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January 20, 1926     The Catalina Islander
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January 20, 1926

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+I )ER ! THE CATALINA ISLANDRR PAGE SEVEN EEg$ i, died morll" weeks SOCIAL AND PERSONAL Mr. and Mrs. George Aull are again residents of Avalon. SOCIAl. AND PZRSONAk Dr. and Mrs. Peckham returned to the mainland on Sunday. C. W. Carson returned Sunday from a week-end trip to Los Angeles, SOCIAL AND PERSONAL Mrs. Grace R. Ashbridge came over on business Monday, returning to the mainland on the afternoon boat. LEGIONAIRES, ATTENTION l Doings of Catalina Island Post, No. 137 American Legion, Avalon, Calif. Our first regular business meeting of the year was held last Wednesday ~arb0t ,oc,^L ^NO PERSONAL at the City FIall. There was a large SOCIAl.. ANO p~rRSONAI- A William Fox company came over attendance, anti, boy, the pep and en- Mon' . Dr. R. V. Baker and family are %is- Sunday, aaad is engaged in filming a a del'~ " thusiasm was sure there in gobs. Comrades, you do nfiss it if you don't .s and ~tmg On thevnt cA'rAl-mAcntinent~sLA~o,~afr a few days. picture at the Isthmus. We under- turn out to these meetings. Here are d seq'~ SuEndM. Harrison and family returned stand that the title of the picture will some of the interesting things that.~ be "Yellow Fingers." were done: Arrangements made and PRAISES PRESENT AVALON . ay from a brief trip to the main- soct^L ,,No P~nso.^L conunittee appointed for a big mins- mise~ land metropolis. Mrs. M. E. Hewitt of Riverside, a , CITY WATER SUPPLY ;cottY :! trel show, to be held at some future red AI soetAL Ano PerSONA- date, probably in March; a big dance Mn and Mrs. A. A. Powell are tak- well known summer resident of Ava- and feed, to be held February 3rd at 'One of the most pleasant experi- ca~e!~ mg m the sights of San Fran6isco for Ion, is spending a couple of weeks of Foresters Inn; drum bugle corps ences to me on this visit to Catalina .,n he a week or ten days. the winter season here, for the fisrt launched; membership committee ap- pointed-Comrade MUlcahy chairman; is the fact that the domestic water is first~ SOC,A. AND PERSONAL time in all the years that she has Boy Scout committee much better than it used to be Arthur Mills of the Hotel St. Cath- been coining to the Island. She says .... e ia ~! rade James D. Malloch chairman; years ago, said Mr. J. H. Stamford, ,us 14!ie~ne: barber shop, was a eross-chahnel she is charmed with it, equally as in Auxiliary committee appointed--Corn- proprietor of the Hotel Stamford, but 'ed its!v ssenger Sunday, north bound. !~ the summer, rade Oscar Griffith chairman, who is now residing permanently at St]ill M' soe,Al- ANy Ptaso.^t. '!: sore^l- ^.o p,,Rson^l- " Keep This--Here is the Dope: Claremont, California. "I well remem- r. and Mrs. H. D. MacRae x~ere "Red" Grange and party of 22 foot- Thursday, Jan. 21--All interested in klasl~![among the north bound passengers onball players from the Chicago BearsBugle Corps meet with Comrade Pus- ber the time when we could not use the Steamship Catalina on Suday. ! sarelli at City Hall at 7:45 P M the Island water because of its alkali enfO~ visited Avalon Monday, before lear-Monday, Jan. 25 All interested in content. But that was years ago! ~rated;. ' S~IkL. AND PtRSONAI-', ing for San Francisco, Portland andthe minstrel show, meet at City Hall "Mr. Wrigley and the Santa Cata- l als0;;After a few weeks stay on themain- Seattle. "Red" took in all the sights, at 7:30 P. M. made! land, the pleasant face of Mr. D.L.and it is said that one or two of the Wednesday Nite, February 3--Dance lina Island Company are to be highly and entertainment at Foresters Inn.comphmented for the development 'e fs'i~ Cullen is soe,ALagain *,oseenp~asonA,in Avalon. Catalina mermaids went in swimming Any Legionaire wanting to invite a work they have done at Avalon dur-~ '. pi0.i. ..Mrs. J. j. Orion of Los Angeles is Monday ,afternoon for the football friend or friends can get guest cards ing the past six years. Most impor- l-tinae v~xtmg her daughter, Mrs. W. Green-champions especial benefit, from the committee, Comrades R. S. Alexander or H. Stamford, "anytime." taut of