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January 12, 1927     The Catalina Islander
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January 12, 1927

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PAGE TWO rilE CATALINA OBSERVATIONS AND PREVIEWS , Ed W, Smith (Chieag. Evening American) They Chansed Minds and Quarters Just the other day a couple of wo- men swimmers popped into Avalon and announced themselves as candi- dates for the big Wrigley prize for the dash--term used advisedly--across the channel to the mainland. One was a bit to the slight side in build, too much so to create much of an hnpres- sion on the male swimmers lounging after their daily chores of training. These male swimmers can see only "bedf," a~'~'consequent power of a masculine nature in the female of the species. They have been used to see- ing the stocky and sturdy carry off the feminine honors. Hence, with such idea firmly implanted, frailty and the' shrinking or shrunker shape makes no appeal. With her was a giant of a x~oman; thick, muscular, leonine of head aml neck, breathing forcefulness and power, aud fairly radiating with heahh. She is, it was learned, a Hawaiian of Ka- naka extraction, which Indian strain makes for size of the unusual. She is said to have been victor in a Golden Gate swim a little time back. After an hour's dip out into the bay, they decided to occupy one of Mine iHo~t-,Geo'rge Daul's famous pigeon coops 4~a.. Island Villa. This place is ,one of. Bill Wrigley's boasts--'the largest ,l~o.tel of its kind in the worht; 1,000 :ro,oIIl,~ on one foor." These pig- con. holes are mere tent houses, de- vised and,.buih for sunamer consump- tion only. For, be it known, when the stm| sinks to rest on the far side of the Island along about five in the afternoo'n i'c gets a bit chilly in Ava- lon,.much,!to.the overcoaty side. This ,&as explained to them, but they:preferred they said, plenty of air. All rig~˘,: t~hen, they were told; the beds were roomy, there was plenty of covering in the way of blankets, etc. Good-night and happy dreams of suc- ces.~; sp;ike Landlord Daul, closing the ' p6t~tctillis to his domains. outer .J~'oout: 10~'o'clock that evening, seat- ed in "the comfortably hekied lobby of his' Al:~;~iter Hotel, George saw two forioi'n:~ figures coming across the street from the Villa. They were bhte of nose a~td shivery of limb. With a couple of b-r-r-r-r-s they flOpl)ed into chair's'~v~i~h'out a word. "'What's the matter?" queried the solicitous Datfl, "Anything wrong?" "Say,.we just came over here to gel wai-mr" s~oke nlx the larger one. "Gee, give us a regular room, will you, where we won't freeze to death?" Da,al,..~.ho once fell cut of a dory into: Avalon Bay and knows something of the chill of the water--average around 58t degrees in winter--excused himself and went into a back room and indulged. :himself in a hearty guffaw. "I'F ~they can't stand our bracing evening breezes, whatever will happen to them when old Mr. Channel sinks his teeth into their fair skin?" rumin- ated"G, ebrge` He gave them a well heated rdom and the next day they went back to the mainland• BUt the next day came the spark- ling, happy''Clarabelle Barrett of New Roehdle, made famous in a way by George Cohan. Ah, here is an arUse, said 'the wharf habitues, as they noted her Juno-esque figure of six feet, and 180 polmds. And she proved to be. Donning an abbreviated suit, she wad- ~•i:Of. And Oscai Griffith, long an ls- IN THE ed out and began to set a sizzlinc, pace •lander, a diver and distance swimmer THE STATE O~: • AND FOR THE straight towards the mainland, a dory .~ of high merit, believes it is the DIF~ ANGELES. alongside. She remained out for near- FERENT TF~MPERATURES ˘,f the ly two hours, and upon her return to water, lying as they do in stratas,JAMES BATES, the beach regaled the natives with,warm for twenty or fifty feet, and the vs. some fancy beach stun'is of tumbling ahnost unbelievable cold and biting a J.H. MULLALLY, OTHER and shallow water diving, few strokes beyond• CLAIMING ANY "That cold, you say?" she said, "That's what is going to make [his ESTATE, LIEN scornfully, while being blanketed. "Get Ofing a desperate task, and probably IN THE REAL F SCRIBED 1N out~- It's like a tub at home--just de-' ,impossible," Oscar told me. Just out • ~' AMENDED COl lightful, I'd say," although she appear- '' qf the waters of Ax;~tlon Bay, and VERSE TO ~PLA ed to be heavily goose-fleshed and standing in an almost June-like sun ERSHIP, OR A shivery. "The English channel is ' at midday, Oscar's teeth chattered and PLAINTIFF'S worse than this. I believe now I'll win lips were purplish. And he was blank- Defendants. this race, or at least the women's end eted, too. No. 209686 'of it" and she started a light-footed "Don't know that it induces cramps ACTION BROUGH( ' - PERIOR COURT sprint for her quarters, of legs and arms so much as it chills," TY OF LOS Miss Barrett, known at the School- continued Oscar, "and swimmers willFIRST teacher swimmer, once tried the Eng- tell you a chill in the water is as bad FILEI) IN THE 0 lish channel. That was last August.or worse than a cramp. O, yes, I'm CLERK OF THE, She came within a few miles of the going to try it all right. Any gameCOURT OF SAID ALIAS St British coast and then became lost in man would take a chance for that "~'I-fE PEOPLE OF a dense fog. She swam in circles all amount of money but---" and Oscar CALIFORNIA night, her boat helpers being nnable trotted away with a meaning smile. TO: J. H. MULLA to find their way out. They finallyThus runs the wise-cracking of the ALL OTHER d~.aggcd her out of the water after old timers, those who knew their KNOWN, CI,AIMI slit, had been working steadily for channel and have fearsome respect forTITLE, ~TE, - TFREST IN THE twenty-two hours. She says she its potency. It is thl: care-free kid of ERTY would have made it easily if the .the chaunel's two frontages who re- FIRST AMENDE weather had remained clear. Soon gard the swim as just a frolic. TheyA D V E R.S E after came F~terle, and Barrett's chance rather poohpooh their elders, and OWNERSHIP, UPON of being the first woman to make itwould fain believe such things as THERETO: was gone. charted• currents and the like are all You are directed to "You have currents ixere all right," bosh, and creatures of a quittin/- action brought, aga!