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January 16, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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January 16, 1924

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LAND E CATALINA ISLANDER " PERTINENT FACTS ABOUT CONAN DOYLE WRITES ,LON AND CATALINA ISLAND ARTICLE BOOSTING d resort. CATALINA ISLAND ldid soil. -~-- ic library. (Continued from Pag~e 1. Column 4) is courts. ist resort "I have mentioned that an Indian :or resort, graveyard was found upon the Island. ner resort. I had an opportunity of studying the gas plant, protographs of the skeletons. One of a city hall. bath house, then] was a man seven feet in height, little frost so they" were clearly a very different Ly golf links, race from those old savages whose )hone system, stocky figures and gorilla-like skulls ~1111111111111111~ r good hoteIs, were being uncovered at that very try club house. ~eeing busses, moment at Santa.Barbara, where an HUAJATOLLA--II :etric system. system. mountain trails. COmpany. fire truck. ocean. any species of birds. healthy. or fleas. picture theatre. at.y-one miles long, lpal pleasure pier. water system. Fire Brigade. newspaper. sea fishing, md volcanic ash. in still water. d acres in area. rrange..geological formations. rachse for elderly people. and. one-half miles wide. .mghts almost unknown, us practically unknown. and bridle trails, Indian village sites. prominent mountain peaks. rains during the summer. any interesting coves and baysn rizaba 2100 feet elevat" worship pleased, but no more could they take of the gold that belonged to the Rain Gods, who dwelt on the summit of HuaJatolla. From that time the Valley of the Rising Sun, which was a region fairer than any, became a place of gloom--- and henceforth tt was called the "Val- ley of the Evll Spirits," as it Is called to this day. Note---The above legend is beyond question of Aztec origin--probably em- bellished and increased by the north- ern tribes v'ho repeat it. It shows traces of Hopl alteratio:a, but eertaln]y old mound was explored. The Cata- lina skeletons were all found with their knees drawn up to their chins, which was, if I remember rightly, the atti- tude o all British savages of the neo- lithic period. Perhaps the bent knees has always been the symbol of prayer, and this attitude was universally adopted in early days as a propitiation Of the gods. Each skeleton had an abalone shell with it, in which were deposited some of its earthly treasures, sordid and mean, but the principle the same as great King Tut with his throne and chariot" BREAD BIGGEST FOOD ITEM IN AVERAGE PERSONS DIET Bread takes a more prominent place than any other single article of food in the diet of the average person. It is usually served at every meal and often is the chief item. This is due, says the Bureau of Home Economics of the United States Department of (Spanish Peaks) IN THE dim and distant ages, savage tribes from the northland came out of a thundering cloud and drove away the people who lived In the quiet. peacefUl valley at the foot of the Twin Peaks. But the Rain Gods, who dwelt on the peaks withheld the rain and the invaders were forced to flee, for the land became a great and wa- terless desert, But the invaders, who had con- quered the country, and then aban- doned it when the gates of rain were closed, had meanwhile established a mighty empire in the south, extend- Ing from ocean to ocean and far Into the north. They had numerous stone gods which they worshiped, and images of these gods they placed over all the land; It was their custom that these stone gods should be decked with gold and silver which they took from the rocl~s in their own country. But when the gold and sliver be- eame scarce they Journeyed north- ward once more and made their way even to HuaJatolla, Breasts of the PAGE ELEVEN their stone gods as they canoes anti power craft. and lead ores are found. s" spring training field.Agriculture, to the fact that bread con- World, where the clouds are born that only two seasons~the wet and the mate the year through, tains certain food materials needed for maze .......... rne summer rmns. Anu ner~ dry. The former is the summer .sea. Jack, 2000 feet elevation, health, and is inexpensive, wholesome, - ............ son and lasts eight months The ther tDey ~ouncl mUCh golQ, ialres~ anu " . . " ............. mometer averages from 110 degrees ;trouts graded and paved, palatable, and very generally available, nnghtest or aH tney naa rounu .......... steamers to and from mainland .... to ~zt) uegrees v'anrennelt The other ~n~ls cafes, cafeterias and dinningWhen it sells at ten cents a pound, And the gold they found In untom %"r months ....... " , t u nre t.e COld ann or ~eR uto stageroadto theIsthmus, 2~ bread furnishes the body fuel or encr- quantities, and expeditions were made ......... 5 ~ - ....... son when u;e tnermomerer rarely goe.q year after year t~esplte all I ,ey tooz ~-' - 7^ ~e ..... ":" " miles, gy at about eight cents a thousand can ": .... " " - " "the e above u u grees ~'anrenneR Durlnll the gma ~ecame no leasrut s. s " ~e lar orics.There are few common foods ....... '. ..... the rain. the natives live in hou.