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January 16, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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January 16, 1924

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PAGE SEX THE CATALINA ISLANDERrEI. C TO CATALINA ISLAND TO HOLDS MONTHLY MEETING __ --7-- I rs. C1 Boy ~coUts |,.. TH HO STATE CONVENTION The third monthly session of the Last Friday night Troop One had dE" uays The sta.e convention of Elks for 1924 Avalon School Association was held at very st ccessful meeting under their[Ladies' ' ' S I PUSW]ND%E~E ~R[t~TON:H;;V AT I was booked for Long Beach. How- the Congregational Church on Tues- ne~ly elected officers. Flreman s hit [gular n [ AVALON - . CALIFORNIA [ ever, the Long Beach Elks are greatday evening of last week. There wasanti carries were practiced by each orE30. [ E. WINDLE. EDITOR AND OWNER[ sports, and in order to make the tom- a large attendance of parents and the three patrols, tM ing Grand Lodge session the best ever, others interested in school work, asMr. Robison explained the first steps[[r'. an [ SUeSCRIPTION RATES, IN AOVANCl[ [ the)" have switched the scene of thewell as quite a sprinkling of young in forming a Sea Scoutship and it was~.s Ang I oN,, YEA, ......... TWO OOLLAR, / . . , by ~ekt;:h~cht ~liddle NI [ Six MONTHS ..... ONE TWENTV.FWE I meeting from their own city to Cata- "hopefuls," drawn by the entertain- ' etCaptair I THREE MONTHS..SEVENTY.FIVE CENTS[ meet p[ogram, id:Ctihledfi~:tt:~ ;vab~Idb [ SINGLE COMES ....... FIVE CENTS [ lind Island. The meeting will be held September Mrs. W. H. Stone, president of the week. Sea Scouting isthe marie [, ..... ] ADVERTISING RATES " ] 17 to 20, inclusive, and will include the association, presided. [ INS~I~-~OANY t~'I~/qrc~NGDS, O~RClNI2~HpE%/~H] Grand Lodge sessions, competitive The program opened with a piano or s:x MONTHS, dEC PER INCN. I contests between drillteams and solo by Miss Frances Hewitt, which LINER~ toe P~'R LINE, MINIMUM 25C. bands, golf tournament, etc. called forth so nmch applause that she ENTEaZO AS S~COND-CLASS MATTER MAR. The committee in charge of arrangerresponded with a second number. ~'L'Ir~;'I~X"T~O~S~7'Aee"rA~V~OC~ ments for the meet has adopted as aThe minutes of the December meet-* I S. truST. ] slogan: "Take your vacation in Sep- ing were read and approved. THE COLUMNS OF THE ISLAHOER ARtI tember, and take it at Catalina." They The audience participated in singing OPEN TO TN~" GENERAL PUBLIC, ON "ANY OF THE FOLLOWING sueaEOTS; LOCA' anticipate that there will be from four a number of popular airs, led by Jim- POLITICS AND GOVIRNMENT ~ It lINING, [ HUNTIHG AND CAMPtNa. ITEMS OF t.OC~t. [ to five thousand in attendance at this nile Price, with Miss Hewitt at the " p : S' ~o f _ _ _ i !i! i iio i?i I PatClAVtO. . [ gathering, and have reserved accommo- piano. The selections included "My ANOT ER MILE-STONE dations at the Island Villa, Villa Park, Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean," "Keep H Hotel Atwater and Hotel St. Cather-the Home Fires Burning,' .... Till We r inc. September promises to be a lively Meet Again," and "My Old Kentucky With this issue we start Volume month in Avalon. Home.' the Fox patrol; Carl Eddy, scribe; and~'atherir Eleven. From a little "handbill" we Mr. J. R. Garcia gave a report of G e Mpi:cn2(reeting of thuartermastere Frist[L~lay. have grown to fit our present clothing. BLAST ~ ~ BEACH the organization of the Spanish-speak- irg os~ Our paper "togs" get little "short in the sleeves" occasionally, but we whittle down the news and the "arguments" so that we can wiggle them into the twelve pages every week. We have big ideas for the coming year. Perhaps some of our readers do not like everything they read in The Cat- alina Islander. Well, we print some paragraphs that we don't like, just be- cause we want to be fair