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January 13, 1944     The Catalina Islander
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January 13, 1944

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-~=~ 7: ~ ADlgER~IRINO RATE8 Display Advertlsing $0 per Inch, Each l.nse~tIon. 500 Inch~s During Period ol Six Months, 35c per Inch. Liners tOc per Line, Minimum 25c. En'tcred as Second-Class uatter Ma~ $I, 1-914, at the Put0~ce at Avalma, Calif under the Act of March 3, 1879. to~e comm~, aS the Islander are open gc~qeral public, ms any of the foi- tovdng~.Jub]ects~ Local Polidcs ~nd Gow eminent, Fishing, Huutingatsd Csmpin~ Items of i/~C~ news interest will I~e greatly appreciate~l ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::. ,:::: :.~.:~ ~::.~ ~, f -~ ~ ~,z~.~ :.: :~:.:~:~. ~ii~ii~ii!i:ii(:i:ii?(::i~!!~'?:i:,~i!" ~ s:;- "::~:!ii:~ii:iii:i!~!iiii!i!iii! "Time, the subtle thief of youth"--Milton ~~J~K~ARY ~- 15---Dutch purchase L~nq Is- ~ J~ land from Indians. 1fi39. ~t lg-~-Fimt leqi$1ature of-Ne- braska Territory meets, 1855. ~lT-:hssue taken from heart of chick still alive after 30 years in jar. 1942. "" J~:'-~-'::~'~llb-Pres. Roosevelt qree~ 'X ",-o-~, Kin~ Edward by wlre!~ ~J/~'~l~, 19--Fimt leqdslature In Ala- ~;~,~ bama Territory'meets. 1818. B =a. ---" ~ 21--Record unknown ~,:[net g::l,-----~ at Ft~c~, Ariz I~00. ~OMMUNITY CHURCH NOTES Lcland L. Williams, Minister Sunday School--9:30 Morning Wgrship---10:30 s Sermon : "Authorities Which Abide." Duett: Joyce Davis and Eric Huh- berg. "All members and friends of the church are invited to the Annual 1)inner which will be given Wednes- day, January 19th, at 4:30 p. m. This ~itl be a pot-luck dinner and will be followed by the election of officers =and the reading of yearly reports. Junior Youth Gr0up meets evcr.v Tuesday evening in the' S~)cial HalI mf the church. A collection of clothing for Greek Relief is being made through the church urganizations. All clothing co3]ected in Axalon will be sent to Greece through the national board of ~t~ Congregational Churches. The Ladies Aid will nacc~ Friday ;a.fternoon, January 21, iron, two ~ 'clock-until four to sew and enjoy a st)cia/ .hour. This meeting will be ~behl in their room at the ehur h and ~he first hostess wiil bc Mrs. l-)~m Alger, who wilt. serve tea. All wo- of the church are h~v.ited. . Sell Catalina--Buy Avalon. ,'?; 71 THE CATALINA STROLLING AROUND AVALON .~%~'~.~ A Maritime Saitor~ returns. He ore'n' says, "Back again, and you can talk ~-~" with your head off about the glamour of the ~ " " seven seas.I ve just sailed eight of -Phillip Ainsworth then, and they're damp, turbulant, ~Z~P.Ainsw rt,h i smelly and messy, affairs compared Chapter XIII with sitting here gazing upon :he moving panorama of Avalon. How SEEIN87ZISBON long the feeling will last is another matter. Sufficient to the day is theMr. Gaughan, the first mate, gave thrill thereof. And I'm certainly get- me orders for the work 1 had to do before I could go ashore and see ittingwasa thrill.a ray ofBUt'greattakingjoyit forall mein all,to something of Lisbon, as soon as we had made everything secure a4.er return to the place of my training. But the Mrs. surprised me by givin me a lusty slap on the baek, 'Just to remind you that you're married," she said. After you've been knocking about the globe alone for months at a time you're apt to forget a little in- cident like that. But Avalon always mal~ me feel cheerful. Here there is tolL~nce and comraderie. It's a pity thab this spirit does not extend 10,000 miles in every direction." Brief Jottinga The new telephone book is here and the green has gone to war, but they have picked a pretty blue . . . Otto Wieben was elected the new Commander of Catalina Island Post 137, American Legion. Life is a funny proposition after all. There are some people holding their rents a little too high for the people that occupy the Island at present. Perhaps it's all or nothing at all. Then there ,s a lady that just has to have her phonograph symphony orchestra before going