~es foxes gust native wildanimals are aoove, wno rule tne worlu at last in- . ....... that supply fuel in so cheap a form ......... mane prmelpa.y or Damned and roofed terveneu---ror tl~ey oecame rearrm or .... _ . splendid board walk along the seaThe man who works hard with his . __ With leaves, out as soon as me rains shore, the power of the stone goes. '~'ney sto which Is som ..... muscles can safely eat a pound or two -- . p e ume arounu me placed evil spirits on Mount Hua3a- ^ _' .......... ~at ,rock-crushing plant at Pebblea day without crowding out of his diet tolla, drlvmg away tlae treasure seer- _ . .'__ ." : . . . - nrst o~ June tnev tare on a no;may . ~eacn . " d oil supply .... mootL nesert their towns ana set our; tandard Off gasoline an the other things he must have. erm zorever ....... ' ........ househOld rurm,~htngs are transported station. Bread is useful not only for fuel butWrathful at au manKmd the tram ...... ~s ~]-las high pressure salt water fire pro- . on rue nones of tne women and chil. teetmn , ar rades and kin Gods became, and they flhed all the (r i High seb'ool gramm g also to some extent as a muscle-build- valleys with rock and earth; fire de- I en. : ing food. If made from the whole mona they brought, and although ~ i Llmltea s. ~c:mergarten. grain, it contributes no inconsiderable they are Invisible they manifest their mp lqre Girls and Boy Scouts or- amount to the supply of mineral sub- " - -,-, ........ "Are you readyto make ersonal ~ganlzatlons . e control as power m many wayn, ~Lvm~ wvru ,n P their presence through great rumblings ." - wer boats w2th the sam stances needed. Milk supplements it sacrifices in order to serve ~our eoun ':automobiles, in some ways very well, and a corn- In the bosom of the mountain,~ and by try?" 04 *, Yes replied Senator Sorghllm. f'Wnderful submarine gardens open bination of bread and milk is therefore vapors and smokes and fires, which , 'But they"re got me llmtted I'd ,at . i ~all the year. ' a more nearly complete food than poured from the summit of the peuks ' P ~v~agnihcient Casino (lance hall open and made the land a desert and a three or four times as much nn)aeF _ a/l the year. either bread alone or milk alone, wilderness where no man miglt liveinto my campaign If they'd let me." Twenty-seven miles south of Los An- It did not take science to tell our So were the treasure seekers drh'en ~ J geles harbor ancestors that bread, milk and berries away and the Rain Gods ruled that Renew our ..... ,~ s a. Part of Los Angeles Count at ' ~" y suoscmptmn to The ~atalma islander, ~ peryear ,a" . y, St e make a good supper, but science has no man should again find the tree.- ......... confirmed their oppinion by proving ure, which was theirs, and the In- - ' u neet ot powdr fishin ]aun- vaders were again forced into the ........ ~Caes---fc~r hire g that the combination provides almostsouthland, wh~re 0~ey hag bui?t their The St. Louis Sporting News is o~ v o~n.Cn's lite~a~y c~anlzalion, ~Ma~y everything needed for health, even tolzreat empire; and there Ihey could sale .at Vqindle's Ne~s Stand, T ~vuimms Club." . the latest word in dietetics--vitamins. tl~ he water on the lee side of the Is- -----~------~- ~ ~~'~ ]and is seldom rough ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Has ironw " Have you a friend whom you would T)~,nknowuOOaon thetreemainland.grves--practically like to receive a sample copy of The 1[ you are interested in Avalon you should read The Catalina Islander ~tepiaone connection by cable with Catalina Islander? Send us the name | .f t~ll parts Of the United States. and address. ture store, electricians, dry goods stores, curio stores, photographers, T H E " M A B " fish market, confectionery stands, ~ gelaeSt and Savings Bank of Los An-news stands, etc. The fastest launch in Avalon, and the launch with a record for Three church organizations--Congre- BIG FISH. L. MUTT, Box 1042, Avalon. Bourbon Pleasure Pier Among the Catalina wild quail, the re- gational,ChristianScience and ,,,,t,es are crested the same as the Catholic. Should you miss your steamer, or care to cross to San Pedro by launch, let me know. males. , . Has nightly band concerts for three ~---~-~-~-~--~ ~ond.erful growthot wild flowers months during the summer in out- i ~aU:uttgs the early spring and summerdoor natural amphitheatre. Phones 61048 Main 1048 ' ' PRIVATE AMBULANCE Many groves of beautiful lilac trees IVY H. OVERHOLZER i Masons, "~1' "" (tree myrtle) beautify the hillsides - ~ ~s, ~oresters, Eagles and the American Legion have represen- and canyon slopes in the F'U NIE ~ I_ E) IR E OT O tative organizations Splendid glass-bottomed boats through -- 9~ ~ Hill St., Cor. (] which to see the submarine gardens rocery stores, meat markets, drugand sea life through crystal clear Lady Attendant Los Angeles, Cal. Stores, bakeries, hardware and furni water. Summer Vacations In Africa. At the equator in Africa there are comes of that great Shoshonl family of which the Hopl and Aztecs are both descendants Furniture Styl." Origin. 1 The story of nmderh furniture right- ly begins with the ermnbllng of the Middle ages. The haronlal hall stage, with its re]Iglous formality, combined with Its rugged simplicity, was being followed by a more withdrawn, domes- tie and luxurious life. As always, this was reflected in the furniture. The strong and simple high and narrow Gothie style, with Its characterlstle pointed arch, began to be debased. France is said to be the first court. try to be Influenced by the Italian Re- naissance, but there the Gothic and the classic clashed. The process of grafting the Italian style on the Gothic hardly began in England until 1550, when it was nearly completed in France. By the end of Elizabeth's reign. 1603. there was a semblance of unity, and the Jacobean period ere. ated itself.