio, saw how Paul had been able to recon- cile the revelation of the Christ with Man Once a man begins to understand hisWho kills the most birds, cats o~ Hop~ spiritual being--his God-likeness, he the teaching and practice of these ear- One of the most satisfying results of can more hopefully dispute the claims men ? A London dispatch to the Ne~I I lier prophets and wise men. Thenone's spiritual understanding of GOD of matter as evidenced in pain, disease York \,Vorld says that those who love over there came the conviction of the prac- as taught in Christian Science is the or physical imperfection. He can see to nmse over poetic justice may find of t tical nature of Jesus' teaching, and equally important knowledge of whatthat healing is largely a process of or- satisfaction in the fact that the Mar': medi how little the religionists of her time man is. In our generally accepted hu- ercoming false beliefs and becoming were so regarding it. Filled with the man concept of man, he has been re-imbued with the true knowledge of quis of Ripon, whose death was re"ing joy of the' knowledge of the ever pres- garded as material, therefore as tem- God s Allness, and of man in His like- corded recently, was stricken suddenlY in hi ent availability of God's power, she poral, and subject to sickness, sin and ness--partaking of the spiritual quali- at the end of a morning's shooting i~ ually turned her thought absolutely to God, death. In the spiritual interpretation ties. He begins to see that his con- which he had bagged fifty-six brace of and away from all material means, and of the Bible one learns that man iscern need not be with the body and its immediately her healing came. spiritual and partakes of the spiritual complaints, but rather that his task is grouse. He was a mighty slaughterer The Text Book qualities of God, who is Spirit. This with thoughts, of game birds, and was reputed to bc W Perhaps the work of Mrs. Eddy that teaching, any Bible student will recog- the best shot in the world. He had ~ ton. is more generally known to the world nize as being based on the first chap- In speaking of Jesus' healing of the than any other is the Christiaza Science ter of Genesis where it is said: "And sick, the text book says, "Jesus beheld record of shooting 19,135 birds in ~f and Text Book, Science and Health withGod said, Let us make man in our im- in Science the perfect man, who ap- single year, 1893. He killed 18,500 i~q Key to the Scriptures. This book was age and likeness; and let them have peared to him where sinning mortal1890, 18,259 in 1889, 16,695 in 1894, and! "W her effort to give the vision or revels- dominion over the fish of the sea, and man appears to mortals. In this per- 15,766 in 1892. At the age of seventY~ tion to the world so that all who would over the fowl of the air, and over the feet man the Saviour saw God's ownhe was able to bag 420 grouse in ~':i likeness, and this correct view of man L might know the practical value of an cattle, and over all th~ earth, and over healed the sick." (Science and Healthsingle" " day, and to kdl' forty-six out of~ understanding of God as He is re- every creeping thing that creepeth up- 476:32-4.) forty-seven pheasants in a single drive'i t A vealed in the teachings of Jesus and on the earth. So God created man in un the prophets and apostles. The study his own image, in the image of God Healing of Sin and Business --Our Dumb Animals. i St of the Christian Science text book, in- created he him; male and female ere-Misinformed or uninformed people etc stead of lessening one's interest in the ated he them." (Genesis 1:26, 27.)have erroneously believed that Chris- Oh, there are looks and tones that darti Bible, increases it. Instead of destroy- The hostile critic of Christian Sci- tian Science has no concern with sal- An instant sunshine through the heart;~ ing one's respect for the Bible, it ere- ence may vehemently protest that one ration from sin. When one grasps the ates a new and genuine love for it. Its cannot so construe the quoted passage spiritual understanding of man as As if the soul that minute caught :l spiritual interpretation of the Bible is of Genesis, while there remains the so- taught in Christian Science, one will Some treasureit through life had~ not a distortion of the text to suit the called material creation of man in the perceive that the most effectual and sought. 1 tItha~ teachings of Christian Science. It is second chapter of Genesis. A complete certain salvation from sin is the de- .the discovering and revealing of sacred answer to that one will find in the text struction of sin and sinful thoughts in --Moore.i wor and unsable truths. Itis spiritualappre- book, in the Chapter called Genesis-- one's consciousness. Immediately one ~ hension even as indicated by Paul in which is a part of the "Key to thebeholds his fellow man as spiritual, as Whoever you are, be noble; I his letter 1o the Corinthians, "But asit Scriptures." For the purposes of this reflecting the Godlike, he no longer Whatever you do, do well; is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear lecture it can be briefly said that on hates him, cheats him, or wrongs him. 'heard, neither have entered into the the undisputed authority of Jesus, God At once he loves him because he is Whenever you speak, speak kindly; heart of man, the things which God is Spirit. To be logical and sensible in Godlike. Give joy wherever you dwell. hath prepared for them that love Him. determining what man would resemble In this same thought is likewise of- --Ruskin. But God hath revealed them to us byif made in God's image it would seem feted the solution of so-called business His Spirit; for the Spirit searcheth all necessary to say he must be like Spirit problems, lack, unemployment, dullness, Write to the Catalina Light Tackle j things, yea the deep things of God." or spiritual and not material. This tea- failure, and such like. In the sermon Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, Californi~ A careful reading of the text book ching is fortifie 1 by Paul's apparent ef- on the Mount, Jesus gave what the usually opens one's consciousness to a fort in his v,.; .:~gs to bring to man's world has called the golden rule. for information about sea angling.