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January 4, 1945     The Catalina Islander
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January 4, 1945

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il i PAGE TWO BUSINESS WILL BE GOOD WILL FREEDOM SURVIVE IN 1945 VICTORY ? ', ' !: 11,~:,0I :!!.',q::' ~i ,~q. :,li~:" ,;/ ~:( ,',at ',;as (it,iV,:: :o I:tCI :- tS~ ~%.~1 l.lil, k~[t ',~:I, lIE,S{ :I[ the ~.FiiI ii :l])t:Ul I',: ::,~.Idl dr: :i,:C:i ,:l ~,;[ ~:'::::ll'a btlsiness l',r%)hets lnedicl a lhc pa,t I,v,i',c ::::~:iths. }'::::, ~i:~.ts c,n!i,q::auce of the period ,>f high earn-wAl ic ::m:h. l:, dc cribe the suIfcl'il:~ ira.:, with further increases in lhc, - { [ I~1," ~]lell [1: Hie Alllll/t I(:,l'i,/,lit) l,c,:>:c's already rec~l'd-b:'eaking say- :'ace d,ath day alter ::av, ~c: r a/tot illdS' " * 't'~l:, }J.F II'(H(I l:~;::lv' ::':d 1' v ~.I ()Des. ["arill~rodtlcliOll and faHtl c-:tsli i:t- . t'tlliti:~, l:lel'C ~tl-t2 lit* Vt F::S t[1;li Catll. c,::,:e luay decline st,mewhat, but will ,;till be iar aboxrc normal levels. Vagcs adcquatclv ~,',ln/ :W 1944. the" ~::,~st the bi;z war illdll>lrv areas are llOt erilic:il xear ill . ;m'ric:tn hi.q,~:'v[ t,v ,'el, ,! 't,) d:,cline, hilt may, ou t]lc The "tStmllldiIIg thiqv ab~ml the h:,me ~t~:ei" b:.i l, ])C perlltltted l~: il/ l'ease. I'FOIII i', lhc fact thai t, xcelil [or lhe Xl,~st b:~d::e~ses it is forecast, will fatal!i: :. ,)i serxieemcn, it lixes uc~rmallv still eontilme at top-notch levels, with and ha:~ no cc, lleel)li{H1 :)f the horrors lots <:f cash COllling in, but with lotsof ~ar. Conmm.fiques fr(;m ashh~:;- gtfinv, out, too, in pay enve:opes andton on theprice of toilet paper or some othertrivial item /ill countless taxes, cohmms illthe press. Social security Vith all this good news, a wor l, of ldannin~. "fnll" einph,vn:ent and dizzy cauti,an is nonetheless sound. If there . talk of a contente(l postwar worhl, with are hlsh days, with green grass ill the "~tl the worries assume l by a bene o- hills and long, green in the tills, there are usually dry, hard {lays to follow. 18'~4 gover:mlent, arise from the Amer- Bust'tess in Ambrica always travels in icafi scene like a haze from a swamp. evcles with lean years following good Clear, unqualified thought on the sub- " years' and while (ve a!l hope that the ject of l~ersonal freedom, is almost to- post-war years will not bring a recur- tally lacking. rence of depression, we certainly can't As the war moves on, cOuntry after bank on it. The'safest policy is to bank country sees the' spectre of oppression as much of presc.nt su:-plus earnings and g<~vernulent by snlall cliques loom as possible--or be,i.'; still, invest it in larger and darkerover the world. The war bonds as added security for bothUnited States is no exception to this yourself and your fighting men over-" trend. Much of our postwar l)lanning seas. is a crazy mixture of individual initia- o~ TO wc'ronv-- live and bureancratic paternalism, The FEDERAL HIGHWAY AID conflict between those who believe in state socialism aml wouhl have the gov- Vith the signing of the postwar elnment take over basic indu.