and just to evei'yone! If we only printed what we "like," we would get as stale as the boy who ate pie and candy all day long [ That's for that! The Catalina Islander is growing. with the town. In early days we used. to gather news on our bicycle, and now we drive a "flivver." We use the telephone, too, quite frequently. We try to put Catalina "sunshine" into our columns. Here's the great secret, folks: We want a lot more subscribers and ad- vertisers, then we can install a new and larger press! The news press that we print this paper on has been in operation here for nearly nine years, and it was not a new one when we got it~ Last year we installed a new type- setting machine, so that we could get -more words into the twelve pages every week, and if we had a modern news press we could print "great gobs" of 'words that resemble Catalina sun- shine. Now, the paper goes into al- most every country, so we are not anxious to extend our territory as much as we are ambitious to send more papers over the routes we hgve already established. That's for that[ More subscriptions and advertising will enable us to send out more papers, to tell the WORLD what the visitors think of Catalina Island. Thank you [ And now the scene of rapid bunga- lette construction has shifted from Is- /and Villa to Villa Park. Long ere the summer season opens several hun- dred of these neat structures will cover the territory formerly occupied by tents. The Catalina Furniture Fac- tory is turning out the furniture for them. Subscribe now---S2 per year. SATURDAY AFTERNOON ing section of the association on De- Class Scouts" they decided to form the I~ ~";vass _.__ cember 13th, which started out with a S.O.P. K L. tROderic When William Wrigley, J~., touchesgood list of members. Troop One now has seven First ClassL _ {week, a a button next Saturday afternoon, atMiss Hewitt and Mr. and Mrs. W. Scouts. ~L'ay 2 o'clock, a great mountain of rock S. Williams sang a trio ........ ~ehannel a~ will shiver, gyrate skyward and then A one-act play, entitled "The Obs~- TIMBER WOLF PACK settle to the earth in a cloud of dust, nate Family," was presented by the ~ Mrs at Pebble Beach. Fifty tons of dyna- pupils of the high school. The young AvMon Wolf Cubs ~ .... mite and a spark of electricity will en- people acquitted themselves creditably, Last Saturday afternooneighteerl[ teleg l~rom ; able Mr. Wrigley to complete the and the action of the piece furnished Cubs, in charge of their Cubmaster, k _ .... er tha Mr H Benjamme Roblson h~ked over~~. mammoth project. The giant blast cause for much merriment on the part to Hamilton s Beach for an afternoo will be heard one hundred miles away. of the audience. " " ' ' r~~appmt Time, 2 p. m., Saturday, January 19, More community singing was indulg-of games, and a campfire in the even-[ Refe~ 1924. ed in, including the songs "Old Black ing was greatly enjoyed, lwill re~ For nearly two months the workmen Jbe," "Suwanee River" and "Columbia, Capture the flag was played, after~of the have been drilling holes into the solid the Gem of the Ocean." which the Cubs gathered wood and~for bid mountain. One or two holes penetrateMr. M. B. Dunkle, superintendent ofcooked their supper 1eal an~ for more than a hundred feet. On Avalon schools, gave an interestingAround the campfire songs wereilare on Thursday these willl be filled with talk on "Differences," as found in the sung and Mr. Robison told stories. The~ sticks of giant qowder. It is said that pupils of the schools, even in the same Cub Promise and 'Howl were given,[ HarT the blast planned for Saturday will grades, and outlined the method adop- after which Frank Burgess Jr, andlfor th .contain the largest quantity of explo- ted by which pupils handicapped either Billy Tregarthen received their badges.