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January 13, 1944     The Catalina Islander
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January 13, 1944

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J~NUARY 13. 1944 Fallen Petals <> By JAMES FREEMAN ksSeel~ ted Npwspapers. WNU Features. LIE'. riLLZ, according to Y:::a'nircr Cerson, had dead for at lcazt five days. ,ra appcarav.ces the old man his own life. John Bucknam, assigned stigate the case, listened to matter-of-fact statement, turned to Yeaton, the ong were you away on your Week, sir." Upon coming into this room Mr. Melville--as we now?', es, sir. I called the police im- ately The man Yeaton bent "L--I knew there'd be use m summoning a doctor." nodded and turned to ap- :he room. It contained sur- little furniture. There was facing the east wall, on a scattering of papers, 'ell, a vase with a bunch of roses; there were two divan and nothing else. mSpect6r turned back to the "treplaced'the papers and bent v scrutinize the vase of with- roses. The water had partial- evaporated, and what remained had been dead for days. a yellowish hue. Five or officer guessed, would Such a condition. And about to face the but- Mr. Melville partial to es, sir. I always brought him each morning. In fact, vase on his desk the You were here to serve that day?" ""Bucknam crossed the you mind taking us room?" Watched the policeman, about the room. stopped before stood for some minutes on which there a fine covering of dust. Yeaton. I'll have to deucedly clever, most amateur criminals, OVerlooked one or two little ry Poise was superb. It sub- Bucknam,s remark that Was deucedly clever. see where you get for such a remark." met Bucknam's stead- shrugged, turn- "You were careless, Yea'ran, wnen removing the vase of roses from this buffet to the desk in Mr. Mel- ville's study, not to clear up the evidence. You see *.here is a ring mark in the dust which shows clear- ,ly that a round-based object, which I hazard was the vase, has been sit- ting here." "Yeaton stiffened. "I hardly see what that has to ao with Mr. Mel- ville's death." "A good deal, Yeaton. A good deal. But I see I must tell you the whole story in order to convince you that my suspicions are justified. To be- gin with, I don't think~ Simon Mel- ville was the type of man to have a vase of roses on his desk. I hazard that, because of the bareness of his study. In the second place, you have already told us you placed the v~se of roses on the desk yourself. But now I suspect you placed the vase there this morning. Why? Well, the fact that they were withered would give the impression to an observing man that they had been there four or five days, which, in turn, would lead the observer to believe the room hadn't been entered in that time. "Clever, Yeaton. Deucedly clever. Of course, you couldn't suspect that I would come into this dining room in search of a mark in the dust on a buffet. Otherwise, you would have obliterated the ring mark, even as you dispensed with the rose petals which must have fallen from the roses on to the buffet--after a five- day rest." Bucknam paused and smiled faintly. "Unfortunately, Yea- ton, i.~ didn't occur to you that those same rose petals would have fallen off, no matter where the vase was located. For example, if all you say is true, if you placed the vase on the desk before going on your vacation, if you didn't touch a thing in the room after you entered It this morning--then why weren't the rose petals lying on the desk where they should have been?" HERE AND THERE: THIS AND THAT: To disregard what the wcwld thinks of us is not only arrogant but utterly shameless. -~Cicero Civilians may soon be able to obtain a substitute ,for pure penicillin in the form of surgical dressings, inoculated with the healing mould, according to a report from the Journal of the Amer- icaa Medical Association. Forty-eight persons, 3S of them al- ready in war work, are takin:z speciM training in optics at Cooper Union Col- lege, N. Y. to learn higher skills and productivity in making telescopes, peri- scopes, camera lenses, range-finder's and other "eyes" of modern war. The Japanese at Midway lost more ships, in tonnage, than the Germans lost in the classic battle of Jutland. Front starch chemists obtained lev- ulinic acid, a needed chenfical in a soldering operation. More active than resin, the acid is blended with it to form a flux that eliminates the custom- ary post-washing process in its appli- cation to certain metals and alloys. Tarakan Island, Borneo, was one of the Netherlands Indies chief petroleum sources~--it is now in Japanese hands. Wartime precautions of ,*.he Boston Museum of Fine Arts include an elec- trical system of commu:nication to permit constant check of galleries. China has recently received 150 pure bred sheep from New Zealand ,to be used by the government~ in improving wool production; this is the first batch of a considerable number ordered. S * S A new recording spectrophotometer is helping our ,fighting forces to de- ceive enemy observers by matching camouflage colors so that they cannot be detec:ed by the enemy's infra red cameras. PAGE THREE Chewing gum ishdpind[ to relieve nervous tension --keep mouth moist--make h work seem easier ---J ard for millions -,~u pleasanter Complete Selection of Y CA Is|and Pharmacy I IIII 'l I I II '1 0 A service and work that will be appreciated by the customer and also be a recommendation to your friends 115 Marilla Phone SINCE ,907 60 Ill[~ Ill I I One entomologist recently suggested that insects could be trapped by play- ing to their preferences for different colored lights. . ca More than 700,000 persons have been trained in Cali[ornia schools for work in war industries, reports the State Superintendan: of Public Instruction. Cashew nut shell oil, imported from British India, and used in break lin- ings, has been drastically restricted by OP ~rI" California collected $490,752,364 in state revenues in the fiscal year ending June 30, 1943. This equals the reven- ues collected by the United States government in 1900. To keep our warplanes flying high, the General Electric Company has twenty - one turbo - supercharger spe- cialists on duty with America's aviators in service in foreign lands. An estmated 1944 lumber shortage of several millions of board feet has .prompted the W'PB to order a 16% cutback in ne~ year's wooden furni- ture. Articles such as "lazy susans" and "bird cages" are off the list. Odd- ly enough the lumber shortage is be- coming acute just when the steel head ache is becoming curable. For action "beyond the call of duty" fifty enlisted men stationed in the jungles of New Guinea were awarded the Legion of Merit. These men vol- unteered as hnman guinea-pigs and ex- posed themselves to malarial iMection for a .period of six weeks in the mos- quito infested areas; tests proved the necessity of taking malarial prevention, The fact that*it * * takes t)ver 1,000 dif- ferent chemicals to produce materials. for construction of a battleship, over 800 ,for a tank, and about 300 to make: an airplane, emphasizes the importance: of chemistry in waging a modern war. Scientists say advances in chemistry will play an even more important role in our post-war civilian economy. Climate in Japan is controlled in win- ter by the winds from Siberia, and in summer by the winds from the mid- Pacific. Over a six week period, more than 8000 pounds of scrap metal were pick- ed up in the parking fields and yards of a large eastern plant by new mag- ,~etic scrap pick-up built almost en- tirely of scrap itself. The only cost .of the four ton collection was for 60 gal- lons of gasoline and the time of the opera.'or. --~-.ON 1"0 VlCTOrI-.- Put an adlet to work for yo~.