to work. And one that will sacrifice everything' for a uniform . . A dog is a friend to man. But I wonder why people let their dog bark ahnost all night without stopping it. It should seep into the minds of the owner that barking disturbs others while trying to sleep. Sleep is so sweet, but when disturbed is Iousy~ The moral is, if a dog is your friend, keep him quiet and be a friend to man Mr. Jim Ramsey, who lived here for years passed away January 2nd. Mr. Ramsey built all the furni- ture for the Atwater Hotel and the Villas. He was in charge of the Cat- ~dina Furniture Factory Mrs. Mar- garet Wisdom is in the hospital and despite her 84 years she is doing very well. we know she will be up and around again . . Avalon has the c~ld- est winter it has had for many" years. 1943 has been a freak year all thru the United States, and 1944 has started the same way. With this cold spell Phillip Ainsworth calls the 1s- land "moldy". It may be nioldy but it won't rot. My desire: Dance music comes and goes, but for nay money Gu;y Lom- bardo's twinkle-toed tunes remain the danciest . . . A pert girl with a chic of a postage stamp hat ambuscading one eye stood on the Crescent and Sumner corner awaiting her answer to a maiden's prayer. Several Mart- timers passed with gazes which she haughtily i znorcd and finally one suggested "something in a silken voice." Glaring coldly, she sniffed: "You'll need madnmney if you make a elate with me, Mack. She met her date and strolled away with a trainee. The Mack retorted, maybe the train- ee is lucky and maybe he ain't. There are two fellows here, men about town, lhat like to read romantic tales of the Western cowboys, in the et:ist- er of their home. I like mys'eries, myself. .A~ dandy is ;Dance of I)eath. ON TO VI~'TOR~ Here are several reasons :for open- ing a Security-First National Bank Checking Account: No monthly ser- vice charge -- 10 checks cost only $I. More convenient than monef orders-- Every cancelled check is a receipt-- Saves time and ener~T.--Adv. ~r-- ? Rubdnb--V~rhat a loving wife you have. Here you've been married for 15 yearszand I notice that sihe still meres you at thc door when you come home from work. Hubbub--Yes, she's afraid I'll for- get to wipe nay feet before I come in. CHRISTIAN, SCIENCE" ( dropping anchor. We were to com- mence discharging our cargo for Lis- bon, immediately, so I first had to hell) remove the tarpaulins and hatch cov- ers so the stevedores could start work as soon as they arrived aboard. It was a warm day, as we soon learned when we started tossing the hatch covers around and making everything ready far discharging car- go. We worked fast, for we all wanted to get ashore as soon as pos- sible. Soon the first of the graceful, sail- bearing lighters appeared abeam of us and tied up alongside. The steve- dores clambered aboard and, after exchanging friendly greetings, sat clown to wait 4or the other lighters to arrive. Two more lighters pulled alongside a short time later, made fast their lines and prepared to receive our cargo. As soon as the winch-men swung the first bales of cotton over the side onto the lighters, Mr. Gaughan came over to me and asked K I would like to knock off work and go ashore. I assured him that I was most anx- ious to get ashore and see something of Lisbon, so he told me that I could wash up, have chow and go ashore with several of the other crew mem- bers. "Sparks" and the passengers had already gone ashore, so I went in The Golden Text in the Lesson-Sermon on ,Sa. crame branches of the Mo.;her The First Church of Chris| in Boston, was from John "The bread of God is he which eth down from heaven, life unto the world." , "Children, have ye any ed Jesus of his disciples at the~' Tiberias after his cording to John's Gospel. wered him, No." jesus said, the net on the right side of and ye shall find. Thef c:i.st fore, and now they weri~ not draw it for the multitude of As soon then as they were land Jesus saith unto ~'1 Come and dine. And none of ciples durst ask ,him, Who art knowing it was the Lord." Mary