all, however, was the solutiou whO ~aum of. Whittley avenue, for a few sock^l- ^NO PtaSO,^" If yoUr mother, sister or wife is in- of the problem of obtaining good wa- uays. After completing a 2500-mile trip terested in the Auxiliary, they can get ter from Middle Ranch." i soe,A~ ^,0^l- by automobile through Arizona, Tex-~n:~.rmation from Comrade Oscar Grif- When the people of Avalon formed: HMr.s.N. Margrave of the Catalina as and New Mexico, W. J. Walton Memberships--Let's get them in fast, an incorporated city in 1913, Mr. Jun'~ ospltal was a north-bound p s and E. Windle returned home last and lots of them, to Comrade Mulcahy. Stamford was elected chairman of the ill b*?ger on the steamshipCatalira: en~week. On the return trip to Califor- .weelt~ Yours for a banner year, Board of trustees. He was a member mrcl~iiMonday. nia a visit was made to the Grand James B. Ogden, Cot:nmander. of the board for two terms, and his T,~ taTAr.m^ fs~^~mm tss Canyon of Arizona.Passing over the Tim Mulligan, Adjutant. interest m the progress and develop- firsti~ W.H. Muleahy and wife an M ContinentalDividein New Mexico THWCATALINA 'S'-~nOZa ment of Avalon while a "city dad" ncing! Doris Wilcox came ~- ....~" - Chesney W. Ca, rver made abrief was very praisworthy. to ~{ -' uaCK to mew ~v- the "tourists" traveled some sixty Bible i; ~on home on Sunday, after a short miles in snow that was three feet in trip to the mainland this week. sock^l- .,,No P,,~son~- o,,ty on the continent. be ~ depth It was the first snow the two soe,^~ ^.o Ps~so.~ Two dogs were poisoned during the dis'~ soe~, *~o PZ~SO,A~ Catalina Island residents had been in At the urgent request of friends, past week, A number of poisoned __Mr. W. L. White is secretar and for twenty years. F.H. Ott will tell all who are inter- raisins found in the vicinity of Met- y be ~ manager of the Ca ..... Y*" ested enough to be present, the story ropole avenue has furnished City Mar- r, tallna bpeea ~oat ~ '+OmPany o ' sock^-^~o ~,z,so~,~ of the very enjoyable trip which he shal Alger with some data regarding tot]~i "~v'~tsh .... m '"CatalinaPeratingwatersthe various speed Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymour and Mrs. Ott recently took down the the activities of the dog poisoner. A l set" Westbrooh are ccu y tg Q ,lonel will'! Burnside's cottage for a short time. reward of $100 has been offered for the apprehension of the person who soe,~ ~no etasom~ Westbrook are occupying Colonel west coast of Mexico by boat, stop- Margie Gard ,*as a passenzer for the Burnside's 9tta for a sl t time. ping at Central American and Panama nedt'~ " . ~ . Mr. Westbrook, a mining engineer, Canal Zone ports, visiting Cuba anddistributed the poison. mid,I Thursday for the purpose of s mainland,on the steamship Catahendi:g has justreturned from Mexico, ha,'-some of the southeastern states, in- r.~ c^~,,~m^ ,S~^NO*a se'~ a hme there with relatives P ing spent ten years there at the San eluding Florida, and returning by rail On Friday last the tower at Wrig- Vicente mine.Edward N. Dickerson, to California. The story of his trip :and" ~ soc~. ^.t~ P~son.. Icy Field, Los Angeles, was dedicated year, ~M.Mr. and Mrs. William ohnston andformerly of Catalina, is the son-in- will be illustrated with stereopticon to the memory of the ball playerswho !~ ~iss Alice M. Johnston, Jof Jackson, haw of Mrs. Westbrook. The West- pictures This will occur at the Com- gave up their lives for their country ~'ec ::: n~ ..... ~were recent visitors to Catali- brooks are in California looking for a nmnity Church at 7:30 P.M. on Fri- during the World War. High Com- golt~ w~tt. t, ney_ are spending the winter home to which to bring their families day, January 22. Everyone is invited, missioner Judge K. M. Landis made lo.i Lo ' ohnsto.. 