~was i~ sires ever used at one time in South- by dullness or brightness might be Taps were sounded and the Cubs~showi~ .ern California. brought into harmony with the aver- marched back to Avalon ~tions . That the explosion will be spectacu- age intelligence--to eheir mutual ad- On Sunday afternoon Mr. Robisog!fer. lar affair is the opinion ,of a number vantage and united progress in their entertained about thirty boys, under! .of the workmen, grade work, twelve years, w~th an hour of stories.~._Loui hnmediately after the mountain hasAnnouncement was made that the "__ _. ~White been shattered, the huge rock crushers February meeting would be held on Blue Birds ih~s fit .h~ day recently installed, will commence their the 5th, and that the special feature Twelve happy little girls met wit | .. -work of grinding and breaking rockat that time would be a supper. TheMrs. George W. Greene Saturday af'| qmte -e~ the na to be shipped to the mainland for president appointed a committee to ternoon. Object, first meeting of tn .:~ * -is~ friend road construction work. The blast will arrange for the event. Blue Birds group. , The name of tla :actively place in commission the great The banner, the property for a group ~s" I-ha-ha,' meaning "Bubble,!,, ,' Artl .plant that has been in preparation .for month of the grammar room having curl and laugh along, as a stream. ~ . the past year. the largest number of parents present The Blue Birds are affiliated with the~ atou F~r t with 1 It is understood that many notable in proportion to the number of schol- Camp " e family. Members prese~a ~i p _ ~ asad -personages will be at Pebble Beach as ars in the grades therein, was awarded were Ruth Edmundson, Lois HarrJso~,~ I " t ~ and, :guests of Mr. Paul Graham, of the to the third and fourth grades. Last Isabell Scott, Elsie" Clark, Violet Wart'[he ,s" ,Graham Brothers, contractors of Long month the seventh and. eighth grades son Catherine Dunkle Maxine Carso ,| o ' . n tl~ Beach, who are operating the quarry, won. Irene Hoover, Georgae Coleman, MarY! tions . Among the experts in construction It was voted to hold subsequent Conrad, Nita Guriasich and Vivia~l ' work will be the County officials of meetings of the association in the Harris. Story telling, readings dude Th Los Angeles and Orange counties, the church, as being more central, con-games made a pleasant afternoon,f Islanl Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners, venient and suitable for the purpose. L~ght refreshments were served to theI Stalle the county supervisors, and the city A vote of thanks was given to all Blue Birds. ~ Week officials of the City of Long Beach. who had assisted in making the ses- . . . . e~ Comx Scientists are trying to commumcat ~ V" sion such a success, and the meeting d ~ce. We have received additional infor- adjourned, with Mars by using the snow of th ~ o oeC0l mation about Avalon twins during the After adjournment a number of newSwiss Alps as a giant reflector. Wh~ ,-, ..~ , i1~ ~,.Vrl th past week.It appears that the Beds-memberships were received, bringingdoesnt Mars communicate with us.|T A rea Yes, Why? Suppose we do receive ~ Icy twins, born in the "Owl s Nest," on the total number, including the Span- t.I at-A: the slope of Avalon Hill, some twenty- ish section up to 76. answering glimmer our enterprisin$| ,-, five or thirty years ago, were the first !!?o~ s~!kn C:ln ::~l!i7 to be born in Avalon. Mr. Beasley,Two more parables will be discussed forgniaUPrea?ds the father, was a partner of Mr. Car- by Rev. LaRue C~ Watson at the 1 raher in a grocery store in the oldCommunity (Congregational) Church "{ Los building which stood where the Cen-next Sunday. At 10:30 a. m., it will Arthur Sutemeier's business bloegI Wad tral Hotel now stands, be the "Parable of the Growing Seed," adjoining the city hall looks still moreI Ca and at 7 p. m., the "Parable of theattractive after the work of the paig'~ your Watch the world come to Catalina. Wheat and the Tares." ters. " . |