Baker Eddy, referring foregoing incident, wrote in and Health with Key to the tures: Convinced of the ness of their toil in the dark wakened by their Master's changed their methods, turned from material things, and cast net on the right side. Christ, Truth, anew on the time, they were enabled to rise the burial of mind in newness of life as Spirit." --- ON vo vtcronv Would you like to have and address printed on all If so, get a Personalized a neat leather wallet at National Bank. 200 cheeks, the wallet, 25e. Adv. were standing there, by a well ed Portuguese gentleman who ed us in good Engl;:h. He ed from what ship we where we were from. We gladly, hapnv to find some spoke English from whom we gather some information. Our Portugmese friend told with two of the seamen, Little and he had formerly worked in Wade. We were fortunate in getting the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and a ride ashore in a speedy launeh, ns papers that corr )ora statement. We inquired as Arriving at the stone quay in a reasons forreturning to jiffy, we sc,'ambled out of the launchfrom the United States, and le and started walking away from the that he had been deported waterfront and toward the main sac- United States a short time tion of the city. He told us that he had not It was a bright day. the sun was the trouble of ;akin~ the wann and soothing and we felt glad steps to secure citizenshio to be ashore again. We walked slow- when he became involved in ly, gazing curiously at everything that sort of scrape, had been sent met our eyes nntil we sighted the the country from which he English bar. We then quickened our assured us that he would like pace without exchanging a word be- ing better than to go back tween ourselves, for we all had the United States once a~ain and ~ame thought in mind. We all wanted if there were any fobs a few bottles of cold beer after the the WEST QUECHEE. hot work we had done aboard ship. On, new acquaintance A number of Britishers were in the with us for the rest of the day, 1 bar, and we talked briefly to several int~ out and explaining various 1 o4 them to inquire about directions of interest. and points of interest, but we were We lin~ered in fhe Rossi soon on our way. ~hort lime. sitting on the edge Refreshed by several bottles of beauti,hfl fountain in the English beer and ale, we continued the great square, wa!ching the on our way to the Rossio, which was of people, the traffic and ~a~ near the center of the city's down- the impressive scenery of the town area. We stopped to mail some the Seven Hills. letters in an ancient building we had Lisbon was very different been tohl was a postoffice. Mail Onorto. the northern ca boxes were located on convenient co,- many resr, ects. L;sbmn had a ners, but we did not recognize them tion of around 600.(X~O peonte, at first as such, for they. leoked like the influx ofrefugees from v~ over-sized fire hydrants. Nazi-conquered countries, wh;te Praca do Comercio to had a population of 232,000 Pausing in the Black Horse Square Lisbon was, by far, the m')re for a few momen*s, we were awe- pctitan center, while Oporto- struck bv the magnificence of the more provincial. famous oht Naza. The architecture "Fhoi~h Lisbon had, of the buildings aroumt the square streets, the same as Onorto, th was most gracefid and beautiful in nues in the main section and desi zn and treatment. Din,r districts seemed to be Continuing on our way, we soon Moderiqlie s!rnetures stood came tv~ the Rossio, the huge squareto shontder with buildin~s :that thai f(wmed a ,h~bof"the city's prlne- centuries old. The ohler ipal thoroughfares. The throbbingseemed to look down with scot0 and pulsating life of I,i~bon merges, the-newe- structurt~.:~ Atop the at the Rossio, into one noisy center, around ,'he. city the a.n~ient People and vehicles .flowed unceasing- ~,n~t other- b, uihtlnvs ~, ly, it seemed, along the many streets and eternal' watcti'ing which branched out from this point, low-with an air t-4 di.~lain.-'-: We were approacl, ed, while we (To be' Centinucd)