17 eptuneP ace from New Vo k City (Persona"y. There will be no charge in any way the principal address. "~eaen- we think it will be difficult for them for attendance, r"~ CATALIN& ,SkAnD/" . i! so~a^~ ~.o ~easo++~u to find a more ideal place for a home soc,^u ANI~ ~ZRSO~,~^t. Red Grange and his Chicago Bears eo~IY Yost and Stella Watkins, a than Avalon.) Mr. A. E. Taylor, writing from his bested the Los Angeles football ag- vhell wh~'et young ladies from St. Louis soc,,~ ^NO p,~sonA- home at Peach Springs, Arizona, says:gregation 12 to 7, and got away with n b. i forn;^ .c Spending the winter in Calf- A party of pronfinent eastern visit- "Please find enclosed my check for $5 San Diego 14 to 0. The coast teams Ja';: -,. ,,t, were week-end visitors to C t ors were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Win. for subscription to the Islander. Your did well, considering the lack of prac- ~ttna Th"- '~ " A. ,! " -~Y expressed themselves asWrigley Jr. and Mr. J. H. Patrick, paper is surely a live wire, and I ap- rice they had. charmed ~vith the attractions here. [y s president of the Santa Catalina Island preciate it very much. It keeps me in took ~ SOCIAL "AND PERSONAl. b -, T. i l~rs. W. H Mead, aceom amed Company, on Monday. They were touch with the happenings and events : THE ISLANDER ADLETS .Ba.~i Mr and ~* " . p " y members o~ the Illinois Terminable of the wonderful Magic Isle. I am t "_ ~trs. Joe Taylor, has opened Permit Investigating Commission, who now the owner of the Peach Springs ADLET RATES--Ten cents per lint Ath" ~ n_er Ularessa avenue residence forare on a Pacific Coast tour from Chi- Trading Post, 400 miles east of Los per issue. Minimum charge, 25 eta. nays.Miss ~ .- ten 'L~ " ~uelle M+ead arrived cago, IlL, from January 4th to 27th. Angeles, on the National Old Trails MOnday, accompanied b on The visitors who enjoyed the Island fu" :~ l~orSMo---Kimball upright piano. mam'~'.~nel.mling Mrs. George Wei- hospitality wer Fred E. Sterling, Lieu- kets and rugs, etc .... You probably ^u-txs .~ (~ ~ erie a. . .. Y a party of Highway. My specialty is Indianbas-Price, $200. Box 1481, Avalon. 2-3p may ! m--- =,u children, Mrs. Geo. Fermi-tenant-Governor of Illinois, wife and remember me as assistant postmaster For Salty---One Used wicker baby who :!bThe, and Mrs.. Clarence Runkle anddaughter; Robert Scholes, speaker of in 1920. Sometimes we get KFWtO carriage.327 Clemente avenue. 2p ivO ! the House, and wife, of Peoria; Sen- on the radio. Wishing you all a pros- ~o,-trt a ~ ator Richard J. Barr, wife and moth- perous New Year." See S. J. Smith, Marine Laundry er" +i soe,~ ^ha P~son~l- For Sale---Ford Roadster, ~0.00. _ To be made husband and wife, er, Mrs. Dougal, of Joliet; Senator Agent, 115 Catalina avenue, Phone 323 '~ Win,, ,,, ,, _ Irven sociAL AND PER~ONAI- und +iT ~, ,,u oan Francisco and Mary Thurlow G. Essington and wife; Rep- , aensen ofLincoln, Nebraska, ae to The Pacific Coast League has ap- lveO ~Catalina Island last Saturday resentatives Thomas Curran and wifeproved the sale of the Vernon Club to ~,.ar~ For Sal~---Piano in A-1 condition. au .+~Soon located the Avalon pastor of Chicago, Matt Franz and wife of San Fr;mcisco parties, and the trans- Reasonable. Emiline D'Arce, P.O. Box an" i LaRuo f'~ "ttr ,Rev. Chicago, Peter S. Krump, wife and fer of the Salt Lake club to Los An- 1182 or 134 Hiawatha Avenue50 51 Lf 't "~ ct Y" ~ ^_ ~ "-. watson, who performed the daughter, of Chicago, Arthur Roe ofgeles.. It is announced that "Bill" "el ~ '-erelllony in tt "~' aol-~rs l : The le~.~l .-.'-ae k:ommun!ty church. Vandalia, and Reed F. Cutler of Ev-Lane of the Salt Lake outfit has tak- ~es" :~iI ' " wxmesses were tg,~ ~,.;a^,. FOR RENT--Clean, close-in room~ sister, Mrs p,~;_ r, ,-," ...... ~ anston. Representing the Utility As- en a 25-year lease of Wrigley Field, by week or month. tier i! tt'- " " ' ...... na ,~. t~randt, andsoeiation of Illinois was IL V. Prather Los Angeles, for joint occupancy with Margaret Cottage, 237 Sumner Ave. atters husband, Wm F Rr~,,l+ of Springfield. The Sergeant at Arms, the Los Angeles club. ~ol-ars will '~ii ~'~ ~-om..Pton, California. An u~cle of Illinois State, T. B. Seouten of Evans- ~,t c~v^l.,.~ ts~.ot. For Sal~--By Ownei', lot 20 x 120, at q~ ,-e bride was also present Mr a ton, and Frederick Roa of the CentralCome to Catalina for the rest of 5-room house, sleeping porch, fireplace, -Mrs. Win ex nd ~, _ g pect to make their home Law Reporting Company, Chicago, your life. Good in whichever sense gas, water, electricity. Price $5500; or~ % m San Francisco. $2000 cash, balance three years. Le- were also members of the party, you choose to take it. favor, Box 16, Avalon, Cal.