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January 11, 1933     The Catalina Islander
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January 11, 1933

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,A ESDAY, JAN. II, 1933 PAGE ELEVEN SCHOOL Competition LEGION HELD MEETING THE SUBMARINE GARDENS SUGAR LOAF Competition whose motive is merely WEDNESDAY I~tinued from page 4, column 4)to compete to drive some other fellow THE MARINE GARDENS, as de- ajOYo~ INFLUENZA out, never carries very far. The corn- (Con:inued from page 1, column 3) scribed by' the eloquent editor of the petitor to be feared is one who never Parisian journal, "Le Figaro," M. The| EPIDEMIC 1N CALIFORNIA bothers you at all, but goes on making apuv[ Long Beach ........................ 1.90 1.81 Huret: "Floating over green and blue if| By Marth~crnstcin his own business better all the time. Los Angeles ......................... 1.62 1.80 water in the glass-bottom boats, one E5 ~]~re is no kilo i l Businesses that grow by development Pasadena .............................. 2.08 2.20 sees the goings and comings of aqua- -~' w l d'scase that at- and improvement do not die. But Santa Monied .................... 1.82 2.06 tic life. The boatman names to you South Pasadena ................. 1.96 2.41 the marine plants and the fish, and 'l~tt~k~th ~rt angreatextcnta numberof timcfasPepledoes in-in whenWhen ita busineSsbelieves itceaseShas reachedt be creatiVe,pecfec_ \Vhittier . ............................. 1.84 2.16 tells you the different depths. One is 2ub~ astounded; one questions; one ex- tion and needs to do nothing but pro-A substantial reduction in teachers 0~ "~.%gh we look at this as a rather duce--no improvement, no develop-salaries was one means employed to claims! Here are shell-encrusted 't~l~!Seasc many outbreaks of "pes- ment--it is done.--Henry Ford. make possible the lower tax rate in rocks; fish, red, green and gold zig- C* " "' zagging leisurely among the waving ~]i which resembles the symptoms -- the Long Beach district, foliage, the seaweeds gracefully bal- r ~ Influenza arc recorded as early Was He Wrong? There are some specific proposals 7a. ancing with the tide; on the clear bot- At a lecture the speaker orated fer-relative to reduction of school costs t last pandemic (epidemic il, ev- vently: "He drove straight to his that need careful scrutiny: tom the sea throws beautifld reflec- ~Untry) occurred in 1918 and goal. He looked neither to the right 1. A proposal to release all taxation tions. Here are real trees with long l~J'~hen it is estimated there were nor to the left but pressed forward,frcun constitutional control, branches waving as on land by a tem- ~than 200il00"(~)0 oa,.~s ",nd It(t.- Our state constitution now guaran- pest; great fish of all shapes appear moved by a definite purpose. Neither /~ deaths witi;in twelve months, tees adequate school support by re- as in an artificial aquarium the sea ~Ugh the disease spreads rapid- friend nor foe could delay him nor turn him from his course. All who quiring the state to pay each schoolstars (star fish) shine in the shadows ie~,~:~avels no faster than do people, crossed his path did so at their own district $30.00 annually ?or each FAe- of the rocks; then more luxuriant fo- ~u, lSease is unquestionably spread peril. What would you call such a :nentary child in average daily attend, liage, branches bearing clusters of ~L~"~.n victims, but the factors man ?" anee (the county matches this withfruit resembling the olive. One would ~ g~ve rise to the connnon cold "A truck driver," shouted a voice $30.00) and $30.00 annually for each think these were fertile fields suddenly '~l;)~-~ttuenza are as yet undiscov- high school child in average daily at- submerged by a tempest. Leaning over ~,~a~ have been given careful in-from the audience.