$1~ she said afterwards, "and they are hound-mind and unworthy of the vig~,r above named Plain,lt~ strong. But I can master tlxent, l'm of youth and healthy mental state. Court of the State o sure. 1 will be well greaged and do"They are the kind that will ha~. and for the CotmtY and to answer the not fear the cold." to be watched carefully," said one Complaint thereitl Site sprung something n~'w in the 01d timer. "They think it is just aafter the service oil dieting llne. She stated that dm'ing straightaway swim; merely a matter Snmmolls, if served a long test she refreshes herself with' of just swimming twenty nfiles or s˘,. of I,os Angeles, or w:I hot tea, chicken broth, weak fruit They are in for some great shocks, if served elsewhere, am fled that unless yoll. juices, andthelike, EVERY FIFTEEN It is probable the winner, if there bc swer as above reqW MINUTES! Further, she says she such, may be forced to go ~t least will take judgement can keep up a forty-five minute clip thirty miles in a zigzag, winding and" damages demanded for the mile by the hour. Yet she wobbly course, a mere playthin~,~ for Amended Complaint, contract, or .will loses at least two minutes every time shifting winds, waves, currents, tides, for any other relief she stops for the tube or bottle temperatures, lack of sustainin~' food. First Amended Think how much faster she wouhl be exhaustion, cramps, chills and about This action has be if she kept on going,l Her theory is, everything else one could in]a.aine " quiet title in and to scribed real property plenty of nourishment or NONE AT The matter of cost to a contestant City of Avalon, Count. AIA,. Let the dieticians pick the is going to stop many a wouht-be can- lea, State of bones of that one! didate dead in his tracks. The Wrig- The Easterly * " " Icy organization has had hundredes of Thirty (30), in Cold Water and Cost Obstacles letters from swimmers all over the of the Town of AvaloO, of I,os Angeles, It is pretty generally agreed that the world inquiring as to what the corn- as per map • ancient gent who named it the Pacific .pany is going to do about furnishing 67 et seq., MiscellaneO- must either have been in a sarcastic them with transportation to Los An-Connty, against that mood at the moment, o,r was possess- geles. When Bill Wrigley was shown eat or lien in sneh ed of a sharp sense of the ridiculous, the en-tent of this correspondence and claimed by one J. place of residence js The day he first saw.it--it's discover- its general purport, he took for him- Plaintiff, on account ot ed, according *~ history--it was beau- self a big guffaw. . in favor of saici J. H. tifully calm alad peaceful,hence"pacific." "Looks to me as if Los Angeh!~ 25, 1889, and fecordei That day ;long ago this ocean was would mighty soon have its two nfil- in Book 575 at cords of Los Angeles just as hypocritical and double-faced lion inhabitants if we paid all of the California, and also as it has proven ever since. The limp- expenses of swimmers who want t,, f~ersons unknown, cl~. idly inviting surface is a lure, the real come here," he observed, title, estate, lien or in urge of the Pacific. Once humans get Contestants mnst pay all of their property described in t ed Complaint adverse within its grasp the falseness and own expenses. They must be consort-ership, or any ( dissimulation of the old rascal is fully ed, each separately, by a power craft title thereto. displayed, Its seemingly innocent with full crew of helpers, one of which Given under my h.' pranks are often masked, for the phi must be a llfe-saver of known ability, the Superior Court boy is ready and willing to tear one Training costs, lay-offs from regular I,o,; Angeles, Sta into bits without an instant's warning, employment, and all other incidentals ,q day of Now (SEAL) Natives hereabouts who "go down run the cost up extravagantly. I,. E. LAMPTON, to the sea in ships" llve in no spirit Spoke to one of the natives about By J. T. of anfity with this emperor of all this. "You can bet it's costly," he re- 50-6 oceans. They are on to his curves, in plied. "I live right here and can train a manner of speaking. So when the and work at my job at the same time, Bg [ W subject of Bill Wrigley's ~#A),000 pisca- but just the same it is going to set uflt~a-o-~ $ torial-natatorieal derby comes up, me back close to $1,500," he told me. For Rent Ill there is much wagging of sageold "It's really a rich man's game, this heads• channel swimming. Lord help the Mill'(h8 E. "No, it can't be clone," tl~ey gener- poor chaps who are coming from a (Mrs. Seth ally agree• "No, indeed; hardly at any distance." time, and surely not in January." * * * AVALON PUBLI~ Pressed for absolute reasons for Slmrks Not to Be F~tred Avalon Branch Public such radical opinions, it's generally the One gentle lady, who had been Monday, v from 2 to 5; frigidity of the water that is spoken (Continued on Page 3, Column I) from 7 to 9.