~trtes, and hiul~v,av bill by President Rooseveh, tho~ 1 " se w lo beheve in the superiority (>f California beeanle elicible to receive privately owned enterprise, has led to $22.324,4D0 a year for three years for rash promises. Maitv oil both sides ai,- read building purlloses. The state must l,arentlv believe that the crux (if the nlatch these aliprolwiations on the issue is a full stomach, with the re- basis of 41:7 per cent to 58.3 per cent stilt lhat a lna*erial value has been ptlt received froll~ Vashington. on freedom. Each side has striven to The final approval of this bill comesoutpromise the other until it has be- ata time when there is a move afoot come rank hearsay to suggest that to increas(, the California gasoline tax there nlav :at times be lean going in .front 3 to 4~/ cents a gallon in order the future to:construct 2,7@0 miles of highways Millions expect govermnent to fur- over a 10-year period, nish thenl jobs, to guarantee peace- To the average motorist the increasedtime prices, to protect thenl froln the tax may not make much difference al- though car owners already pay a st{b- insecurity of competition. They should remember that the more they ask of stantial amount in various taxes, t nt government, the less freedom they will to commercial high.~-ay .carriers, who. have. If government ends by owning ! comprtse one of Calltornla s most v~tal most of industry am: employing most industries, the added levy together with of the people as well as regulating the the discriminatory three per cent gross lives of the remainder, freedom will revenue tax which they are paying, wo~ald make the burden intolerable. 1f, however, this latter tax is elinfi- nated by the Legislature, as there is evdfy right to expect it will be, com- met:cial carriers will be ill a better position to absorb the proposed gas tax increase. Good roads are a necessity, bul we mugt watch lest the tax on gasoli-~= t[) pay for them be raised to the point where it does ntore harm than good. BUY WAR BONDS . QUARANTINE LIFTED Lifting of the slate quarantine on nmssels was announced today (lion- day) by Dr. Wilton L. Halvcrson, state director of public health. The quaran- line, whicti was estabiished .May 1 and was to have expired October 31, was extended as a result of 12 cases of mussel l~oisoning with two deaths which occurred in San Mateo County in late October. No state quarantine now exists (m any shellfish except in eerlain area.; where there are quarantines bccause '~)f sewage l,ollutio'l. The quarantine lifted today was ,m mussels froln the ocean shore of ('ali- Yornia, extending from the Oregon boundary to the Mexican border, an(1 ilmlnding the Bay of San Francisco. [:aboratory tests have shown the shellfish to be safe for human con- Sll~llpliO:], Dr. Halverson said, pointin4 men in :hc world. l~ul if ,mr ::::Is think they lla~e their :rouhlcs, let thegn listen t,~ this: It: ~'hl*:t: :kin:.', a xv:,man was !ined $3,0{)0 G,e 2t:~litiv :t l,vr;;laucnt wave. Curly ha;c is taboo i:t '~ ' (3mla. Vby ? Vc l,m', k*lc'w. ON 'TO VICTOR'f . ,!{ "(?(,1,: Vll )':,lltl "~,]'!,') {~, (icai', ci:'.Yti!.: :rod h:h~: ', : ''""'" '~'', f rs* ]i'cc~lqcd allb:t~:/li- I:~{Ii~ ,q~eral(}r with SIIch :l ha,:di:'al,--h, dc:::,>ustraled that hi: c,uld "hc;:r" si,:: ~;lis i]ir,!u~.:!~ :I)r:- ti, m~ l,rt,:luccd by Sl ceial devices. THE CATALINA :2:.': :4.: i i i,~00, 0,0,0 0,I There were more Long i u ca"s 44than in than any other year in history" :01 '1 "th i II 194s has started off rush, and some ir(ults are crowded. I ForVictory When that's the case, i United Stutes War Bonds Distance will ask. your say|n --"Please hmlt' 5 minutes." SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE coMI 135 WHI'r'IzF A" AVE. Telephone: A service and work that will be appreciated by the and als be a recommendation to your friends 115 Marilla SINCE 1907 FRESH Saylor's Chocola 1 and 2 pounds Island Pharmacy A Sah l.ake City made it:. getaway Call You e:l.:l or(!cr war as food and drinks in New Yoik City