--Pacific Woodman. tcndanee (the county adds $60.00 for the transparencies in the bottom of 1on and study in most civil- One way to become acquainted with each child). The effect of this provis- the boats, the people go into ecsta- ~Untries since the great pan-the people wko live in Avalon is to ion is that the local schoolboard ekes." ~f 1919. It is found in hot, dry, read the ~:atalina Islander. Subscribe knows what it can count upon. A party of easterntourists corn- !el ~.laml) climate and usually the "l he certain result c ferasing tMs ) - mented as follows :"Next to the !c m a certain locality will last now. Grand Canyon, the Catalina marine provision from the constitution will be ~x to eight weeks. " ~ the necessity of appearing bienniallygardens are the.most interesting sight ,m ]r " " " ][ bilIillllIRiSIiillULIRI~B~r.~/i.lW, we have seen." 1 esent Ume the epidemic xs before the legislature and by various a severe tvpe and few deaths ~ No. 524 means getting as much money for The marine gardens are shown by Ceurred. I-Iowever the "flu" /~ Meets every Friday Night of:each month s schools as possible, and also of appear- day and by night. In the spring of tl~e body resistance low, and ~'~7:30;nFot~tersH,dl. Vidtin~bteth,ena,, ing annually before the County board 1921 J. H. Patrick, president of the ~ent may devek)p pneumonia or ,~J~" wel ..... of supervisors for the same purpose. Santa Catalina Island Company, com- tther complication. It is these~ ' PERCY ~'. MACIK~'Y, MASTER 2. An alternative proposal to Nun> pleted experiments on board the glass- ry diseases which often means J' J" WHITE. SlrC,ETARY ber 1 is to reduce by 20% the amounts bottom boat "Empress," which enabled or impaired health for a long " $,1.50 to $9 wk. '~ gnaranteed to the local district by the him to show the marine gardens at ftime. The highest authori-] $1_to$2.$0aday-- constitution. This will entail a disas- night. Sixteen one-thousand candle ace that the single measure I HOTELLAMM| trous lowering of school standards, un- power searchlights were encased in most value in preventing 50 % PRIVATE BATHS / less the board raises the local tax rate, pontus attached to the side of the ms and in controlling thc ] which means increasing the tax on vessel, and these lights penetrate into to go to bed immediately,[ 715 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles, Cal.[ common propertv.Does anyone favor the water for a depth of one hundred n there until all signs of re- [ LEE FLANERY, Owner / doing that ? " feet with a radius of two hundred feet. disappeared or until the 3. Another group desires to give to Night time being the time when many advises getting ont of bed.k 2 boards of county supervisors the pow- varieties of fish feed, the visitors on the epidemic is centered er to alter school budgets. Historic- these trips see many marine wonders ~s Angeles. Although 1702 EI NEST WINDLE ally, the theory in our country has on the bed of the ocean as well as the re reported in California dur- been that the people conduct their hundreds of different varieties of veg- Week 0f December 10th, 414 NOT ARY PUBLIC own schools through elected boards of etatlon. - rn Los Angeles, as compared education. O'ne of the duties of a Among the marine specimens which ~n~ San Francisco. I.egel Douments board is to ~zet up a budget. Are we may be viewed through the clear crys- -~st measure to insure preven- Promptly Executed now ready to relinquish local control taline waters on the lava-like sea-floor the disease is following the News Stand or at Islander Of~ce of our budget to aboard of super- are: U les for the maintenace of visors? FISH AND SHELLFISH ilth, insuring sufficient sleep; 4. There is also a movement favor- in~ repeal of our present compulsory Golden Perch Sea Cucumber ~OUrishing foods; cleanliness, Garibaldi, or Octopus air. ft may be advisable to education requirement under which a Blue Perch Sea Hare LY,from crowds, At any rate, ". child attends school