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January 4, 1945     The Catalina Islander
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January 4, 1945

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JANUARY 4, 1945 PAGE THREE Pop lly LILLIAN AUSTIN Newspaper Syndicate. WNU I~eatures. felt compassion for grief-stricken boy who to him seeking aid. "Get Benny, and tell me " he advised. ring proper bare." Bill was frightened. "Honest, Miss Helen, I ain't never raise my hand to that young 'un, and does you ho'p me get him back I ain't mess no me' wif new folkses till I know is they trash or is they aint." "I wish we could help you, Bill, but I'm afraid it's out of our hands now," "What they do wif him?" Bill asked haltingly. "Take him to the orphans' home. But you needn't ~et. Some nice family will adopt him, people who'll This quality chewing gum proved "on the job" by your peacetime. Stole Daisy," Benny man- appreciate a bright boy like Benny." say between sobs. Bill's shoulders drooped as he ~,~. ~ .~. ~ ~. ~." ~." ~::4:'~ ~ ~: ~f~:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t~ ~ .#. did?', Jim prompted, shuffled hopelessly away. ' new folkses on the Berk- I m out of patienc, e with the PAINTING ! e They was lookin' at~her man, Helen told Jim, ' still, I can't .:. y, and they say they wants help feeling sorry for him. You'd and I's scared then they's be~ter see if Benny is asleep. I SWipe her. When ,I come wouldn't want the child to stiffer $ INSIDE & OUTSIDE $ ~I they is talkin to my for his father's shortcomings." a barbecue up to their In the garage Jim looked at the ~ KEITH BOONE i ght, and this mornin empty cot. His guest had vanished. and Pop say he don't "I imagine he heard the conversa- in' 'bout it, but he do. tied and went home but I'd better ~ P.O. BOX 1402 there, I see her and I tell make sure," he told Helen. my pig and they laugh :':~ .~ 'Call the sheriff.' They Everything was quiet at Reed's TELEPHONE 630 345 CLARISSA AVENUE listen to me and iffen shack, and Bill's face was expres- gonna be et time he sionless as he looked straight at ~.~~.~.~.~~~.: ::.:.:.~.~ ~.~.~.~ Jim and declared he had not seen Benny since morning ~i~$N~ui$Ni~iillll~ll~lll~l~lllu$~$~ml$l~ll~lll~l~lll$llul$~u~l~$~}l$l~t~Wl$g$$l~llllMWMlll~l~g$H$~i[~$$l~$~l~$$$Ugi!~l$$~$$l~$$~l~-4 t.ab ut that right now," you"It's t bad he ran away fr miafter we'd made up our minds BetRs ealEstate Buys m" A Iva on the truck over the nar- to give you one more chance," Jim t into the highway, Jimsa!d loudly WE HAVE SEVI' RAL GOOD BUYS JUST NOW ~hat~ agonizing moment 'I s here, Mr. Payton. Benny i ~re when Baby Sue had ducked under his father's elbow and E Telephone 140 121 Clarissa Avenue to the driveway behind bobbed up on the doorstep, fac- ~= FURNISHED HOUSES AND APARTMENTS FOR REI%T telen came running from ing Jim. , Screaming, "Stopl Stop! 'So you are! Jim pretended sur- ~ ~ntned on brakes. Benny prise. "Couldn't you have told us g Mrs. A P Nelsom L r had seen the danger and you were leaving,Benny?" he " " Jae little o~ae to safety,asked. ~$lu~l$liu$l$$~U~Ulu~l$~$~i$u~ul~$~$$$iI]$l$lMl~I~!~"u$~!!~:~i$~I~$~$~i]u~pi~u~lll~l$lHH~$W$$l~l~$~li$$$$$~t~l|~ :itude to the boy for his "Yes, sir, but I'sscared when and foresight, Jim had of- she say ~trange folks is gonna get,PHOne ~n'O~ Z4z ~,qn~ mc~o~o e~ anything he desired and me. Pop say he be good now, but rive.oN. /~l~. 1710 ~/o. F~ow=~ Sv. | When the black and white iffen he do slip some I cain't leave I l~# ~,~Ces /' !aged hands and became him," he explained, " 'cause he'si RAY C. WALL, R, EPRESEI rATIVE OF / ~ee that day the thin my pop." o---------- t IVY OVERIIOLTZER, I | 'never left their door hun- l~C. and Helen had even at- HERE AND--~ERE:,F,NER~ DIRECTOR J the reformation of Bill THIS AND THAT: k nl~Y's father. ------- I t -'to let me do the talking,"The true art of memory is the art of ~lned before they reached attention.--lohnson. tey place. . . " * * * Los Anl eles lJai'ly Paper fir." Benny held hzs head Receiving pensions from the Veter- fl of his importancein ans' Administration for disability in- II HEgE EVERY DAY [ "lend like Mr Payton. curred in or aggravated by World War ! THE CATALINA ISLANDER FOR SALE HERK | lI service are more than 21,000 Negro t it was amazing the way veterans. * * * I I ! did things. Mr. Payton I All The Well Known Best Brands of [ Ld he had co0ne for Ben- American gunners on all ba~tlefronts ] Cigars and Citr r tt ] aen loaded her and drove now use new armor-piercing incendiary ~,ae es Jira, they din t make no bullets which puncture enemy ga~ 1 Vo~ Favorite Smoking or Chewing Tobacco [ Use they's scared of you, tanks. * * * t gonna keep 'em from ~ Freshest and Best of CANDLES at All Times | airl " Industrialists honor Zandra seclng- l I ' stop worrying," Jim as-eye dog of a blind war worker, firsti ; ~ O" [ ~. "We don't tolerate dog to receive the Army-Navy "E". his neighborhood. They'll * * * on as soon as the owner Industry's newly perfected ph t " I [ trouble they've made, graphic technique is so sensitive you ~ N~ t that pers nally this can ph t graph a gh st ' 1 E. W,NDLE. Prop. [ One congressman wants to solve the Daisy back with his own liquor shortage by crossing cows with i it would be safe to take mules Io get miik with a kick in it. " .~d's place again. He Benny to go home occupied all day, and he put up a cot for garage. hadn't been asleep long father came looking for at the door of the Porch and removed his Helen came out of the 'Seuse me, Miss Helen, ~in' for Benny," he said sorry for you, Bill," "but we've tried to tnd you wouldn't listen to Benny isn't your boy he ain't? He belong 't nobody got a right to es they have, Bill. The state any chilfl, if he's not get- $ * * A new glass which successfully sur- vives e posure ~o corrosive, deadly hydrofluoric acid that disintegrates or- dinary glass, corrodes most metals and produces dangerous buq~s, has been de- veloped by the American Optical Co Soutllbridge, Mass. APl)roximalcly two-thirds of a n'a- tional orvanization of foQd manufac- turers replied to a survey questionnaire that they expect increases in their hus- Jness rang in: from l0 to 100 per cellt after the war al]d are planning ac- cordingly. The original cornerstgne of Philadel- phia's Franklin Institute, laid in 1825, has never been" fotmd. "Eat, Drink and Be Married !"--Sign on Justice of the Peace's house near ttarmon, N. Y. The Catalina Islander Subscription Blank Subscription Rates : Ammally $2.0~) ]Vo Three Months 50 Six Months 1.00 /)ale Three years, in a ' ance 5.00 Pub/ishe* o/ 7he (a/aNna ]slander Avalon, San/a ~ta/ina Is/and, Cali/ornia Please enter my subwriplion /or 7 he Catalina [slander/o~ cam reducing /or which I ag red to bay you ~ in advance. Na m e A ddress