full time until he is 16 years of age, substitutinc~ for e~rio cough or sneeze should SilverBlUe EyedperchPerch JellvfishSea Porcupine this a" new rule that the child cannot Wall Eyed Perch Sunfish er if you do get a c.old, treat be required to attend school after he Rock Bass T2ger Shark laS though you were ill; stay has completed the elementary grades,Opal Eyed Bass Sheepshead l You possibly can, and keel) and in n~, case after he is 16 vears of Striped Bass Aforay Eel )ha others to whom you may malady, ag(llitcracv has been lessened in this Ratfish Abalonv Kelpfish Crawfish A. 14. S. country a]ld the quality of citizenship Candlefish Sand Crab lkiarincovich is working on raised bv compulsory, education laws. eehanic projects in shop. Are thinkin,~ citizens who believe that W'hitefish Starfish ~-~ C A.~.s. efficient gov'ermnent in a democracvSculpin Keyhole Limpet tt b anfieht received a Brownie depends i~l part, at least, on intelligent Ghostfish Sea Anemone ~st Week. . should cut costs by reducing the corn- Giant Bulb Kelp Chenille Moss ~I% Ov A.u.s. w~ting, now ready to agree that we KELP AND MOSSES ~,'|~ erholt fell and hurt his lip puls( rv education requirement as indi- Ribbon Kelp Irish Moss ear's Eve. cated above ? Rainbow Kelp Feather Boa Moss !la~stere han~te~dS(mt to basketball Mv object in calling your attention Red Alga Ruby Moss to these matters is to stimulate your Sea Lichen Feather Moss thinking, to the end that you will Bridal Veil Moss Sponge Moss *Week .Chtlreh~'~sli:eSnt Christmas in scrutinize carefnlly whatever props- Iodine Kelp Heather Moss ~l..l~ ~ton. als come before the legislature ill its Sea Grape Kelp Coral Moss. present session. If proposed laws rel- . ".~a~~ is always plea,ed to I Thanks ati, e toschoolsarenotsatisfactoryto DID YOUE-~-R'S'T~o THINK Patterso~ ~2~ hurt in at, ex-citizens, they have the opportunity of ~i- "~--:o--- making their convictions, known to Bv Edson R. Waite, Shawnee, Okla. ~1~ PttONE IT TO US members of the legislature. Advertising is the most , effe~/tive If proposed constitutional amend- weapon in. the fight for business. ~qtt I~11.. der lnents al'e not satisfactory to citizens, * * * they will have the opportunity of rot-No city can be prosperous when its k"~ rts ". " eitiz'ens do not patronize its home ~t.~' Io~ of local doings; parties, inf against them. ~.[~~ ~f age or other meetings; TO OUR Earnestly do I urge citizens of this stores. ~llh"~ trills gUests return of Islanders conmmnity, before they set the seal of I~,f% ~setc. It is not always pos- their approval upon new school legis- Business nmst think in the days of ~'.~ tloin personally to learn about Customers for past favors, today and not ill the days of vester- I~V~ gs, so we would be pleased lation, to satisfy themselves that pro- posed economies will not penalize our day. * l~%e 2ur. readers or subscribers We will, continue to keep our children nor produce a new genera- [~.'*~er ~eh affairs: tailoring and workmanship up tion of citizens who are not even as Watchful waiting does not bring ~.~i~tMl.mCe phone 500. good as we are. In my judgment, to business. It takes advertising to turn ~'~'~; I'~ ~' editor phone 194-W. economize to the detriment of our the trick. , , , . i !i , to our usual high standard. Smith associate editor, children is foolish. Can we not save You should let the world know the MAI TIN HALL somewhere, ------::else? __ good things your d,)ing. il'~ ~.said L'*t~. Baby Do you know thai Avalon ,has one Ne,,v~pal-;er advertising .ad'ds prestige !| ~,1~;*~ tlar,.~ Umv'ersity man worked Meriumt Tailor " of the finest all-year climates on the and prot~t to any business. | "%',ra~t ~'~ college by caring for a Pacific Coast of the United States? , * /"l~rfl,~-'tnY of the rest of themAvalon Cadifornia N~e~)a'9~r advertising lights the / "ctt for the same reason .Onr Adlet Colnmn helps. Try it. pathway to better business.